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Mohit Sood Director Quest Global Technologies | BPM Company | Business Magazine

Mohit Sood | Director | Quest Global Technologies

The corporate world’s biggest challenge today is handling disruption with élan. Digital transformation is the buzzword and companies are looking for ways that can help them transform without costing them an arm and a leg. Not to forget the simplicity that they seek in solutions along with innovation. Providing high-quality automation solutions for such enterprises, maximising return on investment (RoI) and creating sustainable differentiation is exactly the mission of Quest Global Technologies (Quest GLT). Aiming to become the best IT Company in the world, Quest GLT is helping its clients stay ahead of the competition by transforming digitally using Innovative Automation Solutions.
On a Quest of a Digital World
Quest GLT, a Global Information Technology company working on enterprise development solutions is Ranked #5 across the globe by It has served several high profile clients across various sectors like Healthcare, Education, FMCG, Finance and Real Estate. With an aim to provide innovative cutting-edge enterprise automation, it has gained expertise in blockchain and data lake configuration services. It provides end-to-end solutions to the clients, with an aim to maximize ROI on the cost incurred by its clients.
Various services that Quest provides are:

  • Blockchain/ Cryptocurrency development
  • Ingestion framework (Big data, Hadoop, SCALA)
  • Customized ERP/CRM
  • Cloud/Mobility Solutions
  • Digital Marketing
  • Salesforce Development
  • E-commerce end to end development

The Guiding Lights
Quest GLT is headed by its dynamic Director and Negotiator-in-chief, Mohit Sood.  An MBA by qualification, he is known for his number-crunching and reading between the lines skill. He believes that a project requires adequate financing to achieve success and hence became inclined towards the finance stream. Previously, while handling the finance & operations of various companies, he developed a holistic view of bottlenecks and operational problems faced by organizations in the sector. Such hands-on experience is crucial to the company’s ERP Automation Solutions which has helped various private and government organizations including Indian Aviation Academy (IAA). His inclination of using Blockchain technology for securing the business processes will make an organization more secure and reliable.
Alok Agrawal and Romil Jain are the Co-founders and Directors. The two friends were on lucrative paychecks when they dreamt of imparting technical education to young engineers so as to fill the gap between academics and industry standards. They decided they should help the young engineers in Indore by mentoring them in new innovative technologies. They started the venture in 2013 but found that the business is not scalable and it’s over-reliant on them. To scale up, they started IT services with 3 employees looking for potential customers. This was the beginning of the Quest GLT.
A month into new clients and their hard work was met with client appreciation who then referred them to several business connections and the company started to grow by leaps and bounds. The current team of over 45 members is now inclined to offer innovative solutions and quality services utilizing the latest technologies.
The past six years have seen working effectively on Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) Technologies. It has been providing end-to-end solutions to corporate and individuals with a high degree of focus on accuracy, precision, cost-adequacy. It has also won several accolades including

  • Top-Rated Development Company by
  • Ranked #5 Blockchain companies by
  • Ranked #4 Blockchain companies by Thinkmobiles
  • Appfutura recognizes it as one of the best mobile application development companies.
  • Recognized by All India Council of Robotics and Automation under top blockchain companies

Word for Neophytes
Being the head of a top-rated startup which gained recognition without VC funding speaks volume about the founders as entrepreneurs. They advise the young ones in the business to, “Focus, Perseverance and Vision are what you require to succeed in the business. If you stay focused on your objectives, you will eventually succeed. Before creating a product, first you need to understand its application and whether it is really required by the target group. We meet many entrepreneurs, who build the product first and then try to market them and learn the hard that there is no market for such products.”
Mohit’s advice is to create a sustainable and profitable business, rather than running around venture capitalists. He adds, “A lot of focused and talented entrepreneurs lose sight of their goals when they are distracted by possibilities that venture capital might bring. The time spent in securing funding at an early stage can be better utilized by acquiring customers that can make you profitable and get you the right kind of publicity and attention that will automatically attract investments.”
Transforming Future
Quest GLT has already established itself as a leader in implementing blockchain solutions and is now building capabilities on Enterprise data lake solutions. The aim is to grow the company 10x in the next three years by providing cutting-edge innovative solutions to its clients. Quest GLT would continue to explore synergies globally and build marketing channels across the globe to propel its clientele. It has already opened its subsidiaries in USA and Canada and acquired a stake in an Australian company. The plan is to open offices in Europe, Middle East, and Singapore in the next couple of years while enhancing the quality of its products and services.

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