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Sensors industry is safeguarding the world by rolling-out exceptional products and services. With the advent of cutting-edge technologies, this industry is offering a personalized experience to the end-user along with prominent analysis and process efficiency. It is empowering mankind by embracing every opportunity and delivering experiences like never before. Thanks to the tech-enabled advancements which are driving the organizations to go beyond the traditional horizons. The existing and emerging market players are crafting-out newer innovations and discovering novel platforms to solve the complex business problems. Focusing on value, these players are playing a vital role in generating profitable outcomes and supporting the Indian economy. 
Established in 2010, Robo India Robotics Private Limited is amongst the leading manufacturers and online sellers of Electronics and Robotics products in India. The company is playing a pivotal role in dismantling the conventional processes and contributing majorly in transforming the online market through its website and E-commerce giant In a digital age where most of the online sellers are reselling the products, the company has set a benchmark by manufacturing products in India from electronics development board to sensors and robotics kits. Robo India offers its plethora of services and products through its online portal – 
Catering innovative sensor solutions and a one-stop shop for the all the electronics requirements is what best describes Robo India. It is a manufacturer and online retailer which is striving hard in helping customers understand electronics in a simple way through its product tutorials and resources. Apart from in-house product manufacturing, the company also offers resources free for users on its exclusive tutorials portal – 
The Changing Face 
In today’s tech-enabled world, the market as well as the life of human beings is revolving around AI. Sensors play a vital role in holding the reins of this scenario, without sensors it doesn’t seem possible! Currently, the electronic devices have various sensors embedded in it, be a it smart phone, microwave, washing machine, air conditioner etc. These sensor solutions are on their way to transform the automobile industry too. This industry has scope and scale both for sensor solution providers as well as the end-users.   
More about Robo India 
To create awareness about electronics in a better way, the company offers free workshop and classes in schools and colleges in India. Being a strong believer of open-source technology, Robo India keeps its products simple and open-source, enabling customers to Hack, Share and Make One accordingly. With expertise in embedded systems, physical computing, robotics, automation, home and industrial solutions related to automation, the company prominently delivers services across India. 
Recently, Robo India has been honored with the ‘Best Online Seller in STEM INDIA Awards 2018 organized by Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India and All India Council for Robotics and Automation. 
Meet the Dynamic ‘Duo’ 
Kunwar Imran and Sultan Kathat are the Co-Founders and Directors of Robo India Robotics Pvt. Ltd. They established the company by bootstrapping with an aim to transfigure the sensor solution providers segment. Both have completed their graduation from same government engineering college with different domains. Sultan comes from Mechanical domain while Kunwar is from IT domain.  
What’s so Unique? 
We at Robo India focus on the exact requirements of the client rather than pushing what we have with us. That policy of doing business makes us customer-friendly,”assert the co-founders.   
Team Robo India not only aims to sell products but also provides the necessary resources for better understanding of those products. It comprises about six hundred sensors in its all-inclusive product menu. The company provides tutorials specifically designed to quench the needs of a buyer. These tutorials help learning new concepts in the field of robotics and automation. Also, all the products and accessories used in the tutorials are available on the company’s online store.  
The company aims to provide robotics and automation products with full online resources and tutorials. It also has a YouTube channel showcasing video tutorials for its curated set of products. 
Edifying the Tyros 
Robo India believes that the sensor solution provider segment would unlock newer opportunities for young minds. It advices the beginners to explore this industry to its core – innovation is the key to withstand the complexities of the market and reach the top of the pyramid.    
Future Footsteps   
Over the years, Robo India has successfully disrupted the education and sensor solutions space. Acknowledging that education is much required for any industry and business to grow, it is creating a work-force for the sensor industry by providing educational products. It is taking prominent steps to contribute in the upliftment of Smart homes and Connected homes. With the same vision, the company would focus on both education and sensors solution provider industry in the upcoming future. 
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