Gleecus TechLabs: Solving Complex Problems with Impactful Solutions

Suprit Patra | CEO | Gleecus TechLabs[happy customer,market research,Product Management]
Suprit Patra | CEO | Gleecus TechLabs[happy customer,market research,Product Management]

India has emerged as one of the world’s fastest-growing markets for mobile applications. The country is also known for the most number of mobile app downloads. The demand for quality mobile content among Indian users is contributing towards the rapid growth, with video streaming apps gradually gaining popularity. Many leading app development companies are revolutionizing businesses with their unique applications, easing procedures and providing a lasting customer experience.

One such leading company which provides competent end-to-end IT and product engineering services is Gleecus TechLabs. The company believes in a very simple idea – To understand PEOPLE. Understanding every client’s need, what they want, what they would love to have, and what would excite them is their prime objective. This understanding helps to deliver with an avant-garde quality.

Being a PEOPLE FIRST company, it values employees with utmost reason and provides them the freedom and ability to explore their creative side. FORWARD THINKING is at the core of its business values, its consulting approach, and internal workforce. It believes that a forward thinking ideology can assist intelligent digital systems to serve the greater good of human lives.

Delivering Customer-Focused Agile Solutions

Throughout its exceptional tenure, Gleecus has developed vast experience and deep understanding of industries, use-cases, and user and business expectations. It offers consultation services and partners with its customers and their products and solutions. The company’s strategy and innovation practices assist in efficiently maintaining customer solutions. With effective conceptualization, market research, gap-analysis, road-mapping, and LEAN Product Management, it helps customers to achieve most of their developed products.

The company’s deep tech knowledge and expertise in empathetic user-experience brings the best of both worlds to its customers’ business and its users. Open-source technologies and platforms assist the company to provide swift solutions without the bounds of legacy systems. With advanced skills in 3rd party integration and leveraging, the company offers service oriented architecture and micro-services which steers its “Code is Company” ideology.

Although being a process oriented company, Gleecus does not follow the ‘one size fits all’ approach. The company follows LEAN management as its style of development, delivery, and service. Simple and transparent procedures keep the customers informed on a near-real time basis reduced development and delivery cycles. Gleecus follows continuous delivery and integration practices, which assists it to quickly ship features from staging to UAT to release.

Steadfast Leadership

One individual playing a pivotal role in the growth of Gleecus is the CEO, Mr. Suprit Patra. Through his unwavering sincerity, he has made sure that the company witnesses constant growth every year, thus making a real sense out of its name (Gleecus = happy customer). He always inspires and encourages others during low times. Having a team of more than 60 members now, he has taken substantial time out in nurturing the young talent and guiding them to become strong assets to the firm. The first lot of the company’s employees are still associated with the company and praise the work, growth, learning and most importantly Suprit’s leadership.

Suprit is always focused on identifying the customers’ demands as well as the employees’ needs. Being a self-made man, he has gathered knowledge about technology to the core while working in all the important roles required for the app development. He empathizes every customer and provides apt solutions for them.

Distinct Offerings

Gleecus constantly focuses on improving itself, while providing excellent end-to-end digital transformation consulting and solutions. It provides many client-centric services such as:

  • Strategic Consulting – Products, Solutions & Technology
  • Bespoke Software Development
  • Cloud Development – Adoption, Migration and Hybrid Cloud implementation
  • Digital Modernization – IT, Infrastructure, Application, Services and Processes
  • Enterprise and Consumer Mobile App Development
  • AI and Chatbot Development Services
  • RPA Solutions
  • SOA and Microservices Development
  • Quality Analysis – Manual and Automation
  • DevOPS and CI/CD Implementation
  • Managed Product Labs – A custom framework and approach for Dedicated Product ODC
  • UX and UI Engineering Solutions

Facing Challenges Confidently

Gleecus has set its steady foot in this fiercely competitive corporate world. To survive and stand tall, the company has maintained a game face and has punched above its weight to gain the much needed recognition. To do this, it had to boost the synergy and culture of the team. Accordingly, it built a solid foundation team, which was peculiarly tricky but the company succeeded in doing that.

Another significant challenge was winning the trust and loyalty of the prospects. To do so, Gleecus had to work aggressively to implement a customer centric working philosophy. The company has always focused on enabling the clients to succeed in their pursuit of attaining the height of sustainable growth and progress they desire to achieve in this tech savvy and challenging business world.

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