Ongoing Trends in the Education Industry: From an Edupreneur’s Perspective

Education Industry

Indian Education Sector has been taking leaps and bounds to reach to a place where it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Over the years, education in India has evolved, with new technologies, experiments and innovative ideas. Not just these, we have also adopted westernization in education, and that too is working wonders for us.
We have adopted and practiced several methods to impart effective knowledge to people. What we have failed to realise is that over the years, these methods have diverted towards money-making rather than spreading education. Educating someone is a noble deed, and the nobility of education will pay you for life, if not materially.
India has one of the world’s highest population of school-going children. However, we wonder, if the quality of education has gone beyond the brick and mortar system. What India lacks at present, are effective education methods, and that’s where the focus of every aspiring edupreneur should lie on. And now that the Government has allowed a 100% FDI on Education Sector, the inflow of ideas with huge investment should be a cakewalk.
Let’s get straight here; the prime ladder of success for all aspiring edupreneurs, would be to prioritize on the needs and the expectations of the industry. Once that’s identified, half the battle is won, and there will be no stopping thereafter. If during the process, money-making becomes a necessity, then it’ll be justified, because you, as an edupreneur, will be providing the worth of the money you are earning.
As of now, amongst all the trends that are hovering around in the education industry, the few ones that an edupreneur can leverage on, are mentioned below:


Now that our country is progressing towards being dependent on technology for almost everything, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) is the next big step in education. Both of them have become every millennial’s dream and such high-tech devices will only lure them to be motivated to gain more knowledge about a variety of things, including their curriculum. Most highly advanced schools and institutions have started to adopt AR and VR as one medium of learning, right from course studies, to other subjects of importance like social issues, environment and nature, and much more.


This method has slowly invaded the structure of studies in schools, as children are more enthusiastic to learn more and more things and gain more knowledge. Such activities and games not only keep them involved in studying effectively, but also teach them the importance of physical fitness and good mental health.


Seeing a concern for future of employability of people, many big corporates have stepped in to provide custom-made courses for students. This, as a part of the course curriculum, have been widely accepted by Management institutions and UG/PG colleges. Under this methods, corporates train the students, not only from the knowledge but also from the skills point of view, as their main focus is effective employability of students.


When it comes to process, technology has always taken the lead. However, it’s not to be forgotten that a human presence and vibe is important too. Education is a thing of faith and trust, and it can’t be fulfilled by gadgets and robots. Backing by them is still acceptable though. Spreading education in its purest and the most faithful form is the responsibility of an edupreneur, who’s a human. When these two culminate together, they create an ultimate solution which takes the plunge to fulfil its purpose of a knowledgeable environment.


All you have to do is sit back and relax and instruct Alexa or Google to teach you the subject of your interest. From art to maths, to politics and science, just instruct the AI-friendly device and you are good to go.
These trends aren’t enough. Newer trends and mediums have been coming up, day in and day out, which the edupreneurs can leverage on. The point is that, the traditional brick and mortar system of learning is no longer justifiable in today’s time, since it’s not making much difference to the future of the educated. In some parts of the country, education is still considered to be unnecessary, however, the fact is that they haven’t been exposed to a fun-filled, effective and more purposeful learning till now.
The latest trends involve majority of technology, because most of the surveys, including the independent ones, have proven that people prefer spending more time on their available gadgets. As of now, for edupreneurs, it’s high-time that they leverage on all available trends, and invest wisely on the latest, trends, obviously considering the pros and cons of each. Every trend may involve different level of skill set, investment, resource deployment, but then all it takes is one idea to make it all happen.
About the Author
Divesh Bathija is the Founder of Dinasim Learning. He has completed his masters with full scholarship from University of Westminster, London. After brief stints in the financial space, Divesh established Dinasim Learning in 2012, which promotes a Subconscious Learning Approach (SLA) method by using indoor and outdoor games. Backed by multi-cultural experiences and vision to make Math and Entrepreneurship fun, he serves to be the perfect kick starter for the company. His natural aptitude of tutoring and guiding students backed by an awareness of western culture trends, makes him an engaging personality for the students as well as the teachers.

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