GramLab: KRDS’ New Venture is here to Change Marketing on Instagram

GramLab Studio by KRDS - Insights Success

Date:  10th April 2018: In a world dominated by social media and selfies, #aesthetic images are in. Instagram, being a visuals-driven medium has established itself as the go-to platform for exploring new perspectives and inspire users to stimulate their imagination.
2017 proved to be a fruitful year for the platform after the massive success of Insta Stories. It has now claimed the throne for the most engaging platform with 68% of Instagrammers frequently interacting with brands.
Enter GramLab, a sub-agency of KRDS that will specialize in crafting brand & communication strategies specifically for Instagram. It is Asia’s first agency that will live, breathe and talk Instagram. The main focus of GramLab is visual storytelling in 6 seconds with a mobile-first approach to gain maximum user engagement. The agency’s strength includes its ability to stay on top of all Instagram trends and produce content that will set the brand apart from its competitors. GramLab will also have its own in-house studio to ensure originality of content which will be #instaworthy.
GramLab has identified that Instagram is a relatively young platform; driven by user generated content and hence it will be a great playground for brands to evolve in a user-centric manner. It also maintains that mirroring content from Facebook onto Instagram is not being a viable strategy, as user engagement on either platforms is different. The agency will support the brands right from the concept to execution and technical support. With this launch,GramLab aims to establish a stronghold in Instagram marketing.
The agency has already produced successful Instagram campaigns for global brands like Pandora, Meiji, Shilla Duty Free, Wildlife Reserve Singapore, Marks & Spencer and ION Orchard and soon will be working with a couple brands in India as well.
Commenting on the launch, Parth Nagar, Country Head, KRDS India said, Instagram has become one of the widely used social media platforms for showcasing relatable and aspirational content through pleasing visuals. Brands are starting to realize the potential of the platform and are actively joining the Instagram bandwagon. Instagram is described to be more imaginative, distinctive and cooler compared to other channels, hence, there is more scope for brands to experiment with their content and reach out to potential consumers. There also arises a need for brands to constantly stay on top of trends to differentiate themselves from their competitors and we are here to help them. We’re excited to work with more brands to help grow their presence on Instagram.
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