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Today, it’s a time when online shopping has become a trend which is disrupting the e-commerce landscape with its novel capabilities. In search for creativity people scroll through the wide range of products with bright eyes and ecstasy! But, choosing the right kind of products is a tedious task, in this digital age. This is where, Mirraw comes to transform the tiresome tasks of online shopping which were actually meant to de-stress customers.
One of the leading Ethnic Wear online marketplaces Mirraw is an eight year old company. It has grown quite a lot in the recent years with the unconditional effort taken by its team to establish themselves amongst the top e-commerce brands in India. It is bringing together unique ethnic wear collections from different parts of India. The company also curate designs from regional artisans, fashion boutiques, small/medium enterprises and also big brands. Also, it is providing a wide range of apparel and accessories options to the consumer.
Dream Shapers
Mirraw is led by the young and dynamic duo Shailesh Jain and Anup Nair, the Co-Founders and the batch-mates from VJTI Computer Engineering Institute. While working in the US—Jain with VMware and Anup with Microsoft, they were planning to start their own venture. They grouped together a team of enterprising young hardworking individuals and they believed in a people first, which ultimately led to the business growth.
Seeing Challenges as Opportunities
The current e-commerce landscape has several issues, but the only one thing that really matters is ‘identifying a product market fit’. The struggle is to distinguish the brand from the crowd so that a higher value is created for the customer. Sustainability of the business in a cutthroat e-commerce landscape depends entirely on finding ways to differentiate the product, the price and the service.
As Mirraw is a company which has built in a sustainable fashion, so the main problem always has been to do more with less. Also, as it is completely a bootstrapped, so team Mirraw just needs to figure out alternatives and creative solutions to the problems. They built the team from the ground up, training their most of the folks.
“We built frugality into the company culture which enabled us to stay nimble and efficient. Unit economics was part of the game from day one as opposed to a later stabilization effort.” says the co-founders.
Restyling Uniquely
At Mirraw, there is a dedicated team who works 24×7 towards reaching at the equilibrium of customer’s expectations with utmost excellence. The company is building a catalog that is unique and currently unavailable elsewhere. The brand ‘Mirraw’ is focused on the rich traditional heritage of India and working on bringing it all together in its RootsOfIndia collection. This is a massive challenge because this requires building a stronger supply chain than what exists today. Today prices get amped up at every change of hands and even e-commerce giants are not able to bring the right price down to the customer without ending up in losses. Stronger understanding and relationships with the weavers, artisans and manufacturers will help in cutting the series of middlemen and bring something new to the end consumer.
Inventive Environment
The company believes in providing creative freedom and complete autonomy to every employee in the company. That comes with the burden of accountability and responsibility. Thus, in simple terms every employee has the right to complete freedom as long as they deliver the results and keep the company moving forward. This kind of direct connection of work with the results is its primary way of motivating employees.
Words of Wisdom by Co-founders
“We are too young to be doling out advice. But I believe the key skills required for success is hard-work, focus and good communication. Being able to outwork your competitors, being able to persist when the going gets tough, having patience to wait for the results of your hard-work are all necessary skills. Deep focus on solving key problems and being efficient and excellent at something is essential for the company’s survival and for having a good growth culture.”
Furthermore they said “Lastly communication is one of the most important skills of a leader. And that means being able to communicate the right message to the stakeholders. Be it motivating your employees or talking to investors or the business community.”
Imminent Future Plans
This is an exciting time for India, as many startups are emerging with lots of harsh learning. Hopefully, the learning will encourage the next generation of startups to execute wiser than before and be at the forefront of innovation.
There’s a significant growth potential in the software and technology segment along with retail, Mirraw have barely scratched the surface on that with a few successful SaaS startups.  Beyond apparel and accessories, Mirraw is now venturing into a wide range of categories that have an Indian traditional cultural appeal. Be it Kashmiri shawls and stoles, Jaipur quilts, or art from Orissa; it is scoping everything that is good and rich about the Indian heritage and bringing that to the consumer.
Mirraw is on its way of achieving its goal of bringing almost everything required in an ethnic trousseau, casual wear and home furnishings on constant demand of the consumers from all over India and worldwide.
Mirraw Online Services Pvt Ltd.

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