Greenscape Eco Management: Providing a Gateway to Innovation, Prudence, and Formula to ‘erase the e-waste’

Greenscape Eco Management

In the recent turn of events, India has become the world’s sixth largest economy muscling past France. The booming Electronic-Manufacturing sector in the last 10-20 years has played a vital role in it. But, with the achievement of greater heights, comes the need for greater responsibilities too.
The rapid changes of technology and associated advancements have led to a fast-growing surplus of electronic waste across the country. To counter the potential threat posed by the Electronic Wastes, we saw the rise of several Waste Management firms in the last few decades. Among those, the Greenscape Eco Management has made an absolute and impactful mark of its own.
Motto at GEM: We Do as We ‘Care’
Greenscape Eco Management focuses on End of Life IT asset disposition and provides best-in-class solutions including re-use, de-manufacturing, brand security and e-waste recycling. It actively pursues projects and initiatives that benefit the e-waste industry and the communities that serve the environment.
Having built a concrete platform on the foundation of consumer trust, the GEM group is setting exemplary milestones in new age realty development by coming up with a positive difference to the environment through every aspect of its business, while ensuring maximum returns to its customers.
With increasing refresh cycles and continuous development in technology assets, Greenscape takes the client’s growing demands very seriously and offers tailored services to optimize the value returns out of their IT assets. Not only Greenscape helps to elevate their office space and reducing the dangers around the storage of surplus /obsolete IT equipment, but also, enables creating a clan of a socially responsible citizen.
The Man behind the Wheels of Triumph
The Founder&CEO, Mr. Jeevesh Kumar has been impeccably steering Greenscape on the roads to success right from its days of inception. He is widely recognized for his role in shaping methodologies for IT-Assets recycling and is an all-important person behind the prolific journey of the company. Under Jeevesh Kumar’s leadership, Greenscape Eco Management has been one of the pioneers of being India’s leading provider for e-Waste collection and recycling services, formulating new value propositions and injecting a fresh perspective in environment industry.
Mr. Jeevesh was born and raised in Delhi. He was educated at Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram. Thereafter, he received a joint Bachelor of Engineering degree in Software Engineering from University of California at San Diego and the University of Sydney.
‘Nothing beats Experience’. The life of Mr. Jeevesh validates this in a true & pure sense. He brings a vast rainbow of industrial experience to the tables of the company. Prior to Greenscape, he has worked with San Diego Supercomputer (IBM) and Polaris software labs. At present, he also serves as the Treasurer of the Electronic Recyclers. Association, a body that he jointly formed to encourage environmentally-sound regulation of electronic waste.
Distinction breeds Superiority
The unique proposition of delivering maximum benefits for its business allies while ensuring IT sustainability is the attribute which differentiates GEM from others. In this regard, Mr. Jeevesh says, “Our uniqueness is backed by our core fundamentals of one global standard, credibility & market competency. We maintain the highest standards of asset security across all locations, while optimizing value recovery rates, reducing disposal costs and complying with local & global government legislation
It is no wonder that the world sees Greenscape as top-of-the-league innovators, and quite rightly the team and management at Greenscape Eco Management consider that position sacred.
He further elaborates, “We believe in the systematic and organized handling of e-waste in order to avoid its impact on the environment and ecology. We address this issue through our collection and recycling programs that are exclusively devoted to the disposition management of IT equipments in an environment-friendly manner
Because Known Challenges make Best Companions
Having awareness of the risks beforehand helps planning its mitigation in most efficient manner. It is always good to be one step ahead of the eventualities. Mr. Jeevesh considers Indian & Global Laws along with the Changing dynamics of the Electronic Device Industry as the biggest risk factors in a path of any company’s success in the sector of electronic waste management. Additionally, an asset manager also faces a tough task to trust a vendor who can deliver safe & reliable solutions for IT asset disposition, while maximizing value returns & minimizing the strain on the environment.
But, with the tools of subtle innovations and efficient management in their armor, GEM is well prepared for the battles ahead.
At Greenscape, Mr. Jeevesh Kumar and team believe in offering services that not only benefit the environment, society and ecology but those that also make good business sense for clients.
Much to the credit of this prudent school of thought, Greenscape strives to become the most preferred solution provider in e-waste management and IT asset disposition industry. They aim to achieve this by gaining customer trust, increasing efficiencies & optimizing returns on retired assets while ensuring maximum sustainability benefits for society
In the context of the way forward, Mr. Jeevesh says “Goals over the next five years is to adapt to the changing needs of the electronic industries and keep innovating in terms of business models and using best available technology.
Looking at the gap of able solution providers and ever-increasing demand for electronic appliance consumption, the future of efficient E-waste management companies is nothing but bright.
Today, Greenscape is not only being bridging that ‘gap’ but also is igniting the flame of Hope for a better tomorrow.
Source :-The 10 Most Valuable Waste Management Solutions Providers

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