Ideas and Views— About the Emerging Technologies, Crises, Revolutions Currently Prevailing In the Current Healthcare Industry Environment


The technology revolution has been restructuring the global economy and influencing most of the industries of late. Healthcare sector is no exception; it undergoes a vast change, thanks to the innovative medical informatics that has been taking the medical world by storm. Of course, life in the globe has been facing the impacts; each field being touched by technology in its own way. Healthcare quality and patient outcome have considerably increased due to the cutting-edge technology and the benefits it offers.

Changes Caused by Technology Advancement in the Modern Healthcare Arena
The frequent periodic waves of technological changes have marked noticeable progress in industries; the modern world is in the throes of a great technological revolution since the turn of the century. The inevitable shift that occurs following such an evolution is being felt in all fields, medical sector being one among them.
Healthcare industry—driven by the influence of innovative technologies that have been brought in during the recent times—has been evolving considerably. One major visible change is the increased dependency on digital technologies.

Innovative Technologies in the Healthcare Industry Setting
Patient-provider communication has greatly improved, efficient clinical diagnoses and treatment has increased, and public health threats have been reduced – in general, health services have been optimized globally. All these have been facilitated by the modern medical information technologies such as electronic health records (EHR), electronic medical record (EMR), Personal health record, and practice management system (PMS).

The Future of Healthcare Will be More Aligned with Technology
New and progressive technologies will continue to shape the future changes in the medical industry. Impacting this sector from diverse perspectives, they will help increase patient safety and flexible working of providers.
Business side of healthcare industry will be benefited by the accurate information and optimized services through better diagnoses and efficient treatment along with improved decision-making process. Accuracy in performing complex operations, better understanding of health issues, and efficient management of complicated medical conditions and diseases are a few of the exclusive benefits brought in by technological advancement in medicine.

Crises Expected to be Faced by Healthcare Providers
The primary focus of healthcare happens to be the patient; the objective of providers is efficient health management of individuals and the society. Chronic diseases are seen to be the major cause of morbidity in the modern world; it accounts for nearly 60% of all deaths in contemporary times.
Technological innovation, on the one hand, is a boon while on the other hand, it proves expensive for the community. The question of personal affordability and a potential widening of the inequalities in care provision is a difficult one to answer as of now.

Pressing need for efficient care delivery, overall shortage of providers, and frantic need to improve patient outcomes are a few of the present day crises that need to be addressed on a war footing.
Although healthcare is expected to be recognized as a basic right of mankind by most of the nations in the world, so much rests on the shoulders of political policies and financial feasibility, for everyone to benefit, in reality. The answer to affordability lies with private as well as government sectors.

Revolutionary Changes in the Healthcare Environment
The Internet has already enabled patients to seek consultations online from their convenient location at their convenient time. Digital devices that were once the right of a select few have become commonly used gimmicks today. Thanks to the smartphone and other web-enabled hand-held devices, it has become possible for people to monitor their health on a regular basis in a convenient way.
Data-driven healthcare is the future. Significant disruptive changes have been caused by the recent technological advancement, leading to a revolution in clinical care scenario. People are empowered to access their own medical records and share necessary information with providers and other professionals for receiving the most optimal health care possible.

Inefficiencies in treatment can be reduced, crucial data can be provided to help training medical algorithms. It becomes possible for providers to enhance care quality, while individuals may actively participate in their health care as well.
What’s New in Tech-driven Healthcare Today?
Revolutionary technologies such as artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, robotics, and 3D printing are a few of the areas that promise overall improvement in the healthcare provision.
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About the Author:
Kumar Subramaniam is the Founder & CEO of Kaaspro. In his professional career spanning over three decades, he has been instrumental in achieving extraordinary business results. With his rich business acumen, he has conceptualized 75Health platform with an objective of digitalizing crucial medical records and empowering medical practices to deliver world-class services. In his constant endeavor to achieve perfect synergy between the technology and management, he has evolved into a world leader in cross-platform migration. He has amassed huge expertise in the nuances of Information Technology and has a complete understanding of the EHR platform.
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