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Miltan Chaudhury | Founder and CEO | Openweb Solutions

Fight for survival and Survival of the fittest are not limited to the biology books anymore. In today’s highly competitive market, these theories of nature have become a truth for every section of the business. As tech-enabled market plays a pivotal role in contributing to the Indian GDP, innovations and technologies are driving this sector at a rapid pace.
One such entity that has been immensely successful in crafting its own mark in today’s business eco-system is Openweb Solutions. Implementing cutting edge technology to develop, scale and maintain complex software applications, it has managed to grab the eyeballs of the business fraternity in a very short span of time. It has created a niche in key Business Process Development by assisting businesses with innovative solutions that seamlessly migrate to a digital workflow and thus improve their overall productivity. Serving a plethora of business domains like Healthcare, Ed-Tech, Fintech, Agri-tech, E-commerce, and Real-Estate to name a few, it has reached the epitome of success in the eastern region by digitation of countless organizations.
Incepted in the ‘City of Joy’ – Kolkata in 2014, its tailored-made unique business propositions and solutions have assisted it to create countless milestones over the years. Robustness, Scalability, Performance, and Security are the pillars on which the organization stands tall and has evolved as a preferred choice for clients across the globe including the US, Europe, and Australia. Developing sturdy and scalable on-demand, customized web, and mobile applications by embracing latest technology platforms like Big-data, IoT, AR/VR, Blockchain and AI/ML; the entity is focused to practice, inspire, and enhance its operations by the virtue of these key elements. Despite the initial challenges faced by the company, the ability to deliver promises and abide by commitments to the clients evidently became the ‘success mantra’ for Openweb Solutions.
The Dynamic Trailblazer Leading from the Front
A dexterous persona, with his inherent willingness to learn and implement the newest technologies, Miltan Chaudhury is the driving force behind the success of Openweb Solutions. As the Founder and CEO, he has been instrumental in taking the entity to new heights by spreading the gleam of his acumen in the areas of BPM, Digital consultancy, and technology. With a decade of experience in the software industry, Miltan is a pure technocrat who carries a definite vision that is evenly backed up by his passion and knowledge.
Having a strong academic background – an MBA and MCA, Miltan dons the hat of an effective solution provider (online business applications) and has worked with a plethora of clients from diverse genres. Besides driving the growth of the company and exploring new technology and business avenues, he works closely with clients to prepare their business plans, which is later delivered in the form of a project with help from a tightly knit development team. His hard work, dedication, collective effort, and leadership quality helped Openweb to find its base. The company that started with just four people has grown over the years in terms of business, market, and customer satisfaction.
Understanding the Market Equation
Having been associated with the IT service industry for almost two decades, Miltan is well-aware about the IT industry and has a very particular perspective about how on-demand customized digital solutions are developed and implemented. Summing up his experience he says – “Remaining honest, confident and transparent are the key to success”.
Interacting with clients who have previously failed trying to give birth to their dream product, he realized that the basic reason behind this failure was that the customers were often not guided properly or were never told the hard truth. He asserts – “We strongly believe that we grow only if the solutions we develop for our customers help them to grow”. Having firm faith in seamless teamwork and building relationship with customers has always benefited the company. Along with being the technology partners to its clients, Openweb solutions walk the extra mile to resolve the business issues by embracing a realistic approach. Miltan proudly says – “Remaining honest, confident and transparent with the clients has helped us establish long term relationships with them while ensuring mutual growth”!
Innovative Solutions – Creating Benchmarks
Openweb Solutions has a great reputation for developing on-demand, customized web, and mobile applications. As a specialist in developing cloud-based SAAS products and business process management solutions, below are some of the effective solutions that have cemented its place in the global IT market:
Clientbridge, UK: Clientbridge brought the most prominent care management solution with the help of Openweb team and is one of the most prominent success stories in BPM.
TeachersinTouch: TeachersinTouch is the product of Innovative School Tools LLC, USA. The founders wanted to use technology to improve the existing education process.

Ziggma: Ziggma is the first comprehensive portfolio and risk management solution for the private investor. Openweb Solutions took charge of its development in Early 2018 and completed the solution while addressing the most complex financial calculations successfully.

With an objective to deliver every enterprise a user-friendly and customized BPM solution, Openweb Solutions remains committed to developing solutions that work by enhancing the functionality, stability, and efficiency of their workflow management.

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