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ENH iSecure Pvt Ltd
ENH iSecure Pvt Ltd

As organizations grow, many employees are recruited for various important positions who then work on corporate email identities, shared file networks, data collating drives, and protocols. These email identities have often been the vulnerable grey areas of Insider threats leading to data theft, data loss, unauthorized access, and leakage of valuable confidential information incurring huge losses of business opportunities, current business assets, and breach of intellectual property rights. Let’s look at some of the industry statistics to have a broader idea of the same.

  • 61 percent of breaches involve credentials stolen through brutal force hacking or social engineering.
  • 94 percent of the companies have experienced a data breach.
  • 79 percent were violated in the last two years.
  • 60 percent of the mid-sized businesses (having employee strength of between 250-5000) that have asked their employees to work remotely have experienced cyber-attacks.
  • 56 percent of organizations having work-from-home patterns experienced credential thefts.
  • 48 percent of companies faced phishing or social engineering.
  • 90 percent of mid to big-size companies have faced phishing attacks since the pandemic lockdown.
  • 29 percent suffered credential stuffing and brute force attacks.

Specialist security organizations offer core technical services in Identity Monitoring, Access Control Management, Data Security, And Cyber Forensics. In addition, modern security applications fortify the organizational internet and intranet networks towards monitoring, controlling, and securing the working from possible breaches.

One professional security company which empowers modern business organizations through its unique and effective solutions is ENH iSecure Pvt Ltd, guided by its Founder, Esesve Digumarthi.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana, ENH iSecure helps protect the organization’s reputation by safeguarding the strong identity and information associated. It focuses on specialized IT security, including the areas of identity governance, privileged identity management, access management, Government, Risk and Compliance (GRC), and Security Information and (Security) Event Management (SIEM), respectively.

Let’s explore the odyssey of Mr Esesve Digumarthi, his idea behind the company’s inception, and his plans for the company.

A Knowledge-powered Journey

Digumarthi elaborated on the inspirations that led him on the exciting journey. He worked for an exceedingly long time in this industry, where he came across prominent players, including some well-known names in the industry and some emerging players joining in with substantial capital. However, the problem was that nobody could service or give the right solution to the customers. As a result, there were a lot of failed implementations in the period from early 2002-2010.

Some maturity started becoming visible in the early years of the 2011s and 12s. Still, the world needed a solid partner who could focus on the technology, understand it, and patiently execute the project. Many people quickly commented on numerous failed implementations concerning this kind of security. So, this is precisely where he thought that the company needs to be a techno-functional partner rather than a sales player in the market where it just drives sales and only does sales or big numbers.

Comprehending this scenario, He adds, “If a company strives to be known as a good partner, the business will always be there.” So, it was then planned that the company would stand out as a solid technology player when it was established. And since then, it took probably a few months for people to realize it, and since then, the organization has been appreciated everywhere.

ENH iSecure Pvt Ltd is an Asia-wide award winner for its identity-based implementation across many countries, including Australia. In addition, its prominence continues to spread in countries of Brunei, Vietnam, Singapore, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and India.

The company works aggressively towards important cloud-based projects in most of the leading countries. It started precisely when ENH iSecure planned to become an extraordinarily strong technology player in the niche.

A Privilege with Benefits

The first and most important aspect is the known or unknown mantra ‘need to know.’ According to the security books, there’s a word called need to know. The second is called the ‘state of excess privileges.’ The thought of what one shouldn’t carry or what one should be carrying or shouldn’t have carried is very scary. So, from a security perspective, the company implements controls in such a way that one cannot carry extra privileges through which the leaders probably or unknowingly may cause damage to the organization.

So, whether it be a bank or simple E-commerce software, the organization works for some of its customers are as Flipkart, Microsoft, etc.; in the case of Flipkart, the company does a solid implementation where it ensures that its vendors are not given access to their internal systems, their internal systems do not have access to one another department, their finance doesn’t have access to vendor management so that there is no fraud. In addition, the company ensures the highest level of transparency and security it provides to various business organizations.

Sparkling with USPs

Speaking about the unique selling propositions (USPs), Esesve Digumarthi shares, “The company understands the infrastructure properly and is one of the unique partners in entire Asia that can execute cloud-based implementations as many other solutions have moved to the cloud. With many technologies moving to the cloud, few people could get the right grip on all these cloud-based technologies.”

ENH iSecure protects each cloud seamlessly. For example, the company made a proposal with Microsoft to protect the entire Department of Education, which has at least 20 million accounts it had to guard.

For catering to such a huge number, the kind of level of USP that the company has, which probably most of the partners or organizations in the domestic market and Asia does not have.

ENH has strategic solutions to implement for large-scale solutions as well as customized ones for SMEs. The company is poised to cater to a 500-member organization; it communicates its secure and foolproof methodologies, forms the key aspect that the clients trust, and replies to ENH for their diverse requirements.

Guarding Digital Ecosystem

Talking about the protection scope of ENH iSecure, it protects anything to everything, practically. Regardless of the software functions used in the computer system or smartphone applications, the company efficiently protects it and stops possible threats.

Countering Challenges

The major challenge lies in understanding the technological capabilities and their aptitude in understanding the requirements. He pointed out that it was not that easy to attract talent and train them. Despite having mastered the skill, trained more people, and educated them on a perspective of executing the preliminary work, it was an arduous task. That’s the first and foremost challenge ENH faced.

According to him, 90 percent of the people in the background are using it and are not aware of it. So, educating people and developing this as a career option can be steadily achieved.

Growing Future of Security Solutions

Digumarthi explained the three-level layers of software, the first being identity governance. The second is called privileged identity, while the third is access governance. All these three come under identity-based security. These are implementable solutions that need implementation of the traditional Software Development Life Cycle and implemented accordingly.

The three important concepts are the essential future influencers. The first one is robotic process automation which is based on automation. The second is bringing the chips and pieces of AI and ML. So, this is the predictive security threat that arises to predict the security threats. And then the second thing that will happen is because the company is moving from humans to bots, in the scenario where most of the calls today are taken by bots. So, most of the analysis is carried out by the bots.

The crucial stage of controlling those bots and what they do inside the system is the next part, which is done via Robotic Process Automation (RPA). So, these are the following challenges that the company is going to face. And machine identity is something called a new concept where the company starts using the robots, etc., as new identities and then starts handling what they are doing. So that’s the next part of its innovation. The world is steadily moving towards that.

Deep-rooted Research Culture

ENH iSecure has identified and focused on the research essential in the scientific and systematic work culture. The team of technical experts works on identifying the current gaps in the market and research on customizing the solutions that address the concerns effectively. The research is based on bridging the client needs and the business essentials through technical solutions.

Valuable Expressions

As advice to young industry professionals, Digumarthi expressed that this is a big new field offering a bright career to all the people who aspire to enter it. This field has tremendous potential as there are hardly ten thousand professionals worldwide, and the industry needs a minimum of one million professionals to provide solutions.

The fields of identity security and cyber security both require innovative professionals to explore, identify and learn from the daily work practices. Passionate people who are ready to give their best efforts have a great future. He adds that customer satisfaction should be the primary goal to achieve lasting success.

Gearing Up with Versatile Inroads

ENH iSecure has its agenda well set, primarily expanding into new geographies. The next step, as he mentions, is to expand email security. It has been observed that on all fronts, email management needs to be very secure and well-fortified. Apart from email security, the company is developing in the newer area of SIEM (Security-Information and Event Management). The modern SIEM system amalgamates the different aspects of security information with security events to derive real-time analysis and monitoring of events, along with tracking security data for adherence to the protocols and aid in auditing.

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