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Ideas can solve a problem and create something unique and bring life to the possibilities never seen before. Developing an idea into a tangible solution requires creativity and a sense of personal touch. One such company namely iCoderz Solutions Pvt. Ltd. can convert any idea, plan or design into an app or a website. “Your idea will take-off to the destination of success with our navigation,” describes the team. The team incarnates the vision of the clients and designs it in such a way that the users are hooked right into the content. Given below is a discussion with Insights Success where the team of iCoderz Solutions shares how they are fairing in the app development space by making a difference. A must-read for people who live by the idea of ideas!

  1. Explain in brief the facilities that your company offers in the various sectors of the app development industry?

ANS: Web and Mobile Application Development has been ruling the ‘Digital World’ for years now. If we look at the future of the digital era, too, Mobile Application Development is considered as the ‘King’. iCoderz Solutions have been serving the mobile and web application development industry for about a decade. We have been revolutionizing the application development segment with our developer’s expertise and creative flair. We are designing and developing mobile applications as well as on-demand mobile solutions for both Android and iOS. Our cross-platform mobile application development expertise has helped us to differentiate ourselves from other application development brands. We are in pace with the emerging mobile and web application technologies including bots, wearable, hybrid, AI, IoT and ibeacon. Either it is games or utility or photo editing applications, we have excellent resources to shape your dreams into reality. We serve with 2D, 3D and 4D games development services with our special ‘Games Development Team’. You can also learn about our SaaS-based On-demand delivery solutions for your delivery based startups.

  1. Kindly tell us about your Founder/CEO and his/her contribution towards the company and the industry.

ANS: The CEO and Founder at iCoderz Solutions, Mr. Ashish Sudra’s primary focus lie in Mobile App development since the past 8 years and has initiated delivery of more than 400+ Mobile Application Projects. As an entrepreneur, he started ICoderz Solutions in 2009 and now has 50+ developers. Mr. Sudra has played pivotal roles in multiple areas of the software business assuming responsibilities as software engineer, Product manager and Mobile Apps consultant. He manages day to day operations of his company along with the few other startups. For your information, Mr. Ashish pursued his graduation from Dharamsinh Desai University in 2009 with a degree in Information Technology.

  1. What fascinates you most about the app development industry?

ANS: With the increasing craze of smartphones, the application development industry is likely to enhance in the coming years. The very amazing thing about this industry is the ‘possibility’ of all the impossible things. It brings you the comfort without compromising your routine activity. You can do banking, book movie tickets, order food for you and your family, book your next travel picnic, shop online, etc. using a smartphone application.

  1. Kindly mention the awards and accolades received by the Founder/CEO and the company?

ANS: Best Mobile apps Development Company in India 2018 By Clutch

Top Mobile apps Development Company in USA 2018 by Goodfirms

  1. What kind of solutions/services/products does your company offer at par with the current industry standards?

ANS: We are into various IT development services including website designing and development, smartphone application development including iOS and Android and Cross-platform, Web application development, Chatbot application development, On-demand solutions and services including food delivery and grocery delivery apps, latest framework application development including Javascript, Laravel and Django. We have a hire development model that helps your company to hire our independent development team for your entire project.

  1. What are the major challenges the company has faced during its growth?

ANS: For any brand, the major challenge is to keep pace with the technology as every day some or the other technology is introduced in the market. We at iCoderz Solutions invest a good amount of time and money for training of the employees. We help our employees to get adequate training for any new technology or expertise that is trending. Above all, retention of the employees is very important as every day new IT companies are born in the market hiring employees with attractive packages and schemes. We make sure that our employees are happy and growing along with us.

  1. Kindly share with your Vision and Mission of your organization.

ANS: Our mission is for the next few years is to cater the mobile, web and On-demand solutions market with exciting designs, customization and development. We want your business to grow with our expertise; we want to make your business successful using our IT solutions. Our key vision is to keep improving with time.

  1. What is your key mantra that has driven you over the years?

ANS: Quality should never be compromised. The key mantra for us has been focusing both on our clients as well as employees. For us, both are valuable assets.

  1. Please share a quote that best describes your company.

ANS: ‘Only excelling is not important, Excelling with the benefit for the clients as well as for the brand, matters the most.’

  1. Looking at the future, from the development point-of-view, where do you go from here?

ANS: We have recently been a part of the ‘GITEX Technology Week’ at the Dubai World Trade Centre. In the future, we wish to be a part of many more IT International events, where we can cater to the International market on one-on-one basis by explaining our IT solutions to them. We wish to grow 5 times more than where we are standing today.

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