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As far as changes to the Talent Acquisition process is concerned, with the advancement of technologies, there has been a significant increase in the transparency of the process. There has been an impressive transition from manual TA activities to digitalization. Owing to the HR’s – Employee engagement initiatives, there has been an increase in the performance of the employees. Also, the use of People Analytics has helped to achieve an observable difference in the selection process. On-going training to employees and skill upgrade led by companies increase the connection between the candidate and the company.
Keeping the above vision in mind, DeconJobs, a niche executive search and talent acquisition firm, which has over 35 years of experience in recruitment, headhunting skills and the wide network of candidates, help in providing recruitment services; right from the interiors of India to those across the globe. The company is continuously handling unique supports including cross country recruitments and have leveraged their strengths to handle any challenging assignments. DeconJobs is also managing the recruitment of senior-level candidates with a required technical & managerial skillsets, and moreover, provide recruitment for niche technical & managerial positions towards companies.
On the other hand, DeconJobs have a career counseling platform called Zobber ( The platform targets millennial, to make them aware of the gamut of career options available and help pursue professions they are really passionate about. The company believes that it is important to educate people in choosing a career which aligns with their passion. This will enable them in handling a crisis situation while the majority of people doubt their career choices.
Additionally, DeconJobs offers many overseas job opportunities in APAC, Middle East, and Latin America. They have secured many challenging assignments in these countries. Also, the company is making a foray into the world of recruitment technology with their new app Hirelocal. It helps job seekers to locate suitable jobs and helps companies locate suitable candidates within a “5KM distance” from their location. This app will aid in saving time and enable users to operate it with more productivity, thus providing them with free time either to spend with family or learn a particular skill.
The Erudite Leaders of the Company
Priyadarshan Deshmukh, the veteran leader, Founded DeconJobs in 1980. He completed his MBA and a Certified Management Consultant course with a vision to provide relevant talent pool to the growing industry. He has over 30 years of experience in business and executive search and has been a strategic partner to numerous global and Indian conglomerates; advising them on their leadership issues and assisting them to identify and recruit top talent for their businesses.
Priyadarshan says, “When our clients work with us, they benefit from our knowledge, contacts, and exuberance as we create a recruiting experience that delivers results.”
Priyank Deshmukh is the current CEO of DeconJobs and leads the core operations & business. He focuses on senior level searches in the domain of I.T, Finance & Banking, FMCG, Hospitality and Retail sectors. He also heads Decon’s career mentoring platform- Priyank is a PGDM holder from Indian Institute of Management, and B.E (Computer Science) from K.J Somaiya College of Engineering. Prior to his MBA, he worked at Accenture as a software programmer.
A Profound Exploration Resulting in Success
Decon is one of the few recruiters who has been in the market even before internet and cell phones ever entered the Indian market. Since there was no comfort of wireless communication as companies enjoy today, Decon would go out in the field where they have gained an extensive geographical knowledge and also enhanced their persuasion skills. With almost four decades of experience in this industry, DeconJobs understand the importance of knowing the client’s company, their culture, their people & leadership, and matching these with candidates who would fit the role perfectly. Since the company operates in diverse sectors, now they are in a position to compare which industry would be preferable to approach when there is a significant change in the national market.
A Proficient Risk Eliminator 
Priyank acclaims, “Usually clients come to us when their HR department is unable to find the right candidate and require a headhunter to close the position.” Additionally, the company helps their clients with salary negotiation which is a pain point for the clients. The company also helps conduct psychometric assessments not just at the personal level but also in terms of the candidate’s attitude, the way of thinking and personal and professional ambitions. Decon also helps the candidate to understand the company structure & power dynamics.
Priyank adds, “We believe that for the candidate to perform his best in the organization, he needs to understand his role & the company thoroughly. Understanding factors such as stability, integrity, right compensation & incentives are some of the key areas where we help & advise our clients.”
Future Endeavors
Prospect of executive search is in using a combination of personal touch and technology to source the right candidate for the client. As the world becomes smaller, and the accessibility of candidates for corporates increases, executive search firms can stay relevant only if they offer their headhunting expertise with a deeper understanding of the client’s needs and the candidate, making sure that there is a perfect match for the job seeker and the employer. DeconJobs have faith in continuing to do and be the best at what they have repeatedly been doing for the last 37 years, which is to provide this industry with the perfect talent for the job.

Source :- The 10 Best Talent and Acquisition Companies in 2017

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