Eggfirst: Building Beliefs


According to international research estimates, Google is projected to garner 80% of the search ad market by 2019. As of 2016, Google had a market share of 76% of the search ad market and in 2017, it is currently at 78%. In terms of revenue numbers, that equates to $25 billion in 2016 with a projected growth to $37 billion in 2019. Now these are really big numbers and indomitable market share. Needless to mention, even in India Google rules the roost. So Google becomes a natural choice of a partner to seek out and partner with.
Eggfirst is one of the successful Google Partners, which is creating a benchmark within the industry. Basically, it is a full-service, midsize ad agency offering end-to-end creative solutions for various business challenges, with a 13-year case-study in value creation. Without a trace of bravado and with complete responsibility, team Eggfirst has embraced the moniker, their clients have bestowed them with: Valuable Find. They have received this sobriquet largely on account of their values. Cast in Iron, their values, led by their passion to deliver results, are the bedrock of their success. At Eggfirst, the cause of the client always takes precedence. With results as the driving force, the onus of meeting deadlines with a firm focus on quality rests squarely on each and every member of team Eggfirst.
This is where performance marketing comes in. It’s all about results. Deploying the correct statistical tools, data analytics, search engine expertise and creative excellence that generates interest and eventually brand recall and leads. Be it Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Exclusive affiliate marketing campaigns and more. At the core of Eggfirst’s performance marketing expertise is the design and deployment of their lead generation campaigns.
With a combination of offline and online expertise, team Eggfirst has extended their outreach and became an extension of the brand’s personality aligned with the brand’s DNA. This ensures that the brand has a single and consistent messaging across all media channels including online channels and social touch points.
Man Behind Eggfirst
Ravikant Banka is the CMD of Eggfirst. He is an engineer from VJTI and an MBA from JBIMS. Ravi started his own venture after spending a few sharpening years in the corporate arena, first as a strategic planner and business development manager in California and then at AF Ferguson (now Deloitte). Surprisingly for an engineer, he didn’t choose to start a factory manufacturing valves for irrigation equipment or dishwashers. Instead, he decided to establish a place that would help build beliefs, for brands. And Eggfirst was born. Behind the no-nonsense strategist, lies a Ravi who’s extremely passionate about path-breaking deliveries. His ability to blend sensible strategy with mad creativity helps build beliefs and deliver results, more often than not.
Flexible Approach
Team Eggfirst is already very strong on search marketing but the results they were getting through Google were quite remarkable. So Eggfirst decided to become a Google Partner that helps them to ride on a new era of advertisement. Moreover, being a certified Google Partner becomes an added advantage in this growing digital world and this collaboration helps them deliver better to their clients. After all, they have rightfully earned the Google badge with the help of a powerful and expert team.
Customer Oriented Strategies
Team Eggfirst believes that there are two aspects of world class performance marketing. Technically, one needs to be very strong with a rich understanding of analytics, audiences, consumer behavior and trends. Secondly, there is need to have a strong creative strength to craft the right creative to evince the maximum response. This formidable combination unfailingly delivers results for Eggfirst clients.
Benefits for Clients
While Team Eggfirst have delivered impactful results to various clients, for one home solutions brand has its cost per lead reduced by more than 50% and the number of leads far more than planned. With spends in excess of a quarter million US dollars, the savings are immense and it changes the business scenario significantly for the brand.
Learning through Experience
Eggfirst is smoothly expanding in the Google Adwords space, but they have learnt a lot in the journey that they have had. As far as the Campaign structure is strong and accurate, there isn’t much scope for average results. So far, they have been doing amazing with their Campaigns and maintaining the Quality Score close to 10.
Adapting new Technologies and Trends to Lead
Team Eggfirst is continually adjusting updating themselves as Google brings steady updates in Google Adwords, there is always a lot that can be explored. They keep investing in research and development and keep monitoring industry trends to keep their customers ahead of the rest.
Future Plans
Eggfirst is further strengthening its performance marketing team and solutions for brands. Team Eggfirst believes that they are in a unique vantage position on account of the twin combination of analytical expertise as well as consumer understanding & creative deliveries. Their client brands get an analytically driven consumer connect plan and execution.

Source :- The 10 Best Google Partners to Watch in 2017

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