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With each passing day, automation is taking pace and exploring the market to its core – where in a device like Mobile is performing multiple operations through different Apps and sensors. In this IoT and AI based world, accurate and reliable sensor are the need of hour as more and more things are getting automated. This is where Infra Control Systems (ICS) steps in with an aim to empower the companies to reap the real-time benefits and roll out best-in-class quality products for the betterment of the society.  
ICS is a leading automation company engaged in manufacturing of latest Technology Humidity-Temp-Pressure Monitoring and control system with Japanese technology sensors, Data Loggers and PC-based SCADA Systems. Established in 1996, the company has been catering majorly to Pharmaceutical-Chemical SectorMajor Process-Power Plants and Research organizations. Additionally, the company is also a leading Calibration and Software Validation Service provider company.  
With more than two decades of industrial experience, ICS has successfully harnessed various giant Indian ventures as well as companies in China, France, Iceland, Ireland, USA, Middle East, Singapore, many other countries of Europe, etc. 
Meet the ‘Director’ 
Kalpeshkumar R. Vaghela is the CEO of Infra Control Systems. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with more than three decades of experience as an Automation ExpertHumidity and Software Validation Specialist, Expert Trainer for CSV-Data Integrity-GAMP5-21 CFR part 11 Compliance-ICH Q9, and Risk assessment – Proactive CSV Approach. Since last two decades, Kalpesh has been helping Indian and International Pharma Companies achieve compliance by training and motivating professionals for QbD and Right-First-Time Approach. He has supported client for many USFDA, MHRA, ANVISA, MCC, TGA and Customer Audits as a CSV consultant. 
His twelve years of experience in high level CSV Validation in India and overseas has made Kalpesh a Subject Matter Expert in CSV, Data Integrity Audit for Life Science – Medical Device and Clinical Research Industry. He is also conducting Governance-Risk and Compliance Seminar for IT Giants like Wipro, HCL Technologies, MphesiS, Complinace Training, etc. Wherever Kalpesh has worked and trained, he has unanimously been recognized as a brilliant course director and guide. Under his aegis, ICS has been prominently crafting out services which can help customers in avoiding and reducing 483 – Warning letter and Data Integrity Issues. 
Kalpesh has worked as a consultant with most big pharma companies as a CSV Consultant and Trainer. He has close to a decade of international experience of working with companies located in USA, Canada, Europe, South America, Norway, Africa, Middle East, China, Japan and Far East. He conducts training and consulting in many parts of the world which include USA, Europe, China, and Middle East (Oman – Saudi Arabia and Iran). He has also conducted training at Companies like Sun Pharma, Cipla, Glenmark, Fresenius Kabi, Alembic, Biocon Group companies, Emerson Process Management and many more. 
More about ICS 
“Systems are made so rugged that we just supply the Instrument and forget about it,” says Kalpesh.  
Infra Control Systems is a leading proprietorship company which has established trustworthy relationships with India’s top-notch companies in more than twenty different segments. Considered as a Humidity specialist in its initial days, ICS currently has a curated menu of products comprising Humidity-Temperature -Pressure and other measuring Instruments for Power Plant and HVAC Industries. It also made dedicated instruments for Defence, Aviation Industries like Data Loggers, Weather Station, Air flow meters, etc. The company operates with a vision to provide reliable instruments which give trouble free life to the customers in the longer run. 
Currently ICS is focusing on Manufacturing of Specialized Instrumentation product and also provide services of Software Validation. With a philosophy that ‘Customer is the king, the company is committed to provide its customers with niche products at a reasonable cost.   
Acknowledging that a quality product with reliable support is the key to create history, ICS has    started Training sessions on how to make good quality automated systems and how to test it out – ensure that systems meet all user requirement specifications and intended purpose. The training is based on USFDA guideline on Computer Systems Validation, CFR part11 Compliance, Risk Assessment and How to control Data Integrity related issues. QSIT principle – Quality System Inspection Testing helps a lot in developing good designs and SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) Control.  
A Note for the Beginners 
In a vast country like India, customers want easy-to-use instruments which could perform operations with sheer determination. ICS advices the young to focus on solutions which make life simple and easy. Keeping in mind that continuous improvement is part of the life and it applies to instrumentation as well, it also advices them to test the instrument well before putting in the market and consistently work towards upgrading.  
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