UCID: Creating Ideas that Cultivate Brands


Marketing is making the shift from push to a pull strategy, to a point where Push advertising has becoming repelling. Consumers today want to be more in control of the information they receive and when they receive it, are more willing to consume paid branded content rather than being interrupted between their favorite shows, sporting events, and other programs. Today, buyers have access to a broad array of online resources and can conduct their own research about products and services. Empowering them to make the right decisions is the marketer’s challenge and an agency’s skill.

One such company providing integrated and path-breaking marketing solutions is UCID. It is ever-hungry, ever-restless, and constantly keeps on challenging themselves and those around. The company’s craft is to do whatever it takes with whatever their clients have, to turn their challenges into opportunities.
The company’s journey, since their inception, has been 8 years of challenges and rising through the ranks. They have provided successful communication and branding solutions to more than 100 clients and engaged tens of thousands of customers with their brands. Unconventional Ideas is their guarantee – UCID is all about the ideas. The big ones, the smart ones, the ones that fit the bill and the ones that provoke and soar!

Insightful Leadership
UCID was started by two minds with diverse expertise one with a mastery on brand planning and strategy and other with a passion for creativity and art. Nilesh Talreja plays varied roles of a brand consultant, communication architect, and creativity engineer. He believes in learning and staying ahead of the curve to be able to give the clients new age relevant marketing solutions that work in today’s day and age. Happiness is his fuel and it reflects in the Agencies work.

Nimisha Bhavsar is a people’s person. Designing is something the really excites her. Graphic designer by profession, traveler by soul, and hippie by nature, fun and creativity is her true calling. On the way Lavina Amarnani joined hands to form the third strong pillar of UCID. Been a game-changer with several retail chains, Lavina is a bundle of happy creative vibes with ace executable brand boost ideas up her sleeves.

Dedicated and Expert Workforce
UCID’s true strength is their team of sharp minds with a spirit to serve the clients with a smile. Responsiveness is what differentiates them from other agencies. Having started small and nimble the company promises their clients creative solutions with quick turnaround time. “We have a culture of knowledge sharing, where topics of interest are divided among the team and individuals share their learning with the team for everyone’s growth” they say. Team UCID has also been blessed with a network of highly inspiring and knowledgeable individuals who join them for a Saturday session of knowledge sharing and dining. Mastering UI UX and setting matrices for online campaigns- are their current topics of interest.

Providing Effective Marketing Solutions
The company asserts, “Holistic thinking is the key”. They feel that an integrated marketing solution, in its true sense, is about creating path-breaking solutions that have the potential to take a brand to the next level! Right from identifying the problem to devising creative solutions, UCID takes care of various branding needs with utmost enthusiasm. UCID has this knack of getting their clients an unfair share of attention. The company believes in being partners in growth. Also, they are true to their values.
UCID is all about providing what the brand needs against the usual- what they can offer. They don’t suggest their clients a hoarding when they need a hashtag. They won’t suggest the client a print ad when they need a web game. Most importantly, they don’t speak in jargons. In order for the client to be heard, they give them the loudest and the clearest voice in the market.

Partnering their clients’ Growth – The Prime Motive of UCID
After delivering thousands of campaigns for 100+ clients and having reinforced brands with strategic solutions, UCID continues to offer end-to-end solutions for their clients, cutting across mediums. Right from branding, packaging design, to highly focused online campaigns, the company continues to serve their clients’ present and latent needs with utmost care and commitment. They have tied up with capable partners to offer the clients solutions like engagement automation tools- webengage, testing the response to websites, and creatives with tools like eyequant.

Opinions about the Future
The company feels that the future of marketing is taking brands closer to its customers. “Be it the causes that they undertake to create communication that is educative, inspiring, and entertaining for its audience, the need is to connect on a more personal context,” is what they believe in.
Source :-The 10 Most Effective Integrated Marketing Solution Providers 2018

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