Bluepixel Technologies: Deriving an Approach towards Client Satisfaction

The digital era has revolutionized how the business operations are carried out. One of the important factors that has made a difference is the ease of operating devices that are user-friendly in nature. As an innovative and smarter technology partner, Bluepixel Technologies LLP builds IoT solutions for various business needs of the client organizations which helps in keeping them ahead in this digital age. Read ahead the glorious story of how the company has been a major contributor to the app development industry.

  1. Explain in brief the facilities that your company offers in the various sectors of the app development industry?
  • Bluepixel Technologies is a forefront player in Bluetooth, iBeacon and IoT development services. We provide Enterprise and Custom Bluetooth & IoT based solutions like no one else in terms of innovative approach.
  • Our core specialization is in providing custom Mobile Applications based on Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), iBeacon, NFC, RFID, QR Code and IoT technology possibly across all the major sector of industries. We also provide App development for Android Tablet, iPad, Android & Apple watch as well as other Wearables. Other services include Hardware & Firmware development, UI / UX Designing for Mobile Apps and Web development. Our tailored and custom made solutions includes iBeacon based Proximity Marketing, Smart Health & Fitness Apps, iBeacon based Indoor Navigation, Vehicle & Assets tracking, NFC, QR codes & RFID based solution.
  1. Kindly tell us about your Founder/CEO and his/her contribution towards the company and the industry.
  • Now the Founder of Bluepixel Technologies LLP, Himen Patel used to work as a Software Developer for years before he came up with the idea of having his own Start up. Working as a developer for a long time, he realized he wanted to utilize the latest & future technologies to contribute much more towards the Software industry and hence Bluepixel Technologies was born with a vision of exploring Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology which was lesser known then.
  • He has contributed towards developing their own Product App BLE Scanner, along with his co-founding partner Mr. Rakesh Jiyani and they successfully launched this App in the year 2014. BLE Scanner, currently having 1 Million+ downloads on the Google Play Store was developed with a vision to help Bluetooth community and Developers who wish to build BLE Products & Applications. It is not only used by developers but also people are using it to find their lost Fitness Trackers and other Bluetooth Smart Devices.
  1. What fascinates you most about the app development industry?
  • The rapid & dynamic changes observed in technologies fascinates us the most and drive us to adapt to as many future technologies as we can, but one at a time to continue providing robust, customized and innovative App development solutions to our customers. We are also intrigued to see the benefits of Mobile Applications across various verticals of industry especially Healthcare & Fitness, Home Automation, Travel & Transport, Education & E-learning, Restaurant & Cafe.

Kindly mention the awards and accolades received by the Founder/CEO and the company?

  • Topped in the list of “10 Most Promising Proximity Technology Solution Providers – 2018” by CIO Review Magazine, India.
  • Accredited by GoodFirms as “Top IoT Development Company.”
  1. What kind of solutions/services/products does your company offer at par with the current industry standards?
  • Along with Mobile Apps for Android & iOS devices and Web development service, we excel at providing customized iBeacon based Proximity Marketing Solution, IoT solution, Asset tracking solution, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Beacon, NFC & RFID based solutions, Apps for Wearable devices with an aim to match with the technology trends that keeps on changing so radically.

What are the major challenges the company has faced during its growth?

  • Finding the right candidates to get the work done was one of the major challenges for the company in beginning, since Bluepixel Technologies was started up with prime focus on exploiting Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology about which people were quite unaware during those days.
  • Apart from that getting BLE based projects added up as a bit of struggle because at that time, might be people just knew about the technology but not about its applications or uses in real life, like where they can apply this technology to serve their business or personal needs. To overcome this struggle, Bluepixel Technologies developed and launched their own Product App, BLE Scanner which had multiple usages & advantages using which people actually came to know more about how BLE technology works. BLE Scanner made its mark and started spreading in the market across the globe and gradually led to growth of the company.
  1. Kindly share with your Vision and Mission of your organization.

Vision: To provide Smart and Effective solution in Bluetooth, BLE, iBeacon and IoT technologies as Customized Hardware/Firmware Device, Mobile and Web application to serve people across the globe.

Mission: As an innovative and smart technology partner, we look forward to building IoT solutions for Business & Personal needs to keep one ahead in this digital age.

What is your key mantra that has driven you over the years?

  • Work hard and deliver nothing but the best!” We have been a keen believer of this and have maintained our company culture firmly sticking to this quote.

Please share a quote that best describes your company.

“Technology at your Doorstep!”

  1. Looking at the future, from the development point-of-view, where do you go from here?
    We are looking forward to strengthening our company more in the coming years by expanding our base and the development team. As per Bluetooth SIG report which states there will be about 3 billion BLE devices existing by the year 2023, we are also visualizing successive growth of our company financially. While we will continue providing our core services in Bluetooth & IoT development, we might also plan to adapt with upcoming technologies and broaden our business horizon by providing innovative solutions.

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