Food Trucks: The Next-Gen Lip-Smacking Street Food Culture

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Food is not only a word that denotes human sustainability; it is simply the most satisfying factor of human life. Being one of the three basic needs to sustain, food is something that has evolved and numbered through the fusions of different culture and new experiments. It has different statements regarding its quality quotients and taste, and when it comes to tasty food nothing comes in comparison to the street food. It is now a culture that has become a part of everyday life, especially in urban areas, and the latest addition to this segment is Food Truck. This next-gen feeding trend and mobile restaurant culture has become a great way of making money for business and even better way for the consumers to get food anywhere in the most convenient arrangement.
The Reason Behind its Success
The trend of food trucks is being very popular recently, for its superiority in its cost and the quality management. The reasons of its success are multidimensional.

  • As the business is based on a truck or certainly designed vehicle, the cost of this business is less than any established restaurant and thus, the price of the food is affordable in a food truck, without compromising the food quality.
  • Secondly the pop up restaurant culture is psychologically very surprising, which adds curiosity towards the food and eventually adds to the business.
  • The trucks come in a very gorgeous and trendy look to attract the young and teenagers.
  • Another factor that works on its behalf is its availability in various odd locations; like near a concert, or weekend party spot, or near the stadiums of famous matches or outside college campuses!

Success Stories from Overseas
There are a number of success stories out there who have come up with this food truck idea. But none of the stories are there without the initial struggle. As a matter of fact these stories are actually the amalgamation of innovation and dedication which took the small budget business to shine and to earn substantial revenue. Food truck is very familiar thing where a mass gathering takes place, especially in office areas, colleges or events. But the moment these trucks and their food gets acknowledgement, it becomes a brand itself to get the invitation. Some such names are Seoul Taco, La Cocinita (“The Little Kitchen”) among many more. Where Seoul Taco came up with unique Korean and Mexican combination, La Cocinita is recognized for its Venezuelan-inspired Latin American street food. Such names are really inspirational for those who are looking for a great business idea in a food truck.
How Relevant for Indian Market
While the overseas success rate for food truck is too high, India is still quite novice in this section. But this food truck business idea is not obscure as well. There are a number of such trucks which can be seen in metropolitan cities like Bangaluru, Mumbai, New Delhi and Pune; which are more into this business, but still the number of such initiatives is lesser in comparison to the other western countries. India is a great market for such businesses as the teenage and young crowd is quite a good number here who will surely be interested in such initiatives of food truck concept and will be interested in fusion food too. On the other hand the option for business expansion is quite high here, as food truck is a mobile concept and thus can catch the suburb market too.
Business Opportunity for the Entrepreneur
Food business is one of the most profitable sectors for those who are looking to emerge in a new venture. A lot of experiments can be done with the food business and as for the food truck; it is quite unique to introduce to the places where it is not popular yet, especially in the suburbs. Thus, certain countries and areas are quite promising for the food truck business. Suburbs can be a great area for such business, as branded food or restaurant concept is still blurred here. As this business does not require a great deal of money or infrastructure to initiate, kick-start food truck business is quite simple.
The Future of Food Trucks
Food truck business being innovative comes with a lot of opportunities. The fact is there are a great number of people who nowadays prefer to eat outside and restaurants cannot be available everywhere, they are usually situated in the most happening or crowded place, creates a great business opportunity for the food truck. These movable restaurants can go anywhere and provide food for the hungry souls, creating a business opportunity for the entrepreneurs. It is all about the creativity, innovation and a sheer hard work to satisfy the customers. What they need is moving towards the right direction to succeed in this otherwise budget friendly business sector.

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