Securens Systems: Pioneering e-Surveillance with New Age IoT Technology

Securens Systems
Securens Systems

Every day, the Surveillance technology is growing in leaps and bounds from analogue to digital, HD resolution to wireless systems. Due to the evolving needs, flexible and smart systems are being designed to cater a site’s unique needs. With the help of this smart technology, the business sectors are improving by operating on the customer needs. The purpose of smart video surveillance is equipping the decision-makers by collecting real-time video data automatically.
The one enterprise that is expecting to increase the exponential growth in electronic security is Securens Systems Pvt. Ltd, a new-age Internet of Things (IoT) company with a vision of being the largest provider of e-surveillance services in India. Securens offers unique and distinctive monitored intrusion alarm solutions to meet the needs of high value asset protection of its clients. Securens solutions are centered on proactive ways of preventing the crimes.
A Quick Decision Maker and Focused Personality
Sunil R. Udupa, the Managing Director of Securens possesses the quality of go-getter and an efficient decision maker with a clear focus on vision, values and people. He graduated as an electrical engineer from College of Engineering, Pune with distinction and continued to earn his Master’s Degree in Information Engineering from the reputed City University, London. In a span of 30 years of rich work experience, Sunil has built many successful companies from ground and has also introduced many technologies for the first time in India.
Under his leadership, Securens became the first ever company to introduce ‘Active Deterrence’ in India. Within a short span of time, it came to be known as the fastest growing E-Surveillance company in India. Sunil spearheads Research & Development Department by constantly working on introducing innovative products which are beneficial in several ways to increase the efficiency and reduce cost.
Unique and Customized Products & Services
The journey of Securens from idea to execution has been full of innovations. For the past 6 years, Securens has designed the products by understanding the security/ surveillance problems that the customers are facing and had developed solutions according to the customers’ need which solve their pain area. The company provides surveillance systems to their customers with complete analytics solutions. Securens’ unique product catalogue is designed to increase the productivity as well as reduced cost.
The customized products for various sectors are
 ACTIDETER– Preventing Crime before it Happens
ACTICARE– Automatic health check-up of surveillance systems
ACTIHYGIENE – Ensuring Adherence to Brand SOPs Through Monitoring
ACTIPERIMETER– Save up to 60% of the cost of man- guarding
ACTIAUDIT– Detects and corrects non-compliance that can improve efficiency substantially.
Securens Unique Active Monitoring Services reduces crime and property damage by integrating the latest alarm technology with the onsite surveillance systems thus enabling the use of powerful video verification and 2-way voice to actively deter an incident. Securens is the e-surveillance solutions provider to the leading PSU, Private and Multinational banks, Retail, Warehouses and Quick Service Restaurant in India. With a state-of-the art monitoring center at Navi Mumbai, Securens maintains vigilance of 22,000+ sites across the country and has deterred more than 4800 incidents.
Awards and Achievements
Securens have secured several awards and among them includes a) ‘Best HR Company to work’ for at The Golden Globe Tiger Awards 2018   b) Best Use of Technology in Hiring at Talquest 2018. c)‘Control Room of the Year’, Secona Shield Awards at Secutech 2017 d) ‘Best use of technology for recruitment’ at HR Tech Conference awards e) ‘Innovation in Recruitment’ at Talquest 2016. f) Been awarded for Excellence in Communications at Association of Business Communicators of India (ABCI) Awards 2016 & 2017. g) Best Use of Technology in Hiring at Talquest 2018.
Overcoming the Challenges by Consolidating Bigger Bandwidth
During the inception of the company, Securens faced challenges with connectivity which was poor and unreliable. But, Securens took an immediate action to overcome this by using its own kind of a ‘Bandwidth Consolidation Router’ that consolidates bandwidth across various network providers to give a bigger bandwidth.
Securens is not only a typical camera deploying company. The services and products are outcome of long R&D and experience which does not have any competitor to compete with the quality of services. At Securens the USP has been customizing the products with latest technology and R&D and innovations go hand in hand. A Retail space might require a different solution than the ATM. Securens team makes a strategic plan before presenting it to the customer after understanding their business requirement and the pain areas. The company wishes to position themselves as a facilitator to the business partnering for success and customizing the products as per the requirement.
Unveiling the Unprecedented Future of Analytics
Securens Systems has developed a Hybrid Intrusion Alarm Panel that will be put to use as the best of sensor technology coupled with the very best of Edge Video Analytics. Since the product is based on the latest technology of Fog computing which will help the company to deliver unprecedented deterrence along with business analytics. Further, Securens is also planning to unveil a unique technology that will help consolidate bandwidth from different SIMs to enable high bandwidth surveillance at remote areas that typically have poor signal strength. This can boost the ‘Digital India’ campaign where most of the rural India’s network can process at great speed with low cost.

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