Sequretek: Perfectly Simplifying Tech via Percept Cloud Security Platform


The primary question is not ‘Up to what extent is your enterprise secure?’ The crucial question is also not ‘What kind of complex security protocol have you deployed for your enterprise?’

The vital most question is ‘Who controls your enterprise security?’

If your answer is ‘You,’ then you must think again. At present, enterprise security is an intricately complicated web of digitally connected intra and inter-locking networked systems, which provides minimal visibility, less protection, and even lesser response.

Furthermore, with quickly ever-evolving cybersecurity threats, these systems find themselves underhanded. They could not promptly cope with the external and internal attacks due to their somewhat rigid and unchanging nature. Almost all the time, they are only reactive.

Investing in such solutions is not only a waste of your financial resources and your time and trust, but also it is a huge gamble as you have unknowingly and unintentionally delegated the control of your business’s cybersecurity along with the enterprise security itself.

It is high time to take back that control before it is too late with Sequretek–a global cybersecurity company offering end-to-end security in the areas of enterprise threat monitoring, incident response, device security, identity and access governance through its AI-driven Percept Cloud Security Platform.

The Sequretek Story – Providing Enterprise Leaders Peace Of Mind

Enterprise business veterans Anand Naik and Pankit Desai, both Co-founders and CEOs, experienced the complexities of enterprise cybersecurity and saw the frustrations of CxOs as they devoted increasing amounts of time and resources to combat escalating threats. They envisioned a future where enterprise networks are streamlined, secure and simple.

Pankit shares, “Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to speak with several CEOs. And every time we spoke, there was this common issue of spending a huge amount of money on a complex three-lettered enterprise cybersecurity systems.”

And when these CEOs spoke with their security teams and asked, “Are we protected, is our brand protected, and are we complying with the regulatory requirements, the answers we would receive will lead into more confusion. What is more, in the scenario of an unfortunate incident happening, we would be the last person to come to know about it. And even after we know the response would always fall through the cracks.”

Anand and Pankit co-founded Sequretek to simplify security and provide enterprise leaders peace of mind while managing their organizational assets and brand. This vision drives the design, development, and deployment of every innovation from Sequretek.

Simplifying Security

Pankit proclaims, “At Sequretek, we have heard you loud and clear. And with this specific problem, we are launching our Percept Enterprise Cloud Security Platform.”

Sequretek’s AI- and ML-driven technologies ensure that enterprises are armed against all threats, known and unknown, and drive down the cost of ownership. A key tenet of its approach is enhanced visibility into the enterprise: You cannot secure what you cannot see. Improved visibility in the cloud means precise, actionable intelligence as well as more efficient and proactive management of resources–the best competitive edge enterprises require in today’s marketplace.

Giving You Peace of Mind

Pankit adds that the Percept platform aims to solve the fundamental issue of visibility. So, at the core, you are getting enterprise security visibility that will allow you to know and understand the threats happening in your enterprise in real-time. The second thing is that the Percept platform can protect all your devices from external and internal threats, ransomware, phishing attacks, and all the other types of attacks happening on the devices and systems.

The third crucial thing is that the Percept platform has the ability to address the challenges from a user’s perspective, in terms of who has access to what through their lifecycles within the organization. And the last but not least aspect of an automated incident response framework ensures that in an unfortunate event that when an incident does happen, the framework carries out an automated response in real-time without any delays or things falling through the cracks.

The best part is that Sequretek empowers enterprises with proactive cyber defence and offers better visibility, higher protection, and the best response without the complexity. It lets You Take the Control of Your Enterprise Security by simplifying the technologies working behind it.

Pankit assures, “I am very sure that as we work with our clients onto this platform, we will not only be able to address the majority of their security challenges, but we’ll be able to do it in a much more cost-effective and easy-to-implement ways. And together, we will embark upon a journey to secure your enterprise. I look forward to giving you your much-deserved peace of mind.”

Detailing Sequretek’s immersive product offerings, Pankit assures that their Products like

Percept EDR–Detection, protection, and response with AI-based cloud-native EDR for endpoints, servers, and cloud environments;

Percept IGA–Cloud-native zero-trust-centric user identity and access governance along with user life cycle management across the enterprise; and

Percept XDR–Cloud-based AI for end-to-end security monitoring, threat detection, and response for enterprise environments,

are perfectly capable of empowering enterprises with proactive cyber defence. He further details Percept IGAs Zero Trust Access protocol.

Zero Trust Access

To simplify access and identity lifecycle, Percept IGA (Identity Governance and Administration) provides an easy-to-use, scalable, federated identity-based solution to meet the organization’s access governance, authentication and administration needs. It reduces access risk and ensures compliance by automating the complete life cycle of access management for all enterprise users.

Percept IGA is a cloud-native zero-trust-centric user identity and access governance along with user life cycle management across the enterprise. Zero trust access is based on the principle of least privilege access.

Percept IGA starts by treating all users as untrusted, giving no access and privilege to any enterprise resources. It also enables contextual access approvals for different access types and specific resources. It has a strong access control matrix based on roles and responsibilities for every individual.

In Access Intelligence and visibility, the big data platform provides insights and builds context to access decisions within the organization for users accessing assets with all structured and unstructured data. This helps organizations in reducing the risk and improve policy enforcement.

And with its Federated Single Sign On (F-SSO) and Multifactor Authentication (MFA), Percept IGA allows secure authentication and access to users across cloud and on-premises applications. Users need only one login to access all applications, thereby creating ease of use. Furthermore, it reduces the need for access reset requests for infrequently used applications.

Sequeretek–Ultimate Security Percept

Speaking about the USPs of Sequeretek, Pankit says that the cybersecurity threat landscape has been evolving rapidly. Every day, companies across industries suffer cyber-attacks such as ransomware, phishing and data theft. It is often observed that enterprises get compromised even after investing a significant amount of resources on security technologies. More often than not, the attack is detected after the event, and the response leaves much to be desired.

Pankit reveals, “This is where we stand out with our unique offering. At Sequretek, we have developed AI-based products that allow you to detect, protect, prevent, and respond to all types of cyber threats and attacks–external and internal. Sequretek’s Percept is the platform of choice for customers due to its ability to simplify security and reduce the total cost of ownership for enterprises through our technology offerings.”

Sequretek works with various organizations to address complex challenges in the space of cybersecurity. “We have had long-standing affiliations with partners like INGRAM, Intel, ICSA Labs, etc., to name a few. Our collaboration with our partners has helped us to scale new heights,” informs Pankit. Further, Pankit adds that they believe that their capabilities in the field of cybersecurity have won the trust of their investors like GVFL, Unicorn India Venture, etc.

Also, their many esteemed clients include HDFC Bank, ALKEM, Reliance Capital, Prudent, Sun Pharma, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Axis Bank, IIFL, Abhyudaya Co-operative Bank, Mastek, D-Mart, Edelweiss, and many more. Pankit reiterates, “Just like these companies, you too can take control of your enterprise security with us, Sequeretek.”

A Culture of Ethics, Honesty, and Trust

Sharing Sequeretek’s Ethics and Compliance, Pankit states that they, as a company, are committed to being ethical in all their dealings. They expect their employees to conduct themselves with the utmost integrity. They have an effective ethics and compliance program to prevent misconduct or compromise ethical standards. Their employees are trained to understand their culture and its ethical boundaries.

Talking more about Sequretek’s organizational culture Pankit says, “Our employees are our biggest asset. We believe in open communication, trust and a collaborative work environment.”

The Sequretek culture is not just about having fun at work–they also encourage a culture of constant learning and skill development to keep abreast of industry trends. They believe in going over and beyond their normal responsibilities to steer their company to reach the pinnacle of success.

Pankit appeals, “We are constantly looking for great talent. If you are dedicated, hardworking, and passionate about working in the field of cybersecurity, drop us a line. We will be happy to hear from you!”

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