Videonetics: A Pioneer in Visual Computing Platform powered by AI & Deep Learning Framework


The wave of analytics is impacting the business world at an exponential rate. It is helping small- as well as large-scale enterprises to improve efficiencies, enhance customer experiences and generate profitable outcomes.
One such tech-enabled company rolling out innovative solutions based on Visual Computing Platform and catching the wave of enterprise-class video management & video content analytics is Videonetics.  It is not just a company, it is a movement to promote culture of innovation and uphold the national call for Made in India.  Established in 2008, the company is delivering Made in India innovative products and solutions. With its sheer determination and unified efforts, Videonetics is committed to march on its patriotic mission and transform the world for better. From reducing traffic violations to improving security in cities, airports, railway stations, enterprises and other places with high security threat. Videonetics has been innovating as well as deploying solutions for wide-range of industries including banking, critical infrastructure, government, corporate campuses, airports, traffic management, sports, large manufacturing plants, campuses, etc.
Over the years, this Kolkata based company has built its strong heritage of innovation and excellence in Visual Computing Platform. Currently, it is the world’s first company to launch AI & DL powered Unified Visual Computing Platform.
Leader’s Take on Innovation and Patriotism
Dr. Tinku Acharya is the Founder and Managing Director of Videonetics Technology Pvt. Ltd. He is a fellow of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers), a renowned researcher and inventor. The words technologist and scholar best describe Dr. Acharya. He is an entrepreneur with advanced forward-thinking technology vision and innovation is his passion.
After contributing more than 150 US and international patents, he recognized that a country can get respect and become strong with its home-grown intellectual properties and culture of innovation. With this same patriotic mission, he launched Videonetics. “I am not going to retire from innovation as long as my brain and body cooperates and so perpetuate this culture in my small but effective young team. My team think, breadth, and goes to bed every day with the thoughts of innovation,” says Dr. Tinku Acharya, Fellow IEEE.
His current research interests are in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, Image Processing, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Big Data Analytics, Visual Biometrics etc.
Distinctiveness – Unlocking the Success Doors
 “We understand that every industry has its unique challenges and that finding the right solution for your needs is an important decision,” Dr. Acharya asserts.
Holding a leadership position in the industry, Videonetics’s indigenous solutions have acclaimed patents from countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Israel, Singapore and so on. Many patent claims are pending worldwide. The company had also been acknowledged by renowned awards. Recently, it has introduced AI and Deep Learning framework-enabled solutions including Intelligent VMS, Smart Urban Video Analytics (SUVA), Attribute Search, No Helmet Detection, Triple Riding Detection, Speed Detection, Highway Traffic Management Software, Data Visualization Platform, and Smart ITMS Dashboard to name a few.
The unique features that helped the company in creating a niche and being a trendsetter in its sector are:
– OS Agnostic – Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS
– Truly Unified Architecture & Integrated Platform
– Rich Integration Framework – API
– Best for Tough Environmental Conditions
– Web-enabled & Browser Agnostic
 – Green computing by way of low computing foot print requirements
Smart City and Videonetics – Going Hand-in-hand
A city can’t be smart if it is not safe. Since inception, Videonetics have been playing a pivotal role in India by providing indigenously developed innovative video computing platform for making the city safer and smarter. It is significantly contributing in safe city, smart traffic management, automatic detection of violators, safe airports, safe stadiums, safe religious places, safe home, smart decision-making, and reducing wastage of manpower on the street. It takes prominent steps in helping the law enforcement agencies to enhance its operational excellence and boost citizen confidence. The company has successfully established its leadership position in Safe & Smart city market in India by delivering home-grown solutions and achieving the smart city vision by addressing India-centric challenges and local issues.
The company is helping major Indian state like MP, AP, West Bengal, UP, Gujarat and cities like Bangalore, Vadodara, Nagpur, Chennai, Rajkot, Siliguri etc with their innovative technology to reduce crime, effective law enforcement and traffic management etc. This is helping these states in cities in enhancing disciplined behaviour to protect lives of citizens and their properties.
The Bigger Depiction
Cities around the world are getting smarter. City leaders and decision makers are drawing on information and communication technologies in various ways, with advancements that improve the lives of citizens. This can also empower people’s safety, protect their assets and enhance their day-to-day experiences to keep pace with modern lifestyle.
The surveillance application in retail, education, government, critical installations, traffic management, hospitality, health-care, and BFSI with other verticals is exploring similar solutions. The same technology, when implemented in smart city projects can reduce manual interference, predict internal and external threats, system malfunctions and alerts authorities in times of exigencies.
An independent survey emphasizes, as the cities grow smarter and more futuristic, video surveillance will begin to play pivotal roles in ensuring the safety of the cities. Investing in the latest video surveillance technology with not only just highest-resolution cameras, and IT infrastructure, it is of paramount importance to invest in versatile, scalable and intelligent Video Computing software. This can act as the brain of the overall system for providing actionable intelligence, enhance operational excellence and best user experience, to meet actual user expectation, and offer intelligent decision support system. These developments can surely make the cities smarter, with a goal of achieving fewer crimes, 24×7 surveillance, and safer environments for city inhabitants, in tune with modern lifestyle.
Source :-The 10 Most Admired Analytics Companies to Watch in 2018

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