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Shashi Nair | CEO | IIMCPL

Sometimes businesses have problem in organizing and driving its resources to the maximum potential. Yet, the efforts put in, doesn’t always yield the optimum results. Making changes with the dynamic nature of business is an undeniable necessity and complying with changes is not always easy. Many times, people get confused with modern technological advancements and fail to inculcate them in the daily business activities. It is not wrong in accepting assistance and expertise in the areas where one finds themselves lacking and try to improve on the said platform in-order to grow.
Integral Interface Management Consultancy Pvt Ltd. (IIMCPL) is an organisation focusing on developing and re-engineering different organisations’ business processes and principles to improve their efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction ratio. Founded in 2008, IIMCPL has worked with various firms to invoke fundamental re-orientation in the way other businesses operate from top level to the ground level. The company undertakes turnkey projects of organisational transformation, right from studying and analysing till developing processes. Re-engineering operations of the client firms is done in-order to optimize their business processes with the motive of yielding high productivity, enhanced customer satisfaction and enrichment in employee motivation.
The company’s vision extends to foresee every organisation and resource within it, to be most efficient and globally competitive. IIMCPL provides BPM solutions in the segment of Business Process Re-engineering, Organisational Re-structuring and Process Enhancement to validate quality standards with operational efficiency enrichment, business coaching and optimization of resource utilization. We also consult organizations on Business Consolidation, Business Goal Planning and Human Asset Development,” says IIMCPL team.
A Leading Visionary
The commander of the Integral Interface Management Consultancy Pvt Ltd. is Shashi Nair – CEO. He is a Management graduate with over 18 years of professional working experience across different MNC’s and leading Indian companies. Having expertise in Marketing, Business Development and Operations during his career has provided him with the versatility to engage in various industries. During his working days, he has guided many start-ups and small businesses from his social circle which provided him with the pulse of the market. He continuously updates his skill set by reading along with attending national seminars and workshops regularly. This helps him to keep tabs on the requirement of experienced BPM professionals.
Getting Through the Stormy Weather
Initially, BPM was not considered by small and medium enterprises as an acceptable service providing agency. The challenges to sustain, survive and grow in the extremely competitive market segment proved to be an uphill battle. All this was taking place and the organisations across all domain had realised the importance of experts guiding, helping and directing them in the right way. In-order to achieve their organisational and business oriented goals, following the traditional methods would prove to be obsolete. Hence, getting a second opinion from other sources deemed more useful.
It had been very difficult for IIMCPL to educate and convince the client organizations about its role in enhancing their business. We sustained the initial challenges, constantly educating and pursuing the clients and now we see the advancement in their thought process. There is a better acceptance of our services within the industry,” says Shashi. After everything, the company inferences a great opportunity for BPM services and solutions in the future.
IIMCPL aspires to be one of the most chosen BPM consultants in SME sector and continues to put itself in front of all the available hosts it can acquire. To achieve this vision, we are strengthening our team with more new generation associates & consultants,” claims Shashi. The company is collaborating with various technology solution providers in the BPM sector, in-order to deliver next-gen services to the existing as well as future clientele
Dynamics of Success with a Little Piece of Advice
A highly disintegrated multi-locational firm’s process of operations required more streamlining. Hence, its working process, resource management, and service logistics along with business aesthetics were thoroughly studied and analysed by IIMCPL in-order to identify the challenges.
With some minor changes and re-engineering of processes with developing various new measurement parameters and control mechanisms, the organisation now works much more smoothly and efficiently. A lot of effort was taken to coach the Top Management and also train people in the organization for various skills (Productivity Skills, Soft Skills and Management Skills) to accomplish the final objective. 
The business owners understood the efforts taken by IIMCPL and its contribution towards changing the overall situation of their organization while appreciating the team at the same time. Now, the IIMCPL team is looking forward to conquering next level of goals with a lot of confidence and aim to achieve them effortlessly. “Our solitary reward is the growth and success of our clients. We have extensively worked with organizations of various sizes from varied industries. There are many success stories we have created with our clients,” adds Shashi.
“We believe that any professional who can do a systematic identification of an organization’s challenges along with its goals and objectives has a potential to develop and execute an efficient and workable solution.  He has a good opportunity in this industry,” advices Shashi and the IIMCPL team to the budding entrepreneurs aspiring to enter the industry.

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