Kovair: Making Software Development Lifecycle Easy and Efficient

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Bipin Shah | CEO | Kovair

In today’s world, anyone would hardly imagine life without software. Not only these make our lives easier but also save our time. These software are used to forecast weather, stream multimedia, book a cab, and much more. One could say, these applications have vastly transformed human life.

However, did you ever wonder how these software applications came to be? How are they developed from creative ideas to working pieces of software? Well, these are accomplished via software development life-cycle methodologies, where engineers undertake the production process to bring technology to life.

In this edition of The 10 Most Promising Tech Companies in India, we present  Kovair Software, a firm that makes Software Development Life Cycles (SDLCs) easy, efficient, and effective. Over the course of 14 years, the organization has evolved to make the development process time-efficient and productive, while keeping the name favorite and distinct from its rivals.

Established in 2006 at Sector V Kolkata,  the IT hub for eastern India, Kovair Software was formed following a merger between two entities into the software development tools business. The major inspiration behind was to make the SDLC efficient, effective, easy, and integrated for multiple tools being used in the software development process. This also includes the process methodology to produce the best quality and cost-effective software.

Kovair serves the industry with the objective to connect all the processes ranging from Requirements Elicitation to Design & Development to Delivery & Deployment. It also aims to make the entire ALM/Software Development Lifecycle better, faster, and more efficient.

IT and Software teams use Kovair products to foster collaboration, automate workflow, and improve product quality. With such offerings, Kovair Software serves and caters to the software development industry across various verticals including BFSI, Manufacturing, Networking, Telecom, Defense, IT Consulting and more.

The Supremo of Kovair

The CEO of any company is typically seen as the key leader of any organization. Nonetheless, every CEO knows that his or her success depends on the team he or she can build. Similarly, Bipin Shah, the CEO of Kovair comes with a solid education in Electrical Engineering. Prior to entering the software industry, he had a long and successful career in the semiconductor chip industry in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Mr. Shah leverages the benefit of many years of management experience, knowledge, and experience of the start-up culture. Regarding his team, he says, “Most of Kovair core team is in India and my core team has over 15 years of experience each and they are all ‘solid citizens.’ We have not suffered from the ‘rotating door syndrome’ for our team and that is a big asset!”

The Flagship Product and Pipeline

Kovairr’s flagship product Omnibus Integration Platform is the SOA proprietary ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) platform. It provides ~100 OOTB integration tools, consisting of both commercial and open-source tools. It is also capable of incorporating in-house management tools and thus allowing them to secure their current investment resources.

Organizations can use Kovair Omnibus to incorporate DevOps and Data Lake. Using Kovair Omnibus, companies achieve cross-tool traceability-based results, reports, and dashboards to ensure complete accountability of launches.

Kovair provides integration support through its’ Remedy and ServiceNow Integration Adapters’ and thus contributes to ALM-ITSM convergence between application development and technical support teams. The adapter improves collaboration between development teams and technical support teams in order to speed up the correction of customer-reported issues.

Omnibus integration thus combines the centralized execution of ITSM process areas such as an event, issue, shift, and configuration management with a unified system. Integration is compatible with Release Planning, Event Resolution and Issue Analysis.

A Transparent Vision

Kovair Software marches ahead with the mission ‘making software development transparent across all levels of management.’ The firm achieves this by creating organizational visibility for total project management, tools for process control, collaboration, and analytics for management.

According to the company, the methodologies such as waterfall, agile, DevOps, Value stream will evolve from time to time in the industry. “The vision and mission have to adapt to or adopt changes. That is the job of a company’s development management team but a company like Kovair has to evolve to facilitate that,”says Mr. Shah.

Being in Line with the Industry

Perceiving the software development market tools and services and visions from companies such as Gartner, IDC, and others, the firm cites development in AI for software applications, Big Data, Analytics for management, and marketing strategy creations, and customer preference-based selling. Alongside this, it cites the continuous expansion of cloud-based deliveries to the end-users to be another major factor that will require continuous technology changes.

Consequently, with such developments come more security and enhancement for preventing data security threats for individuals. Hence, the firm suggests that any management team in the Software industry must focus on these areas so that they are not left behind in delivering the state of the art to their end customers.

Industry Recognitions

For its technical proficiency, Kovair Software is proud of its Gartner recognition for its Omnibus Integration Technology designation as a ‘cool vendor’ and a Forrester recognition as a ‘Versatile ALM Tool’ vendor. Other than that, the firm has numerous publications throughout the industry.

Tracing Future Footsteps

Sharing his perspective, Mr. Shah says that the key goal for any company should be innovation and good execution. Hence to grow the business, he wishes to innovate and create a market or customer-desired changes for the success of the company’s top and bottom lines.

“In one of my past presentations to industry colleagues in Silicon Valley through TiE ( an organization that fosters entrepreneurship and mentors budding entrepreneurs globally), I had stated that any company has to have three attributes: The Right Vision, The Right Knowledge, and The Right Execution – the three pillars of Jainism that I have grown up with Samyak Darshan (Balanced Vision) Samyak Gyan (Balanced Knowledge) and Samyak Charitra (Balanced Character or Actions) that are as true for an individual’s success and liberation as they are for a corporation. Keep doing the right things based on these principles and success will come your way,” concludes Mr. Shah.

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