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Digital marketing is growing rapidly and is expected to grow 40% annually. Studies indicate that the number of consumers who shop online in India has crossed 100 million by mid-2018. Major marketing giants are implementing modern technologies and driving innovations to provide exceptional service to their clients and excel among the competitors.

One such emerging, upbeat market research and internet marketing agency is eConcero. They focus on using the deep dive market research and online marketing expertise to optimize a brand’s growth.

To achieve sustainable growth in today’s dynamic marketplace, with the inception of digital invasion and internet penetration, customers are exposed to infinite choices. The company believes to maximize results of a brand growth leveraging their 5 C customer centric model/solutions – Customer Discovery, Customer Acquisition, Customer Engagement, Customer Retention and Customer Experience. eConcero works with B2B and B2C clients and are industry agnostic. While they have clientele across Geographies, the nexus of their focus remain: PAN India, North America, and Africa.

Staying Ahead of the Competition
The company’s core foundation is research, insights, data and analytics. Their marketing solutions are built on this strong foundation, which helps brands maximize their ROI. They are a data driven marketing agency and thus integrated solution provider.

The agency is industry agonistic. They deliver ROI driven campaigns to clientele ranging from Consumer, retail, Fashion through Political, Web series & movies. That’s a perfect example of being agonistic data insights & digital marketing offering is very unique and niche and the agency is able to retain, add and keep their clientele happy with the objective results.

eConcero has been able to work along predictability analytics and use its findings to predict sales . This will lead to an ongoing AI integration over a period of time, which will enhance the marketing team to focus on generating high quality leads. And what’s more the team is also incorporating AR&VR to one of their national jewellery client, which will be a significant breakthrough for both the client and them.
On Digital Marketing front, the agency is able to achieve high impact results dealing with turnkey solutions which involve, marketing automation, retargeting, and managing paid media
for complex high end campaigns. The integrated services are leveraged in varied space including political, movies & web serieses apart from Consumer, retail domains. eConcero’s strategies have always been focused on ROI, they are confident to set campaigns and deliver outcomes
favoring lead generation, conversions, sales and lesser CPA.

About the Founder
The Founder and Director of eConcero is Nandita Kanwar. She has worked over a decade with TNS, Kantar which is one of the world’s leading research & Insights group. She has also worked in financial and health care domains with Citibank and CDR group of hospitals in a marketing role. Passionate about her vision to build an agency which empowers brands and help them stay ahead, evolve and grow. Her goal is to service 100 companies/SMEs /start-ups until 2020 yielding a minimum 2x growth via the market validation and digital marketing scope.She is always known to be a task master with a people first attitude!

Motivated and Expert Workforce
eConcero consists of a great blend of thinkers, doers, and innovators. Their core team has been working diligently to align their vision. Param leads India operations seamlessly. A versatile player and brings in best from IT, recruitment and ITES operations on board. The company recently recruited Shiv Akumala in capacity of Global marketing director, from North America who will bring in a global perspective operating from the US office. Ganga Boddu from UK leads technology infrastructure and is a solutions architect, closely working with the team on technology. Senior consultants like Sandhya, Rajender and Ravi have always been the SMEs for research & analytics. Sailesh Patnaik leads in capacity of Digital marketing head. Kiran MVS, mentor to the founder and Krishna Gandhi in advisory for agency have always contributed in shaping the foundation of the agency. With a versatile, intellectual, and highly energized team, the company is confident about making a high impact in the digital world. The team resonates with the vision to empower brands.

Embracing Innovations
The company states that digital advertising continues to disrupt in spite of challenges of data security, protection, bots, and Ad frauds. They also assert that voice search, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices are providing new ways to distribute content and reach consumers. Facebook and Google, which now account for around 70% of the total digital ad market today (per MAGNA), rolled out better technologies to enable marketers to personalize their ads. The team constantly updates, implements and aligns to dynamic changes which have impact on the digital world.
Their upcoming launches and collaborations will take the agency to a new level of competency as they will be embracing faster & cost efficient ways of managing data and campaigns. The company is gearing up to adapt to the future in all key areas. The agency will soon be incorporating Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence in the marketing world for mid-sized brands.

Providing Competitive Services
The company helps businesses discover, identify, understand, acquire, and retain right customers. They are a data driven marketing and research agency. eConcero helps brands make smart and reliable decisions based on facts, insights, and data.

Some of their solutions include KYC (Know Your Competition), bootstrap 361 (market validation services), e-commerce solutions (digital marketing), BrandUp (Branding Campaigns), Express Downloads (mobile apps campaigns). The core to all these services is strong data science and analytics capabilities. eConcero strongly believes that marketing without data is like driving with one’s eyes closed. Hence their research, insights, and digital marketing solutions are integrated. The ultimate goal for us as marketers is to put data to use in shaping the customer journey. Our endeavor is to empower brands to deliver a relevant offer to the right customer at the perfect moment, while also reducing the cost of each sale due to this highly-targeted efficiency.

Future Endeavors
The company states, “Digital marketing is future and we are future ready”. eConcero is aligning to meet the global needs of online marketing. eConcero believes in reducing cost of acquisition for their clients over a period of time, be able to make accurate forecasting for leads and generate sales. Their unique data driven marketing approach speaks objectively for results. They are looking forward to the launch of their (IP) advertising and engagement platform in India this November. The company will be opening their US office by October-end of this year.
Source :-The 10 Most Effective Integrated Marketing Solution Providers 2018

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