Finecure Pharmaceuticals Limited: Revitalizing Life with Good Health –“Making Lives Healthier”

India plays a pivotal role in the global pharmaceuticals Industry by being one of the largest providers of generic drugs globally. Innovation and low costs of manufacturing are some of the clear advantages that India offers in the global space. The Pharma industry has grown exponentially over the last few years. It has increased the life span and fostered hope in people with hitherto incurable illnesses. Medical innovations may not have yet provided the elixir of immortality, but it has certainly improved lifestyles, making lives healthier and decreasing the uneasiness and discomfort felt by the sick and ailing. Furthermore, it has led to an increased belief and trust in the Indian pharmaceutical industry.
In a mission to meet the unmet medical needs of society as a whole, Finecure Pharmaceuticals Limited, a leading manufacturer and marketer of Pharmaceutical formulations, is adding exceptional value and worth to the medical community and benefitting human health around the globe by creating innovative medicines that address the healthcare requirements of today.
The Company manufactures medicine in several therapeutic segments in dosage forms including tablets, capsules, liquids and dry syrup. The company is focused on delivering pioneering, competitive, and path breaking healthcare solutions for targeted results, specially focusing on therapeutic areas of infective diseases, cardiac diseases, diabetic diseases, skin care and pain management, gastro-intestinal, anti-allergic, anti-asthmatics, multi-vitamins and nutraceutical segments.
With the belief of conviction, Finecure is committed to introducing new products that create a better today and an even better tomorrow. Their business has consistently outperformed the market and has grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 39.71%, from 2013-14 to 2015-16, as compared to the Indian pharmaceutical industry outlook of CAGR of 12-13 % over next 5 years, making it one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in India.
Finecure’s journey so far has been an enterprising one with their commitment to serve. With a track record of success and achievement since their launch, it has been one full of rewards and recognitions. Moreover, they are rated CRISIL MSE1 for ‘Highest Financial Strength’ and ‘Highest Operating Performance’.
Finecure continues to develop through a determined process of ‘Evolution through Innovation’. Innovation has always been at the core of their work systems and the driving force of the company. The company is aiming at increasing focus and penetration in Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals markets including niche therapeutic products in Cardiovascular, Diabetology, Neurology, Retroviral, Derma, Anti-Infective and OTC segments both in the domestic and international markets. Additionally, the company focuses on value and investment in strategies centered on developing targeted portfolios and in developing stronger abilities in late-stage drug development.
A Perceptive Leader
Mr. Vikash Rajgarhia, Mr. Vivek Rajgarhia and Mr. Vishal Rajgarhia are the promoters of the company and learned entrepreneurship, integrity and leadership skills from their father Late Shri H.M Rajgarhia. Working with imagination, insight and boldness, and valuing the input of every single employee of the company, promoters brought out the best in people and brought them together with a shared sense of purpose. This is one of the prime reasons of Finecure’s success story.
The current Director of Finecure Pharmaceuticals Limited, Dr. Vishal Rajgarhia, has made Finecure into a working model that is ethical, transparent and implementable. Under his expert guidance, and with the strong support of his brothers, Vikash Rajgarhia and Vivek Rajgarhia, Finecure has received several recognitions including the prestigious ASSOCHAM Pharma Company of Year, 2016.
The promoters are human-focused and always believe in the mantra that we must give back to society more than what we receive from it,” says Dr. Vishal. The reason why Finecure chose to enter the world of pharmaceuticals was because of the firm belief that the only way to serve the ailing humanity was to bring into their world, medicines that they could afford. “Making lives healthier” has been the heart and soul of Finecure and ‘giving back to society’ and making ‘qualitative yet affordable medicines’ has become their guiding principle.
Distinguishing Strategies and Services
Finecure Pharmaceuticals Limited was founded in 2005 with a mission and vision of “Making lives Healthier” by providing quality medicines with innovation and technology. The Company is poised for vertical growth with modern facilities, skills, know-how and resources that are at par with the best in the country. The company has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and maintains all specific set of standards mandated by the Food and Drug Control Administration.
We believe in ourselves and have always believed in setting our own standards and character,” asserts Dr. Vishal. Finecure leverages every global development on the supply and demand side of the business. They continuously study the competition and deliver better proposition, value and products so that the market is inclined to their products. Also, their people are trained to create market and to build Brand Equity.
The Company focuses on their core strengths of quality, strict adherence to good manufacturing practices and affordability. All its customers have confidence in their products and the way they conduct their business. Finecure’s customers, irrespective of where they are located, understand who they are and earning their loyalty and trust is the biggest strategy that they employ.
Finecure Pharmaceuticals have been recognized for CIMS Innovation in Process and Formulation development Award and for Innovation in Beta Lactams by GHP UK and they intend to expand on their core strength of manufacturing these products and further innovate to offer value added products.
The Company believes that value proposition is very important to have a happy customer. “The driving policy on which we work is that once a customer, always a customer,” adds Dr. Vishal. To achieve this successfully, Finecure works on improving the customers’ confidence and to ensure utmost satisfaction and experience, it makes them feel good about doing business with Finecure. Due to their customer centric strategy, customers are bonded as an extended part of the Finecure Family. The key elements of running a successful business for them is being committed to the business and having a strong marketing team.
Great Accomplishments
Since inception, the superlative growth in Pharma products reflects the constant combined efforts put in by the company which has helped them earn global acclaim. The long experience, professionalism of the employees, earned loyalty from their customers and a strong adherence to excellence in quality allows them to offer a high-quality product and a high level of service.
After years of endeavor, a nationwide network with respected acknowledgements has been built where manufacturing products are being sold through Finecure’s team nationwide and exported to several countries.  Finecure attributes its success to keeping themselves updated to current market trends and needs, to offer products as per the market dynamics and to study the scope and expand its presence across geographies. Their greatest accomplishment is Finecure’s wonderful team that together forms a formidable task force for growth.
Awards and Praises
Some accolades earned by Finecure include “International Arch of Europe Award – Germany” for Quality & Technology in Gold Category in the year of 2012, “ASSOCHAM India Business Excellence Award 2013”,  “Asia’s Most Promising Brand” validated by Consumers & Industry, “Process Advisors and Evaluators” KPMG in India in the year of 2013-14, “IPE Fastest Growing Pharma Company Award 2015”, “Innovation in Process and Formulation development Award 2016” by CIMS, “Pharma Company of the Year 2016” by ASSOCHAM INDIA, “Brand Excellence Award 2016” by ABP News  “Pharma Company of the Year” by CMO Asia in the year of 2017, “ Dream companies to work for 2017” by Times Ascent World HRD Congress ,  and “SME Company of the year” in 2018  by ET NOW –Making of Developed India.
Finecure’s vision is not only to ensure that their bottom lines show profits, but through their products they have contributed to make the world a healthier and a better place.
An Expert’s Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs
The younger generation is very talented and fast and those dreaming of entrepreneurship in Pharmaceutical Industry have a great future in store for them. The industry is growing at a fast pace and India is becoming the Hub of sourcing Pharmaceuticals globally. So, all those planning entrepreneurship can enter into the pharma space and the industry has a lot to offer to all.
Future Roadmap
Finecure has been recognized for Quality management and Business Excellence due to the policies and team working with ethos. They are poised to offer the society innovative products which will add value to patient’s life and also to the company’s goals.
Finecure aims to metamorphose into an integrated multifaceted product formulation powerhouse- a dynamic Pharma and Nutraceutical solutions provider to match the ever-changing market needs on par with the best in the world.

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