Zensciences – In Just 3 years, this Digital Marketing Boutique is Already Crafting Better Stories for Fortune Companies and Startups


Businesses are marching ahead at a fast pace these days. And companies are employing innovative actions and are embracing cutting-edge technologies to make their presence felt. They aim at staying ahead of the competition and making their mark in this highly competitive world. Also, these companies are implementing client-friendly procedures for overall satisfaction of the customers.
Zensciences is a leading boutique digital marketing consulting firm helping organizations answer one of the most basic and relevant questions –how to tell their story more effectively and how to engage & grow? Based out of Bangalore, they are working with B2C & B2B Fortune 100 companies and startup’s spread across APAC, Middle East, Europe, and North American region to build their brand, influence, and revenue.

Shaping the digital marketing opportunity
Zensciences was started in 2015 by 3 friends and colleagues (Supriya Jain, Rahul Koul and Rohit Kumar MS) – at that time working for the technology behemoth Wipro Limited. They saw a gap in the traditional agency and consulting models prevalent, wherein the traditional partners look at engagements in silos. Coupled with the fact that most of the traditional agencies were not comfortable with technology and digital- made this segment ripe for innovation and change.
Zensciences combines the creative best (of traditional agencies) with a deep appreciation of business issues (consulting) to deliver new age digital marketing solutions. This intersection of services helps Zen, to focus on providing solutions which are aligned to business outcomes.

Opinions about the Current Business Scenario
The company feels that the speed of business today and the pace at which marketing must evolve to stay ahead of the time is unprecedented. They came face to face with this fact very early on in their journey. Working with one of their first clients, Zensciences had to scale and optimize marketing strategy for that client, to grow from 4 to 2000+ employees in just a matter of 6 months.
Today, everyone is talking about speed, but very few understand what it really means. And once you add the power of one into the mix, the odds of success drastically shift along the lower end of the scale. Understanding this reality is our secret sauce,” the company asserts. The company creates to adapt and scale, taking ‘one to millions’. And yet, treat every customer as ‘one’. At the intersection of technology, creativity, and business, the company creates the inflection point for marketing to deliver exceptional experiences and valuable outcomes.

Major Services Provided
Zensciences provides a wide range of services to the clients. Some of their key offerings include:

  • Strategy & Consulting (business and marketing goal alignment, market research and analysis, got-to-market strategy roadmaps, pricing, service design)
  • Digital Marketing (digital strategy, analytics, search, social media strategy and management, product/service launch)
  • Content & Storytelling (brand story conceptualization, content marketing strategy and execution, thought leadership marketing, leadership branding)
  • Brand Building (brand positioning, brand architecture and naming, visual systems, video creation)

Facing Competition with Innovative Strategies
The company asserts, “Strategies that define and shape all our engagements are crafted to deliver predictable and measurable results”. By finding the right balance between short-term growth and long-term objectives, Zensciences helps their clients align, streamline, and execute marketing strategy to drive business.
Finding the right cultural fit has been their priority ever since the day they started. They add, “And when you are working with a small team, cultural fit is as important as talent”.
Expert Workforce
The company takes pride in the teams they have. People play a key role in building any business. And they are in the business of building businesses. For them, their people are even more important. Be it design, content, analytics, or consulting, the quality of hire and retention are critical elements that define Zensciences.
Noteworthy Accomplishments
Zensciences has accomplished many landmarks on their glorious journey. They have assisted in brand story conceptualization and have helped 60+ clients across industries build unique and memorable stories that appeal to and stick with their target audience and resonate across channels.
In terms of noteworthy achievements

  • Helped a $500 Million, Engineering & Technology leader through the process of its IPO listing. This included building a differentiated positioning for the brand and executing the same across communication channels like the website and digital media.
  • For a Fortune 25 retail giant, Zen runs all digital engagement and is helping build the employer brand proposition.
  • Helped a Fortune 500, hospitality chain to build its B2B digital presence across APAC.
  • Helped a leading HR SaaS platform reposition itself in the market, Zen reworked its positioning, identity, digital presence, website and the platform UX/UI to help the client differentiate.
  • Helped a leading Fintech startup reduce its cost of digital acquisition by ~50%. This was achieved through focus on storytelling and optimizing digital campaigns.
  • For a leading Fintech startup, helped in positioning them for a crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign. Worked on the UX/UI, positioning and branding of the product and associated technologies.

Towards an Exciting and Bright Future
The company continues to build on the success of last 3 years with a singular focus to make their clients successful. They understand that they need to evolve in order to help the clients evolve. Redefining marketing for the customer-centric world is one of Zensciences’ top priorities.
The company is currently investing in augmented and virtual reality solutions to help their clients enable high-touch, convergent experiences that are human and insightful. Plans for developing marketing technology are also in the pipeline. Moreover, the company has already developed some algorithms to better contextualize their social media and search strategies. “Interesting times are ahead of us and we are excited to explore new territories,” they add.
Source :-The 10 Most Effective Integrated Marketing Solution Providers 2018

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