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Sanjit Narwekar | Managing Director | Sunil Shah | Director | Flowian Solutions

The operational structure of businesses is often determined by the forces of the market. As new technology and processes are being identified, they impact the way a business operates. To stay ahead, an organisation must adapt to the new changes and advances in terms of process and management. The current focus on Digital Transformation is one such paradigm-shift that organisations are moving towards. To assist them in this journey is a 4-year-old company focussed on being a BPM service provider that helps in Digital Process Transformation using BPM tools, Data Science and classical BPR – Flowian Solutions. A visionary in the BPM space, Flowian has a strong presence in India, Australia, UAE, South Africa, the UK, and Ireland through a combination of subsidiary offices, associates and presence of some of its founders.
A Plethora of BPM Services
Flowian’s customer base spans organization sizes from Startups to SME’s to Fortune-100 companies from the BPO/KPO, Retail, Real Estate, Tyres, Facilities Management, Financial Services, Travel and Manufacturing sectors. Most of them are already leaders in their segments or are visionaries who are going to be leaders by disrupting their segments. Flowian is a process innovation solutions provider that helps customers achieve complete visibility, control and effectiveness into their business operations. The product and services portfolio is a blend of, domain consulting, cloud-based automation, and industry-focused solutions.
Flowian has a Dedicated Business Process Consulting practice focussed on the implementation of widely used BPM Platforms. The Business Process Consulting practice has proven capabilities in process analysis, Process Automation, Process Design, Technical Architecture and Digital Transformation. It has also developed packaged vertical and horizontal solutions for multiple processes. Solutions by Flowian include but are not limited to:
•  AR/AP
• Company Secretarial
• Customer Service
• Property Leasing
• Credit Control
• Employee Onboarding
• Recruitment

A Skilled Management
Flowian was founded by a team of 4 technocrats with over 25 years of experience each in the areas of:
• Management Consulting for Enterprise Transformation, Business Process Re-engineering, Balanced Scorecard, CMMi and Six-Sigma / Lean implementations.
• Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Analytics and major ERPs
• Developing, Monetizing and successful exits for Digital products and businesses.
Sanjit Narwekar is the current Managing Director of Flowian Solutions. He has been a programmer, a Management / Process / Enterprise Transformation Consultant, the Technical Head for an EDP department for a large manufacturing company, the Head for Business Intelligence, Mainframe, Domain Solutions, SAP and Global Presales for Indian and MNC IT Majors. His current passion is using Business Process Management with Data Science to accelerate the Digital Transformation of businesses.
Earlier this year, Sunil Shah joined Flowian as a Director on the Board. He is a seasoned Entrepreneur, a renowned Career Guru and a leading light in the field of Foreign Education / Student Mobility Services in India. He is also a National ranked Chartered Accountant, an ardent filmmaker, a licensed pilot,  and the Founder and CEO of Foreign Academic Consulting & Training (FACT) – an organization specialized in guiding students for higher education.
With him on board, Flowian has decided to focus on providing technology solutions and products for the Education and Students Sectors.
Current Focus
Flowian along with Sunil’s company is in the process of launching a Business Process Suite for Universities and a Web Portal with a Mobile app to provide a bouquet of services to Indian Students studying in the USA. The Business Process Suite for Universities will cover all aspects of University Operations and will allow Universities to use Open Source software like JBPM and save substantial money on Licence fees. The services covered by the app will help students to fund their education, find room-mates and accommodation, find internships, save money on cell phone plans, courier services, groceries and much more.
Loyal Customers are Biggest Successes

Flowian has been recognized continuously year after year for the past 3 years by leading trade publications for Flowian’s steadfast pursuit of excellence in the BPM Sector. More significant is the successes that Flowian has had with our customers. It believes in going from strength to strength and add out-of-the-box innovation to the agility of its deliveries that delights the customers. It is a matter of great pride for Flowian that it has had multi-year relationships with almost all of its clients and all its clients are 100% referenceable.
The key factor in being able to maintain long term customer relationships is its confidence in letting the customer’s business team directly interact with even the junior most programmers and testers – so that the customer requirements are understood directly by the team who are coding. The senior team of Process Consultants and Analysts are deeply involved in the high-level innovation and re-engineering, but the day-to-day ‘field-innovation’ is carried out at the lowest level possible.
Mantra for would-be entrepreneurs

Both Sanjit and Sunil are passionate about mentoring and coaching young persons about whatever career choices they make. Entrepreneurship is close to their hearts. Both of them have mentored, helped and funded multiple ventures in fields as diverse as Technology, Dental Labs, Film Production, Rock Music, Education, Placement Services, Immigration Consulting, Helmet Manufacturing, Foreign Trade etc.
Both of them maintain the same advice for all young entrepreneurs – “You should enjoy the business. The money will follow. Live your life and do your business with No Greed and No Fear.”

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