Eduncle: Bringing Quality Education to Every Door-Step with the ASK & LEARN Platform.


India comprises the world’s largest student base which is rapidly growing. With the development of technology, India has witnessed an enhanced acceptance of online education over a period of few years. Although, this growth in accessibility of education is remarkable but the major problem that is being faced by majority of Indian students is the lack of qualified faculty & quality education. As, such, they have to move to the bigger cities and expend a lot of money to fulfil their learning goals.
With an aim to Transform Lives through Bringing Quality Education to Every Door Step of India, Eduncle India Pvt. Ltd was established in 2016. From its origin as a small Kota based Ed-Tech startup, the company has emerged amongst the leading companies in the online trend of Indian Education. The Unstoppable One is what best describes Eduncle.
Eduncle have 3 online courses for higher education exams such as – IIT JAM, UGC NET and CSIR NET. In the very first session of operations, Eduncle proved to be successful in touching the lives of around two lakh students. With the time span of only three years, Eduncle has witnessed an outstanding growth from one selection to 750+ selections in CSIR NET, IIT JAM as well as UGC NET exams. With sheer dedication and unified efforts, the company has efficaciously attained the trust of around 2.6 Million monthly visitors in 2018.
Why Choose Eduncle?
Eduncle is on a mission – With technology and media, provide better learning, mentorship, and doubt solution to build strong knowledge base so that students can excel in their lives.
Eduncle started providing its courses in online domain at first along with offline mode for the students who still don’t have access to the internet services. The courses are available pan India with multiple ways to make payment for its reasonable courses including Cash on Delivery which is very convenient for the students.
Making it the reality for Indian students to get the quality education right through their own places, the company has come up with a new generation Personalized Learning and Doubt Solution Platform that helps students in achieving their learning goals.
With this idea of learning, students can do the following:
– Freely Ask their doubts to the top mentors
Learn anywhere and anytime with the ease from the content curated by highly experienced and qualified faculty members
– And ultimately Lead in their lives with the power of knowledge.
Meet the Prudent and Persuaded Leader
Dr. Amit Kumar Pareek is the Founder and CEO of Eduncle India Pvt. Ltd. Inspiration to his employees describes him the best. He is an online business consultant & entrepreneur with enriching domain experience of over nine years. Shifting to a bigger city from a village for getting the quality education, leaving his home and family, Dr. Amit struck with an idea of bringing education to every door step of India. His aim was big, so were his efforts! His unrelenting passion and impeccable drive motivated him to unveil Eduncle to the education world.
Dr. Amit is aiming to take Eduncle to the highest peak of success by introducing the game changing learning methodologies for the students. By providing better learning not only to the urban areas but also the remotest areas of the country, he has set a perfect example of leadership. Recently, he was also invited to the National Digital Library of India, GES 2018 by IIT Kharagpur for an Edupreneurship session.
Awards and Recognitions
Over the years, Eduncle has been consistently felicitated by its students for the great learning stuff that it offers and is recognized as a front runner in the field of online education and delivering excellence. Apart from this, the company has earned accolades from various renowned platforms including the Top 10 Promising Digital Learning Portals 2018 by leading media publication house.
The Curated Set of Services
Every student is different and to work towards increasing accessibility for students, Eduncle has designed its courses in digital as well as paper format. It offers self-paced courses that enhance the students’ flexibility in learning concepts and practicing them. The company provides a platform for tutors and students to come along for doubt resolution.
The company believes in providing tech-based curated content to quench students’ needs.
The all-inclusive package of course is divided in three segments:
Learn – Here, student can get the concepts and topic wise study of the curriculum. The academics team keeps updating these concepts at par with student’s expectation.
Practice – Students can practice questions from the concepts they have studied. They get flexibility of deciding which and how many topics they want to practice. They can also set a timer for time management.
Test – This segment is designed by the in-house team which helps students to improve their performance in the examination.
It is amongst the leading industry players in delivering exclusive courses for IIT JAM, CSIR NET, and UGC NET exams. These courses are in paperback study material format and e-book or pen drive altogether. The motive behind keeping these three formats is to make its study material in compliance with its idea of learning – study anytime, anywhere.
Eduncle provides study material across India; from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Arunachal Pradesh to Rajasthan. Apart from this, its academics and research team is in sync with the latest development in the E-learning industry.
Recognizing the necessity of students to connect with mentors, the company arranges their interaction sessions with toppers, scientists and experienced faculty members from JNU, Delhi School of Economics, ISI Kolkata, IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi and more via call.
A Comprehensive Vision
The vision is empowering every student with the power of knowledge. With technology, Eduncle is bridging the gap between quality education and needy students.
To make India a better place for learning, the Ed-Tech startups have come up with new technologies like AI, machine learning, and educational software. These technological innovations in learning aren’t just changing the field for students, they’re shaking up the role of educators, creating philosophical shifts in approaches to teaching, and remodelling the classroom.
The Internet penetration with the start of 4G services has face-lifted the online education industry so far. The Gen Z students are more comfortable with visual-audio study content rather than the conventional approach. Hence, accessibility to internet has a huge impact on Ed-Tech startup industry. And, yes it has boosted the Ed-tech startups in terms of increased traffic and improved reach. Moreover, the online education is much flexible and affordable! Students can experience an enhanced version of classroom coaching in online mode. They can attend online classrooms during their free time and have a chance to interact with other students and mentors virtually.
Fuelling the Young Minds
Being a young entrepreneur, Dr. Amit has some hard-earned lessons that he is willing to share with the young entrepreneurs. Summing up all his learnings he says, “Know your customers, give them what makes them succeed, connect with people and grow together, inspire your team, act courageously, have gratitude, find joy in your work, achieve the goal, and repeat,”
Futuristic Approach
The Education industry is driven by a challenge – to live up expectations of students by creating well-designed courses with performance goals which gives plenty of opportunity for practice. In the coming years, technology that works towards increasing accessibility for a diverse set of students would generate more personalized curriculum at an affordable cost which will be an uptick in the use of modern technologies.
Eduncle is developing its courses based on the demands that might arise in near future. Eduncle started with a dream, a thought to change the OLD and moreover build the NEW that can transform lives of many.
The company is planning to expand its wings to a diverse set of online courses. Currently, it is focusing on assembling the scattered education space for higher education in India by catering CSIR NET, UGC NET and IIT JAM in the most effective way by adding ten more exams. Additionally, it is committed to bring an ASK platform by 2019, which will enable students and teachers to connect with each other on finger tips. Extending expertise in online mode, Eduncle is going to create platform for students and teachers where it will offer all the education related solution by automating the learning to make it better and faster. Its research and development team have collaborated with expert academicians and e-Learning experts to curate study contents in such a way that it’s adaptive for every student.
This will personalize the whole learning experience by providing solutions on a particular weak area until the students’ master it. It will understand each individual’s learner persona and map the curated study content for them. With technology and media, Eduncle will be working towards more engaging learning content such as videos and visual-audio to match up the expectations of the Gen Z students.
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