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Sumit Ganguli | CEO | GAVS

Artificial Intelligence-based IT operation (AIOps)  has now become a buzz word among many industrialists. Cloud, industry 4.0, mobility, and internet of things, everything equals to the next big internet wave of everything. This means huge growth in the data that is being used, stored and managed.

It is to accommodate this growth that many IT companies are converging AI with traditional IT operations. Here, AI plays a significant impact on systems operation. Applying the pervasive power of AI in IT operations will redefine the way infrastructure is managed.

Applying AIOps into business operations will simplify the management of complex distributed environments. It will allow IT operations to intelligently orchestrate applications, infrastructure, and services across hybrid cloud ecosystems in alignment with the business while addressing the needs of customers in real-time.

With Artificial Intelligence infused operations, the mechanical process of feeding data, performing analytics, isolating potential root causes, has become more efficient. Gradually, there has been a shift in the valuation of business skills from ‘catch incidents and dispatch triage’ to applying business analytics to results generated by AI.

So, where are the IT companies headed? The adoption of AIOps can assist in the digital transformation of the company and initiate the growth of IT companies as a true business partner. The changing economy of today’s world and the digital business require IT to keep pace with ever-increasing customer demand. To achieve the same, IT organizations must embrace technologies like AIOps to help businesses deliver digital experiences both on the front and back end.

Foreseeing the potentiality of growth, many IT vendors are turning their attention towards AIOps. The opportunities discussed above have persuaded IT companies to follow the wave and embrace AI into their services so that they can offer customer-oriented services.

Featured in this edition of Insights Success is the brand story of one such IT vendor, GAVS Technologies, a digital transformation company focusing on AI, Predictive Analytics, and robotics-led Infrastructure Management services.

Pioneering IT Services Powered by AI

GAVS was established in the late nineties by two entrepreneurs with experiences from the real-time information sharing and financial background – Reuters and Forex Trading. They created a foreign exchange management software that worked on real-time data. This product was later licensed to Reuters.

Subsequently, GAVS was invited by the then-largest Storage Device Manufacturer to develop a specific product for their field sales. Owing to this successful venture, GAVS started working in various areas of application development, customer support, and other focus areas.

In 2007, Basil Partners, a Private Equity firm which primarily invests in technology companies in the India-US corridor, found GAVS’ offerings unique and came aboard as a key investor, offering the company a platform to take advantage of their client and portfolio companies’ ecosystem.

In 2015, the Management changed hands through investments from Basil Partners. Sumit Ganguli took over as the CEO, and the company invested considerably on their IP with a special focus on AIOps.

A Visionary and Persistent Leader

A great leader is the driving force of any company, they create a vision, articulate it, own it and relentlessly drive the company to the completion of that vision. Sumit Ganguli is one such leader.

Mr. Ganguli brings with him an extensive twenty plus years of experience. His continued fascination towards technologies like Predictive Analytics, AI, and Automation is visible in every aspect of GAVS’ operations.

An entrepreneur and a visionary leader are just two things to describe Mr. Ganguli.. He is also an Award-Winning Author of a Book, ‘Success Breakthrough’, which he co-authored with Jack Canfield and other authors.

Mr. Ganguli is an avowed believer in the concept of Servant Leadership. GAVS is therefore managed as a company, with a strong focus on being a flat and egalitarian company with an emphasis on minimal hierarchy. He believes that his role as a leader is to provide the vision, environment, the platform and then engender a sense of belief in the leaders, that there is more to the job than just to meet their daily needs.

Under his leadership, GAVS Technologies has earned many recognitions, some of which are mentioned–below:

  • American Business Awards 2019 for the ‘Technical Innovation of the Year’, for its IP-led AIOps platform Zero Incident Framework.
  • Best futuristic BT Solution Award at the GEC Awards, 2019, Dubai
  • Digital Excellence in IT/ Technology’& ‘Best Digital Disruptive Technology of the Year’at the Digital Enterprise Awards 2019
  • Business Intelligence Awards 2020

We recently had Gartner Analyst Chirag Dekate, present a case study on how GAVS’ AIOps solution has helped The Jewish Board improve their operations and brought significant relief and cost savings, at the Gartner conference in Las Vegas. It is a wonderful testimony of our work in AIOps, to be recognized by the Industry,” comments Mr. Ganguli.

The Unique Features

So, what are these top-of-the-line proprietary solutions and products that have created waves in the arena of business and the world as well? GAVS Technologies is a global full-service provider of Digital IT, Consulting and Enterprise Support. To achieve this, GAVS Technologies has specially designed solutions that leverage Artificial Intelligence for Operations (AIOps) Predictive Analytics, Smart Machines, and Instrumentation. This enables organizations to achieve Zero Incident Enterprise™ From strategic consulting to application and infrastructure solutions and services, GAVS focuses on improving user experience by 10X and reduce resource utilization by at least 40%.

GAVS’ products will help change how one organizes their IT Operations. It brings meaningful and actionable insights to speed up network fixes, provides real data as a quantifiable justification to adopt strategies that foster business improvements. These products serve the entire gamut of IT infrastructure technology and application services, architecture guidance, application development and integration, management and consulting services.

While the solutions and products are designed for virtualized and automated environments that drive business agility, the competitive benefit that GAVS has is their ability to bring outages in the IT Enteprises trend to a   Zero Incident state.

Zero is the ‘New Normal’ at GAVS. The experts at GAVS have promoted the concept of taking the IT infrastructure to a Zero Incident state. The team believes that with intuitive User Experience, Instrumentation, Smart Machines, Predictive Analytics, Automation, Virtualized Desktop, Risk & Governance, and Security, an ecosystem can be created which will enable an IT Infrastructure to trend towards a Zero Incident Enterprise. The award-winning AIOps platform of GAVS consists of 5 modules: Discover, Monitor, Analyze, Predict and Remediate which enables proactive detection and remediation of incidents helping organizations drive towards a Zero Incident Enterprise™.

The power of Zero Incident Framework™ drives operational efficiencies through cost optimization and automation and further sets the blueprint for proactive and predictive operations which in turn drives down unplanned outages and reduces the meantime to fix problems. This automatically enhances customer delight and end-user experience

Winning over the Obstacles

While the digital experience is vital to a company’s success, it also comes with many obstacles. GAVS is quite aware of the challenges faced in developing and providing innovative technology solutions. However,  this digital transformer is blessed with some like-minded investors who are deep-rooted and are convinced in the firm that, it has a platform that can provide some transformational solutions.

The company embarked on the development of the innovative product Zero Incident Framework™, based on the prior work that it had done in the infrastructure support and managed services. GAVS has also adopted a very humble approach of trying to promote its product with the clients and prove its worth through outcome, instead of investing heavily in marketing and sales.

It has also adopted an approach to be an IP led Services organization, where it is not just a product company or a service provider that is focused on professional services. It is trying to chart a unique path. The company believes that its leading-edge technology and the wrapped around service will be an engaging proposition for some of its key clients in the US, the Middle East, and India.

 Beholding the Future

GAVS is presently working with some of the larger Health Care providers and players and also with large manufacturing companies and Financial services companies in the US, Middle East, and India. They commit  to be a Company with a purpose, committed to delight the organization’s clients through innovative and enabling technologies.

A recipient of many prestigious awards and global recognition, GAVS Technologies aspire for more successes.  They aspire to evolve as a key player leveraging AI-led Technology Operations for some key Healthcare clients and other specific domains. In an attempt to expand its offerings, the company is planning on developing a Shared Service offerings for Solutions for Hospital Enablement.

GAVS also aspire to evolve as one of the Best Employers in its category and be a crucible to promote new disruptive technologies for its clients. It is trying to build a resource pool that are members of the SWAT team –  Smart, Hard-working, Articulate and Technologically Curious, and are excited about taking the Zero Incident Framework and their other innovative technologies, to the world. The company celebrates non-conformity and out of the box thinking; key ingredients to promote innovation.

We are convinced that commitment to these values and cultures will sustain the industry and will be the very bulwark of a company that is thriving and purposeful,” concludes Mr. Ganguli.

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