Ziyam Abdeen: An Unshakable Optimist Grooming the IT Industry

Ziyam Abdeen Chairman | Director WinSYS Networks[Computer Networking,Cyber Security, Forensic,Data Science]
Ziyam Abdeen Chairman | Director WinSYS Networks[Computer Networking,Cyber Security, Forensic,Data Science]

Information technology, and the hardware and software associated with the IT industry are an integral part of nearly every major global industry. For its secure and sustainable utilization it should be backed by talented individuals possessing extreme knowledge about its accessibility, and operations.

We at Insights Success are delighted to introduce you to Ziyam Abdeen. We’ve had the privilege to understand and exhibit his views about Hi-Tech training and consulting which he believes can fill the gap of lack in quality training for networking and system administration field in the IT training industry.

Ziyam drew upon his extensive practical experience leading up to and including his tenure at his current position as the Chairman and Director of WinSYS Networks. He outlines his vision for WinSYS Networks and many more topics.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Kindly brief us about you, your journey since the beginning of your career

Ziyam: Before I started my ICT Career, I was a tour operator for nearly about five years. During my travel I used to visit all the technology exhibitions where I was Impressed to change my career completely to ICT. This was in 2001 where there were a few ICT Giants leading the current industry. This helped me to Start WinSYS Networks in 2003 to run all the professional courses related to Computer Networking and Security.

The firm is now upgraded to WinSYS City Campus which has become a leader in Providing Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Networking, and Cyber Security, Forensic and Data Science. It also provides Masters in Computer Networking, Cyber Security and Forensic.

How do you describe yourself in a few words?

Ziyam: A thought leader

State us about the most memorable and remarkable moments of your life.

Ziyam: When I met sir Vincent Cerf at Geneva who invented the TCP/IP, without which there would be no internet, network, and connectivity for all of us. Meeting and talking to the ‘Father of Internet’ of my industry is the most memorable and remarkable moment in my life.  That was the stint which made me realise that if this gentleman can do it then why can’t I. Which inspired me to involve in many ICT related volunteer works.

I feel proud to hold the membership of:

Vice President (Internet Society Srilankan Chapter)

Treasurer (Federation of Information Technology Industry Srilanka-Communication Chapter)

Professional Member (Information Systems Audit and Control Association)

Professional Member (Computer Society of Srilanka)

Professional Member – IEEE (#93937880)

Honorary Member (PICTA)

What role does technology play in your company? What and how do you implement new technologies in your firm?

Ziyam: For any technology, to adopt or to implement, the knowledge is the best source of all. I am very much happy that I am able to transfer a valuable knowledge through my WinSYS Networks. I used to travel many ICT Exhibitions all over the world. As soon as I returned from the exhibitions, I held a short meeting with my Team to incorporate all the wisdom gained during the exhibitions and implement it in WinSYS Networks.

Kindly highlight your achievements, awards and accreditation.

Ziyam: Vice President of Internet Society of Sri Lanka. National Trainer for UN.

Tell us about the challenges you faced and risks taken and how did you overcome them?

Ziyam: As many countries Sri Lanka is also facing that all the developing countries are facing. The technology is growing very fast. Its adoption and implementation takes time. Regulatory issues and taking the knowledge to remote areas are very difficult.

We used to work with many organizations and voluntarily join them to take this knowledge to the next generation. Jointly working with other organization and industry partners can solve and move forward to the future with ICT.

Share your current scenario about the industry and its future?

Ziyam: There is a huge gap in between what knowledge students are learning at schools, colleges and universities and what the industry needs. We need to adopt some extra knowledge from the industry to teach the students in their studies.

With increasing unemployment the demand for jobs is also increasing. The leaders in the tech industry discuss all the key valuable points in every forum but the education industry is not complying to and adopting it. We need a huge transformation in the education industry. The industry specific technical knowledge need to be integrated in everyone which can take Sri Lanka to the next level.

What would you advice to the budding entrepreneurs willing to make career in this field?

Ziyam: No matter what, start your journey. Don’t wait lets’ start when all settle, which you will never get. Once you start, fill the blanks with analysing and prioritizing the needs. Take risks. Where there is risk, there is an opportunity. “The more you acquaint yourself, you will establish more content to your business, so start building that strong Network.

Please tell us about your future business plans.

Ziyam: About to start two more training companies. One will be specific to pure industry coding as “Coding College” and the another will be to give a boost to the Start-up industry and help struggling start-ups to move forward as “Startup School Srilanka”. There you will learn all that a Start-up needs to know. This will be from idea generating to exit plan.

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