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Finarb Analytics

Every day it seems that technology is pushing the boundaries of what analytics can deliver to the organization. Data is emerging as the new gold for the businesses around the world. Analytics industry in India is growing at an amazingly rapid pace. Recent technological developments like AI, cognitive computing, IOT, blockchain are shaping the future of organizations. According to the independent reports, the analytic sector is expected to be worth around 1.2 trillion USD by 2025.
In the ever-changing face of technology where every fortnight has a new platform or language, things can get confusing when data solution is needed. Finarb Analytics Consulting Pvt. Ltd is solving complex business problems with high-volume data engineering, analysis, and predictive modeling. Finarb uses all kind of data to solve business problems. It crunches, processes and model data to present visual and actionable insights. Finarb Analytics is a group of dedicated analytics professionals having two decades of experience in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning in a wide range of industry verticals with an emphasis on banking, trading, and finance sectors.
The Leader Who Steered his Company to Success
With the desire to leave a distinct footprint in the analytics industry, Abhishek Ray founded the Finarb Analytics to provide end-to-end data solutions. Abhishek has given his fruitful contribution to some of the leading companies like Genpact, HSBC, and ANZ. By seeing vast opportunities in data science and analytics, he started working in this sector in 2009. He left his job at ANZ in 2015 and started as a service provider. On account of bigger projects, Finarb is growing at an amazingly rapid pace. With sheer dedication, Abhishek is committed to develop AI enabled easy to use, reusable, and automated solutions by understanding real-time data science.
Providing Innovative Services to Clients
Finarb Analytics provides analytics based consulting services to clients across the globe. It involves framing the strategy, structuring a solution to enable the strategy and implementation of the same. It can range from the traditional solutions like Marketing analytics e.g. churn models, MBA (Market Basket Analysis) to high-end and cutting-edge analytics in recommenders based on deep learning frameworks to high-frequency algorithmic trading models. It is providing customized models which are robust, scalable and backed by the solid statistical foundation. They provide complete automated package that work as the end-to-end solution which can be run with minimal human intervention. The company’s expertise lies in the deep learning, algorithms, social media analytics, scraping, ETL, Cloud development, Scaling, automation, app design, and visualization, databases.
AI Enabled Tech Platform
AI is affecting every sphere of the life. With the advent of AI, various opportunities in the analytics sector are evolving. As the leading AI solution provider, Finarb is willing to leverage digital transformation to the traditional companies. Innovation is crucial, but the flawless execution is something which brings success to a company. Keeping that in mind, Finarb is working towards automation with perfect implementation of the solution, which creates their unique standpoint in the industry.
Finarb is distinctively contributing to the application of AI. The company is providing services in social media projects in areas of branding, monitoring, advertising, trading, political campaigns, and fraud analytics. It is also contributing to medical diagnostics into dermatology and radiology. The company is creating a type of recommender to automatically take in the structured and unstructured data (text, image, or regular transactional) and integrate it with web analytics data sources and CRMs. It also works with traditional statistical models and learning models.
Prioritizing Client’s Need
Finarb is a team of competent and like-minded people who share a burning desire to exceed client’s expectations. Being a technology agnostic company, it is catering to different clients with different technological setups and preference.  Finarb is an innovation partner of its clients. It helps clients in analytics transformation and leverages the potential of AI at a reasonable cost. The company is not only providing statically or mathematically optimal solution but also investing into automation. Such investments end up saving the efforts and money in the redevelopment or maintenance work of the client’s work.
Finarb is always ready to walk an extra mile for the clients to cultivate the long-term relationship with them. The task of growing the market while acquiring the customers is the biggest challenge for the company. Many customers feel a pleasant surprise when they find out about Finarb offering world-class services a competitive price.
Future Roadmap
As India’s economy becomes increasingly global, analytics will continue to become an integral part of corporate strategy. Apart from providing cutting-edge data solutions and technology solutions, the company is investing in the area of social media branding and campaign, automated medical diagnostics, generic recommender systems and algorithmic trading and backtesting platform. All of these models employ state of the art NLP, image modeling, and ML and AI techniques. Finarb plans to introduce these products to everyone in coming days.
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