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Today, businesses that are powered by digital technologies which are striving hard to win the Google advantage. Earning a Google Partner badge is the first step towards this goal. However, that is not enough. Google is motivating Google Partners through various challenges. Game On is one type of challenge, where Google motivates a Google Partner company to aim higher and win new businesses. This suggests the level of competition in the industry that is constantly undergoing changes.
Futurism Technologies is one such Google Partner who believes that becoming a Google Partner is just a tip of the iceberg, whereas maintaining relevancy is more important. It focuses on the entire customer journey from search to sales to customer satisfaction to help its clients implement successful digital marketing strategies to increase their online revenues, minimize their acquisition costs, as well as help them to penetrate into new markets. Being selected as the Google Partner showcases Futurism’s success as a 100% data-driven digital transformation organization.
Playing Significant Role in Digital Transformation
Futurism Technologies is a next generation global workforce providing digital transformation solutions and services to various Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) in Supply Chain Retail, Healthcare, Telecom and High-tech verticals. The company’s growth is fueled by a broad range of specialized and customized solutions addressing various business challenges by utilizing disruptive technologies such as Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud, IoT, Security, eCommerce and Digital Marketing.
Futurism Technologies is a certified SEI CMM level 3 Company by KPMG, and is ISO 9001:2008, ISO/IEC 27001 – Information Security Management certified by the British Standards Institution. Over the years, It has strategic partnerships with companies like Google, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and Amazon.
Architect behind Futurism Technologies
Sheetal Pansare founded Futurism Technologies in 2003, and serves as its President and Global CEO of the company. Mr. Pansare is a highly-reputed Technopreneur and Digital Transformation Ninja with a vast experience in eCommerce, SCM, Mobility, IoT, Analytics, Cloud, Social, and Acquisition Marketing. His extensive experience of technologies and digital transformation has been the driving force in making Futurism a global company! His incisive ability to successfully identify and invest in futuristic technologies has helped Futurism Technologies remain at the forefront of the changing technology landscape.
Innovative Google-friendly Approach Helped Futurism to Become Google Partner
Futurism Technologies has always been innovation-friendly organization. Google-friendly approach has been a part of Futurism’s DNA, since the inception. Team Futurism has always focused on managing innovation, and creativity while following Google’s best practices. In 2013, when Google introduced the Google Partners platform with a vision of creating “ true champions of the digital world, and supporting them with resources, training, and help required to succeed online”, team Futurism saw it as a golden opportunity. It took them months of training and meticulous campaign management for clients to earn a Google Partner Badge.
Becoming a Google Partner is one of the big achievements for Futurism Technologies and its team. Earlier, they were working as an inward-looking organization that was only focused on results. However, this achievement has inspired them to look and think beyond the organization, and seek inspiration from Google, as well as other Google Partner companies. Their ability to take advantage of the huge resources and knowledge offered by Google has helped them immensely to grow into one of the most reputed digital transformation companies worldwide. Also, this close work association with Google has enabled them to help their clients grow their business by 10X!
Out-of-the-box Strategies
In the recent years, Futurism Technologies has transformed itself into a 360° Digital Transformation Company. Today, businesses are keen to build interactive customer experiences. Social, Mobility, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing & IoT are challenging the traditional business enterprises. Futurism Technologies help businesses overcome the challenges of the digital world through its services such as Search Intention Behavior Analysis, Digital Strategy Building and Transformation Planning, Business Analysis and Digital Auditing, and various Integrated Data-Driven Marketing Approaches across the search and mobile channels.
Futurism Technologies is always aware of their clients’ difficulties and challenges. This awareness and realization are driving Futurism to invent innovative churn reduction strategies almost every day! Team Futurism manages to downsize the churn rates by constantly designing and implementing innovative digital campaigns, which are proven to create consistent customer experiences across various channels.
Benefits for Clients
Team Futurism believes that as in 2017, the millennial generation is now the largest consumer segment. Hence, it has become more important for Futurism’s clients to ensure that they offer the best customer service, as well as customer experience to accommodate the needs of these young customers. With the growing relevance of digital technologies, digital experiences have become an important element of customer experience design. They help their clients to create excellent digital experiences by digitizing end-to-end business processes, customer acquisition and engagement by enriching their customer journey. Their powerful digital customer experience solutions have helped their clients set new industry benchmarks such as 10-15% increase in Social Media Volume, 40% lowered cost of acquisition in 6 months, a 5X increase in web transactions, and 20% improvement in customer retention.
Sheetal’s Advice for the New Entrants in the Google Partners’ Space
“For us, earning a Google Partner badge was the beginning of an enriching digital journey. We believe this badge has helped us build a symbiotic relationship with the Google. This is because we believe our success is also Google’s success. Google provides you opportunities to grow, improve, compete, and set new goals. Also, it allows you to share your successes, and discuss rough challenges that you may encounter daily. No matter, how hard challenges may look, but smart work, customer-centric campaigns, and good Google marketing practices always help.”
Futurism’s Improvement with Massive Advancements in Technology
Digital transformation is reshaping the businesses across the globe. As new digital technologies are fast-evolving, team Futurism believes a successful digital transformation requires a careful collaboration of different aspects. Being one of the leading digital transformation companies, they can create engaging experiences for customers across various digital platforms utilizing their vast experiences, as well as Google Partner status. Their experts believe, in spite of good days ahead, the biggest challenge is creating enriching, and personalized experiences that remain etched in the consumer’s mind for a long time.
Future Prospects                                             
Team Futurism is working hard to building efficiency through futuristic technologies. To achieve this goal, they are incorporating best practices of Google marketing, data science (analytics), and AI. So far, this combination has helped them to deliver groundbreaking results for their clients.

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