Futurz: The Velocious Company with Limitless Dreams


Talent acquisition has re-invented and improved its capabilities from a simple candidate filing function to a strategic and focused arm that has a direct correlation to an organization’s bottom line. The advancement in the recruitment process has been possible with the clear focus on the type of people who need to be acquired, and builds best-fit processes and activities for their clients.
Futurz, one of the topmost service providers of Talent Acquisition and Staffing Solutions considers that any organization which wants to expand needs to identify and hire the right expertise. Hiring the right talent is a challenging task for most companies. At Futurz, they bridge the talent gap and connect organizations with the right employees.
Founded in 2005, Futurz is the pioneer of the human resource solutions with a national presence in India and an expanding global reach. Expanding and diversifying its business across all industries and verticals pan India; they guide and provide recruitment solutions and HR services to some of the largest companies in the world.
Futurz has a distinct list of services which includes Recruitment Services, Executive Search, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Flexi & Contract Staffing, IT Staffing, Logistic Solutions and Skill Development. By accessing these services, they ensure their clients that are able to hire the best talent enhance them through training and maximize their potentials to the best of their abilities. They are efficaciously dealing with their renowned clients in numerous domains like banking, telecom, manufacturing and many more.
Futurz is confident to compete with any company in the recruitment industry through their innovation mission and their business culture of excellence. The company has achieved various recognitions including the Star Awards of 2013 and Indiamart Leaders of Tomorrow Awards 2010.
The Front-runner of Futurz
Recently featured as the young entrepreneur by CNBC, Farhan Azmi is the founding partner and serves as the Company’s Executive Chairman & Managing Director. He is the prime person for introducing new talent acquisition strategies and development plans for Futurz’s consulting practice. Farhan Azmi started his career with Worldlink (Ramee Group Company), where he worked as a leader and then introduced Futurz specializing in the endowment of recruitment services to the Financial Services & the BPO sectors.
Today, the organization has more than 15000 associates on its payroll. The strong growth in his career path developed with his contributions in team leadership, business management, overall strategic management and development of Financial & Professional Services across India, United Kingdom and the Philippines.
Farhan pursued his MBA degree from Mumbai University and 4 years of work experience in Financial and BPO industry. His past performance displays the rewarding relationship across a myriad of industries. He is widely recognized as the young “Mr. Commitment” for his behavioral attitude of getting the task done.
He aims and gives his best efforts to become the Best Recruitment Service Provider globally. Farhan has positioned Futurz to be a leading provider of corporate enterprise wide solutions that help clients improve operational performance and drive business growth.
Charting the Uneven Path of the Company
In order to keep up with the changing industry trends, a company has to continuously polish with new skill sets and adopt new technologies.
The talent acquisition industry is not just associated with technology and market change, it is influenced by a lot of other factors. For example, the type of the organization, the location of the organization, the sector of the industry, etc. are the challenges that determine to find the best workers and fill the positions. Getting suitable employers for flexi staffing which meets the short-term goals of the organization is also a big challenge for the recruiting process.
Years ago the recruitment process chose employers by the compensation demanded, this was the top reason why an employer was chose over another. But today the scenario is different, the work culture, workplace flexibility and dynamic job roles are the factors playing in the employment and hiring process.
Even, the challenge of talent acquisition is further heightened by the increasing entrepreneurial aspirations of talent. The quest to start and grow their own ventures often takes key talents out of the job market, further narrowing the talent pool. Coping with these changes is the current woe faced by the hiring managers of Futurz.
The Step towards a Better Future
Pushing the boundaries of HR, Futurz is investing in digitalization and technology which will play a pivotal role in Hiring and Human Resource Management. Effortlessly handling the big data or the huge database, multiple hiring portals, headhunting teams and social media platforms are the strategic internet advantages. The usage of smartphones and smart devices is increasing the volume of hiring employees and also among the jobseekers. Attracting top talents with employer branding and customer engagement remains the main focus for Futurz.

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