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E2E Research

E2E Research is a leading company offerings services globally, which mainly specializes in Primary and Business Research, Business Analytics along with developing technology solutions. As we live in a digital age, which is filled with complex layers of data, the company unravels and helps publish the diverse stories inherent in data streams. Its data-centric approach ensures highly customized report and consumable insights while addressing industry, business, and market objectives. The key recommendations and deliverables ensure that every client is positioned for making effective decisions which are related to the products, development, marketing and design.
To keep the E2E Research engine running, the company deploys high-end analytics i.e. Gap, Hypothesis Matrix, Univarate, and Multivariate complemented by the seasoned business and research analysts. E2E Research is all about ROI and designs that interprets, evaluates, and assess research reports, which are focused on identifying the business gaps, areas of strengths, improvement and growth.
The Visionary Leaders
A determined personality, Yogesh Rana is the Founder and COO of E2E Research. He has an experience of working in the market research industry and is skilled in analytics solutions, customer relationship manage, online, research and personalized data management solutions.
His Key Responsibilities involves:

  • Streamline office processes. Devised strategies for improving teamwork and communication among members of team projects. Using research and analytical skills to uncover and correct inefficiencies within the company.
  • Bring unique vision to the company.
  • Ensuring latest technology and Innovation.

Satender Kumar is the Director and Head of Research and Analytics of E2E Research. He has an in-depth research experience across multiple industry segments and specializes in advanced data analytics and business research
His Key Responsibilities involves:

  • Configure analytical solutions for the Research and Business objectives
  • Engage with clients to work on all kinds of data assessment needs
  • Lead business analytics, reporting team across multiple accounts
  • Build the robust and agile system to create data solutions

Contribution to the Analytics Industry
E2E believes that data in the present times has become the key differentiator for any business to surpass competition and stay ahead on the path of growth and business sustainability. It provides full expertise to solve the business problems using the   data and analytics solutions. Be it structured data analytics or unstructured, the company has delivered consumable solutions to the FMCG, Technology, Healthcare and BFSI clients and many others. E2E Research has a great learning experience using almost all analytics tools and techniques to support any kind of data analysis at the client’s end.
Challenges and Opportunities: The Turning Points
The business and industries around the world are evolving by the day. Change is the name of the game. Traditional methods are not enough to meet the pace of the change. Here are some of the challenges as well as reasons for opportunities

  • Scaling up with a creative resources
  • Imparting knowledge both the traditional methods and the new creative methods
  • Implementing and delivering with a creative approach and using technology for accuracy and speed
  • Ability to meet the timelines and manage the costs, since there is no time for experimentation
  • Maintaining speed for learning and sounding meaningful in the competitive world

Biggest Assets of the Organization
Scaling up of Resources and Speed of Learning –The ability to provide creative solutions requires knowledge and cultivates fast learning techniques. The skillset with knowledge on the latest techniques like data sciences, business analytics has paved the way for providing value added solutions for the clients.
Culture – Learning, being creative and solution oriented is the culture across the company.
Technology and Innovation –Technology has been the key reason behind E2E’s business success. E2E has the courage to design, develop and implement new technology.
A Triangle of Benefits
Clients: E2E Research tell the clients that if they prioritize good work, exceptional service, new ideas, and a long-term relationship, then the company and the client can be a perfect team.
Our Work Speaks: The loud impact is created by continuously executing at a high level. It shows that E2E Research has a well-established process, manages accounts, and also has the brain power to think through and effectively communicate the strategy.
Meeting Market Needs: Being a great agency partner requires a team with a perpetual transformation mindset. E2E Research invests in the future; it’s ahead of what’s next in creativity
Present and Future Times of the Industry
Running a successful business today is a challenge and to stay relevant with the changing technology is the prime concern now. With the advent of big data and analytics, cutting edge techniques should be adopted by the industry to stay ahead of the competition. As the data is increasing day-by-day to find the problematic areas and the related solutions analytics play a bigger role. Implementing Analytics, finding solutions to the problems identified and having a technology platform eases the overall business.
Exploring New Directions in the Journey
E2E Research plans to develop specific data solution in the following areas:
Developing product with Internet of things (IoT)
E2E Research develops the analytical solution on this key emerging technology trends. It has got a huge potential to make the products connected and flag the preventive checks upfront.
Enforcing Artificial Intelligence
E2E Research focuses to perform repeatable, redundant tasks and to process large amount of data not to avoid human interaction, but to enrich it. The company believes that AI plays a crucial role across all areas.
Bringing the Machine learning and Predictive Technology to Untapped Areas
E2E Research is working for traditional clients who have a lot of internal data but are clueless, so as to bring the power of data to solve their business concern.
More Innovative and Open for New Ideas (Technology)
Innovation is like a routine in technology. In business operations, the edge of a technology revolution can change everything and being open to change can bring creativity, which will evolve the customers and companies.
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