EAT Anytime: Mindful Eating, Anytime, Anywhere

Food is a basic necessity. But in this fast-paced life, this basic necessity is perhaps the most neglected one. In an attempt to get more out of life and time, people cut corners and mostly compromise on what they eat. Takeaways, quick bites, junk food, food loaded with everything except nutrition is what people feed on in order to live. They only realize the damage when their body sends out a strong signal in the form of various ailments that this needs to stop. In order to live a filling life, it’s necessary to boost the body with quality food and nutrition first.

Rishit Sanghvi was no exception to this scenario, eating without thinking and whatever he could grab at a given time. But what was different about him is that unlike others, he chose to listen and not ignore what his body was trying to tell. That’s when he started eating homemade healthy nutrition bars and realized how tasty and fulfilling healthy food can be. Inspired by the healthy transformation of himself, he wanted and set out to provide these healthy alternatives. So, with determination and aim to provide healthy snacks for all, Wholesome Habits Private Limited, which owns the brands “EAT Anytime’ and ‘Mindful’ began its journey.

Laying Foundations

EAT anytime, started by Rishit Sanghvi and Rohit Garodia, and is built on good faith and a dream. Both having worked at senior positions with large corporates are well-versed with the complexities a startup can face and well equipped to deal with. The duo is complemented by a team which comes from different strata of Education and Qualification but carry the same vision and mission to create products which tasty and healthy.

Redefining Healthy and Mindful Eating

Being healthy and fit is the latest lifestyle revolution. But defining healthy is perhaps trickier than being healthy itself. Seeing the craze behind healthy and super-foods, the market is flooded with products that promise to be the manna from heaven. But are they really? When Rishit and his team started research with respect to the healthy snacking market, they realized that there is no standard definition of health. Products being marketed as healthy were high on Sugar, Glucose, or simply too processed to provide natural goodness. So their first task was to have their own definition of Health which could reflect their philosophy. As a result, EAT Anytime and Mindful products contain no added sugars, have a low glycemic index, no transfat or cholesterol and are rich in anti-oxidants, protein and essential fatty acids.

Their second task is to re-educate the consumers. Since the last few years, they are being fed with information and healthy food that is far from healthy. And it certainly takes time to redo something that’s been undone. Through the seminar, pop-up carts, events at various other platforms, Rishit and his team are making people see their definition of health. If the response to their products is something to go by, people are actually agreeing that a healthy snack with a nutrient advantage like wholesome products is what they need.

Best of Both Worlds

EAT Anytime started with the sole aim of providing easy snacking solutions to people. With health at its core, EAT Anytime products are what today people need which is a perfect amalgamation of Health and Taste. From nutritious energy bars to pure whey protein cookies and wholesome trail mixes, each and every product is carefully crafted under the supervision of Industry experts such as Nutritionist, Food Technologist, Chefs, etc. to give best to the consumers. Flavors like mango-ginger and chyanwanprash are combining the best of taste and health secrets that are known to every Indian.

Standing Out

Rishit says, “Health industry is the most evolving industry and offers wide scope for innovation. The biggest advantage we have is the consumer today needs and demands healthier options.” He agrees that there is a huge competition and to keep it on the top his team focuses on two things only:

  • Deliver what is promised in terms of quality and health
  • Nurture the trust of the patrons
  • Be transparent and true to the core philosophy of health

For a Healthy Future

EAT Anytime started with an idea, a vision and an inspiration and it is amazing to see its growth chart and how far it has come. Rishit, a set entrepreneur now, advised the young entrepreneurs making their way to, “Go for it, work on that idea, work on that dream and Give your best.  It is going to be a roller-coaster ride and a lot of bumps on the road but in the end, it is worth it all.”

The start-up market is in full rage and Rishit expects a lot of competition springing up this year. EAT Anytime is extensively researching ways to benefit its consumers and trying to come up with innovative and healthier options.