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The need for broad-based economic growth and effective public services has risen to new heights as we stand on the edge of this decade. The advent of digital technologies and the countless advances in the energy and genomics segment has fuelled the Indian economy to take big strides forward. Disruptive technologies are the key catalysts that are forcing our lifestyles to change at a fanatic pace. One such tech-enabled area is the evolution of high-end sensor technologies that are the backbone to every tech-enabled device or system in the new-age.  
Sensing technologies have witnessed a remarkable growth in the last two decades. Varieties of sensor-driven products have arrived, and are already part of our daily life and practices due to the strides in sensor tech due to disruptive technologies like MEMS sensors technologies. There is ample scope for the sensor-based systems to expand with the onset of IoT technologies and Industry 4.0 initiatives being heralded globally. A variety of opportunities also are presented by Make In India, Swachh Bharath, Digital India initiatives, though the challenge here is to come out with highly price competitive products which are also highly reliable and operate in a different kind of environment than the comfort zone of a lab. 
The Inception Saga 
One such platform that has pioneered to build and develop innovative and high technology products for the Indian market is Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Pvt Ltd and its associated R&D lab Ideas Unlimited. While Ideas Unlimited, Mysuru was incepted in 2009, Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Pvt Ltd was formed in 2012 to complement the lab as a dedicated manufacturing setup to manufacture the products designed in the lab. The lab is where innovative ideas and technologies are developed and tested; the factory then transforms it into products that are immensely useful and popular, both in the national and international market. 
Over the years, Ideas Manufacturing has successfully acquired the expertize and acumen in manufacturing numerous technologies that are catering to a plethora of industry segments and domains. By exploring multiple domains like mobile Robotics, Bionics, Internet of Things, Wireless communication, and high-end technology, the company has integrated with clients dealing in healthcare, defense, IoT, and wearable electronic technologies to name a few. 
Expert Leadership 
As the Founder and CEONagendra Ramakrishana Setty is a persona with multi-faceted excellence. As a seasoned technocrat, he has redefined the concept of high-tech sensor products and has played a substantial role in putting Ideas Manufacturing on the world map. Having a diverse experience in the fields of entrepreneurship, robotics, and technical architect, Nagendra is an Instrumentation Engineer who has amassed skill and business wisdom in multiple domains. Being an inventor – designing and manufacturing robots in his early career, he has been instrumental in developing software from embedded devices to desktop, GUI, middleware, and enterprise-class servers. Believing in continuous innovation and improvement, the leader has managed to attract the eyeballs of the business fraternity by his skills in taking ideas to concepts and prototype and eventually transforming them into a viable product. Alongside, he also holds a Private Pilot License under the single-engine land category acquired from Morristown, NJ. 
Astounding Services – Bringing the Change 
By designing the unique business model of being a complete ‘solution-provider’ Ideas Manufacturing has managed to remain agile and nimble as a company over the years. Conceptualizing and designing high-end technology products has been the forte of the company. The company caters to the high demand from the Indian market as it succeds in delivering products that are rich in quality and innovative in nature. While competitors and other players in this domain are still dependent on the imports of foreign products, by the unique amalgamation of design and manufacturing, Ideas Manufacturing stands miles ahead in the league.  
Along with energy-saving sensors that have evolved into a robust product, the company has developed medical devices for a university which is now patenting it and undertaking clinical trials which is useful in a Neonatal ICU. It manufactures defense-related technologies and deploys them apart from developing complex IoT frameworks that include highly capable sensor-based IoT products and platforms that are much more capable than the classic IoT sensors in the market. It has associated with robotics companies for catering to their support needs to their robots in the Indian market. Additionally, the company is working on the advanced stages to design perfect wearable electronic systems.  
Enlightening the Tenderfoots 
The road ahead for the new entrants is full of possibilities and accepting new challenges. Acquiring new skills, adapting and learning the latest technologies to stand with time and accepting failures along with learning lessons from the failure are some of the attributes that should be followed by young professionals. 
Future Journey 
The ambitious team at Ideas Manufacturing holds a very optimistic view for the future. Till date, the company has delivered products related to the Railways electronic systems, Consumer products for global markets, sensor-based energy saving and security products, medical equipment’s, IoT, Defense, and Wearable Electronic systems. Aiming to cross the horizons, it continues to explore untouched domains and work in new areas. It looks forward to new avenues and foresees further scope in the coming decade in Robotics, Bionics, Medical systems in the coming years – all of which are sensor-intensive systems.
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