Howell Protection Systems: Touching New Horizons with Safety & Security Solutions

Howell Protection Systems
Howell Protection Systems

In today’s interconnected and digital world the need for creating a secure environment is of paramount importance. The world is dominated by uncertainty, unpredictability and total ambiguity, during this time safety and security has become crucial issues which require strict attention to address. The need of the hour is to enable a safer society, smarter living and safeguard’s customer technology landscape through artificial intelligence and technology innovation.
The need for competent security solutions providers has been on the rise in recent years. Howell Protection Systems (India), Pvt. Ltd. is one such solution provider delivering security and safety to their customer with innovative technology. Howell has been in the field of low voltage from past several years. It has successfully fulfilled the demand of this modern technological world for handling techno-commercial requirement more efficiently.
About Veteran Leader of the Company
Adventurous by nature and highly motivated to lead by example, Syed Ishtiyaq Ahmed, General Manager of Howell Protection Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. has expertise in domains like security management, physical security, fire protection, sales management, CCTV and protection among many others. He has an Engineering degree from the University of Kashmir and specializes in Wireless Technology, Digital Electronics, and Power Electronics.  Syed is an industry veteran and primarily responsible for complete operations and P&L of business. He is also accountable for Howell Protection systems India’s Sales which have a direct effect on the global revenue earning of the company. He not only leads his team to complete the projects on time but also motivates them to perform better with each project.
He has taken active leadership in developing and enhancing the process towards achieving company’s goals and vision in India.
Harboring Technology for a Safe and Secure World
Innovation is crucial, but the flawless execution is something which brings success to a company. The security domain is crowded, and there are lots of organizations doing the same thing. Having a unique proposition is essential. And, that’s why Howell is working towards building their organization based on technical capabilities with flawless execution which creates their unique standpoint in the industry.
To make the world a secure and safer place Howell is providing end-to-end low voltage solutions like Fire Detection, CCTV, Public Address System, IT Infrastructure, Entrance Protection, Access Control, Power Fencing, MS, Wi-Fi, EPBX and Lighting controls. Howell has a product basket ranging from mid to high segment of various international equipment manufacturers and multiple verticals like hospitality, education, manufacturing, commercial office space, and hospitals. Howell’s innovative team also provide customized solutions as per customer project requirement
Howell is a Full-Service Systems Integrator delivers cost-effective, personalized, reliable solutions that are tailored to meet your business needs specifically. It helps its customer to organize and better manage security operations with tools to look at business more strategically.
Garnering Trust by Overcoming Challenges
The Company believes to be someone who places customers and their needs at the forefront while developing and managing their information security and availability solutions by spending valuable time with customers, mapping customer needs, and urgency.
Talking about the most challenging and satisfactory moment with a client Syed says, “We remember a client who was paranoid about completion timelines and to complete a project some equipment was to be imported which had its own lead time. It was last moment requirement not factored in the project. This was a time when whole industry was in transitions due to GST. The client panicked since inauguration was already announced. We offered him a customized solution, designed and made indigenously in India and compatible with the installed system. The system worked, and the project was completed to his amazement”. The company feels it as a real proud moment in completing the project with the help of their team.
Howell is growing at a swift rate, so the company is facing challenges in term of Human Resources. The market is flush with opportunities of all kinds and that opportunities should be capitalized. But the skills required for specific jobs seems to be missing when a candidate on the board.
The Perspective for Building Milestones
The Company has a very flat structure and collaborative work culture. The information flow within the organization is dynamic, due to world class ERP system deployed, which removes interdependence among various departments thus reducing the conflict. The value-based perspective of business is aimed towards the wellbeing of all stakeholders; vendors, customers and above all employees. The Company focuses on skill enhancement, engagement, and fulfillment.
The Strategic Perspective of the company helps to bag a multi-million dollar deal from PATANJALI for low voltage systems for their manufacturing plants. There is a separate team dedicated to the project. The team is multi-level, multi-location with decentralized decision making for smooth execution, backed up by office teams at HO.
In addition to being a renowned electronics security service provider, the company is soon diversifying into multi-product, multi-industry distribution, and other allied services in this fiscal. Howell has a potential to carry out innovation in electronics security domain in ways more than one.
Source :-The 10 Most Admired Electronic Security Solution Providers

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