IMAST: Providing Superior Solutions to Marketing Firms

‘Digital Marketing’ in today’s world believes that the success of any market business lies in the customer’s perception of the brand. Perception is built the way you weave and present a story to your customers. Branding is the way of running a theme to provide an identity to a brand, so as, to capture the customer’s attention instantaneously at any time, anywhere! Marketing is pushing the content through various media by creating brand awareness and making the brand perception more vibrant. For Entrepreneurs that understand both the terms inside out, the future is immensely bright for sure.

For brands to thrive among the competitors there has to be a strong backing of remarkable and strategic relationship marketing solutions. IMAST is none other than a reliable and relentless digital marketing solution provider driving the future of the marketing business. It strategizes, design, and implement solutions with a focus on clients in diverse industries. It believes in having a technology-enabled procedure and strong ground-implementation that enhances the working style and delivers better results. Delivering result-driven solutions that will aid brands in gaining long-lasting recognition from its stakeholders is crucial for the company.

Speaking About the Founder and CEO 

Consistent diligence of the founding-trio Subodh Shrivastava, Ankur Pathak, and Akash Joshi, however, are the seamless contributors which have let IMAST to the zenith. Akash with his bespoken abilities has powered many brands in recognizing it’s goodwill and fostering everlasting relationships. He is highly intrigued by jargon like Ownership, Team, Think Tank and Technology which also defines the core values of IMAST.

The succeeding, Subodh has ensured a lucrative growth by developing brand strategies including business plans and sales tactics, advising new business structures, drafting policies and structuring commercial transactions at the company. Utilitarian advice to companies for understanding the bottleneck shifts and dealing with hindering factors has made him a fierce competitor.

Ankur has proven abilities to quickly assess, analyze and evaluate by effective measurement of constraints. In any process, enabling revitalizing change in business, processes and financial system are some of his expertise.

Turning the Cover of Hardships 

For a startup to survive new challenges, it is like taking a leap in the dark. IMAST has dealt with adversities to persist in the market experiencing a tough and laborious journey to crack the first deal. Hard-pressed in convincing the clients of the verifiability of vulnerabilities was at par. But the collective experience of distinct fields and sectors served with an easier share of pie. This further helped to relate the inconsistencies and instantaneously provide an efficient solution. Along with evident growth that made IMAST to never look back. It groomed the on-field management, operations, implementation capabilities and ensured to offer a bouquet inclusive solutions aloof a single roof. This practice proved 90% of client retention that made the company directly proportional to growth.

Service Offerings that Make IMAST Exclusive

IMAST supports a subscription-based model billed monthly, quarterly and yearly that offers A-la-carte services.

Prominent services like loyalty marketing, FOS ( Feet on Street )  management, reward management, market research, creative branding, and, digital transformation has made the relation with clients noble.

USPs that make IMAST stand out, ahead the cut-throat competition

  1. Team

IMAST is a team of dynamic entrepreneurs, expert professionals, and business leaders having firm determination, dedication, commitment, and loyalty towards the work. The passion for innovation to the work, change management, and depth drives it with excellence in respective fields.

  1. Technology

The conclusion and implementation include multi-faceted technological solutions devising a unique strategy for every business to provide the best solution through advanced technology. The solutions it offers is a blend of brainstorming and technology that tackles hindrance to profitability.

  1. Think Tank

Being heedful of the clients and research the market to closely understand the needs, requirements, and aspirations of the market defines the think tank. With the team of experienced professionals, technology experts, and the taste-makers it designs marketing strategies for the desired outcome as per the client’s expectations.

Accolades and Appreciations 

It is a young company and looking forward to achieve greater heights in the future. However, the achievements that bring constant pride to it are firstly the 90% of client retention rate where it still has all the clients bringing more business to them. The company takes pride in a 100% success rate of implementing projects and driving successful outcomes for it and the clients.

The Customer loyalty program “Jai Vistar” for the client Jamna Auto Industries Limited. has got “Gold Award” in “innovative loyalty program” category at “8th global customer engagement awards” by ACEF and Netbiz. IMAST is awarded amongst 25 most trusted marketing companies in India 2019 by Business connect. Bestowed as the “most trusted marketing company in central India” at Business leaders summit and awards 2019 by worldwide achievers.

Guidance concerning Prudent Future Action

According to IMAST, “Customer is the King”, thus it believes to an absolute degree, business growth depends on keeping the customers and clients pleased and happy. A priority to risk which could further lead to the biggest marketing investment ever can be “Bearing a little loss now”. Keeping on with efforts with inclusiveness is a permanent solution for all the entrepreneurs.

Companies of all sizes are investing in marketing institutions hoping to improve their marketing strategy and driving more sales. This requires companies to have tools that will strengthen their relationship with customers. Ultimately, the vendors that means the digital marketing solution providers are helping companies to get closer to their customers and more likely to see success as the martech space matures.

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