Healthcare Consulting Services: Management Expert of Hospital & Healthcare that can help you turnaround Negative Cash Flow into a Positive one

Healthcare Consulting Services

In the last two decades, Indian healthcare sector has witnessed gigantic transformational changes. The same is continuing in present times as the Indian healthcare industry is growing at a pace of 15% and in near future it is expected to touch $250 billion (nearly by 2020). Even after such humongous growth, there are many challenges that this sector is facing. Effective utilization of resources, controlling operational costs, rapidly evolving technology, and globalization of healthcare delivery with desired quality and standards are some genuine concerns that angst many healthcare providers across the nation. Thus trigger the need of providers those have expertise and experience in medical subjects, management theories, hospital planning and project development and which can assist healthcare providers in efficiently run hospitals and clinics with their available resources and help them streamline and sustain their day-to-day operations.
One such organization that has built a robust and impressive rapport among clients with its effective management advisory and consulting services is Healthcare Consulting Services (HCS).  
Mumbai-based HCS has a team of adept and passionate professionals who have developed a unique method to execute efficient hospital marketing, branding, operations management, profitable revenue generating model,  start-up’s project for hospitals, manpower management, and other resource management  by applying best management practices. Now, moving forward their focus remains on providing six sigma training to its clients to reduce waste and errors. The company has excellence in providing solutions that are sustainable and assist healthcare providers in streamlining their processes for better productivity within available resources.
To achieve greater heights in this hyper-competitive globalized world, no healthcare provider remains in business for long until they have effective strategic planning, proper infrastructure, best medical professionals and consultants, proficient human resources, clinical planning, sufficient knowledge & exposure towards statutory compliances, and efficient planning for hospitals marketing and sales. This is where HCS comes as a troubleshooter and fits into place of a provider who serves solution of all these grave and vital concerns.
Vital Strength of HCS
Justifiable cost, right service and specialty mix, defined processes, right market, affordable tariff and more decides the fate of any healthcare service in today’s modern world. HCS evaluates an organization’s process based on critical 100+ KPIs and performs ‘Need-Gap-Analysis’ which assists them to craft a solution that leverages better streamlining of all resources. Cost is another factor that plays an important role in patients mind while choosing the hospital. Now-a-days patients are more aware about the costing of varied medical services than ever before. Thus, over-inflated and unjustifiable cost only forces a potential customer to look for another provider. HCS’s standard practices based on market research thus assist clients to know the right costing for various medical services to attract more customers towards their hospital.
Changing the Dynamics and Face of Healthcare Delivery
Profit and loss is the character of any business, but businesses with right management practices always have lesser probability of losses as compared to those who follow outdated and in-efficient management practices. Clinicians may be excellent but poor management practices can turn the cash flow negative or neutral for any healthcare providing company. HCS’s SWOT analysis thus assists healthcare providers to focus on their clinical aspect more by leaving management aspect on the safe hands of HCS, since their practices help hospitals to eliminate the gaps or weaknesses and turn them into a profitable entity. Besides this, HCS, as a team helps the needy hospital in creating low cost Intensive Care Units from concept to commissioning and further plans to explore in establishing other clinical set-up like OT, Wards, OPD, LDR, and more with the desired quality by keeping international standards in mind that too at un-inflammatory pricing.
Future Endeavour
With the intent to let hospitals adopt best clinical & management practices that use around the world, Further to strengthen all midsize hospitals, HCS plans to establish ICU with its capable team of experts from design to commissioning to operations of the ICU going forward.
HCS has started a separate recruitment drive for identifying and selecting clinical specialist for the same. Along with this, HCS has already establishing standalone departments like pharmacy, pathology, and imaging, ICU etc. that can be backward integrated to the array of managed hospitals, who lacked them.
HCS has plans to establish its own Brand Management vertical for the Hospital, with experienced digital marketing companies that help hospitals to outreach among more prospective customers and help them build a brand out of a service.
HCS has aspiration to manage 10-12 hospitals in Mumbai and then expand the operations in all over of Maharashtra.
Leadership of HCS
One of the distinguished professionals who are bringing transformational changes in the healthcare industry is Amit Sontakke, Managing Partner of Healthcare Consulting Services. He is an MBA (HA) from IMS, Indore, who has completed “Advanced Senior Management Program” from IIM Calcutta & certification course in “Sustaining & Managing Hospital Growth” from IIM Bangalore as well. His vast experience of over 17 years in serving various Multi-specialty Hospitals & Multinational Companies makes him a dominant professional in the industry. His proficiency and astuteness in hospital operation management and optimizing available resources for more profitability and efficiency assist healthcare providers with increased performance, reduced cost and strengthen them in managing their administrative task in an much efficient and money-spinning way.
Source :-The 10 Most Advanced Healthcare Solution Providers

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