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Rohan Mehta | CEO | Kinnect[Digital Marketing Services, Social Media Services, Online Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization]
Rohan Mehta | CEO | Kinnect[Digital Marketing Services, Social Media Services, Online Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization]

The digital marketing landscape has been evolving rapidly without showing any signs of slowing down. As per an independent survey, from many years now, the study of the statistics of digital marketing has shown a dramatic shift of spending money on a digital platform than a traditional marketing platform. This spend has increased to at least 15-18% of the marketing budget today. And why not? Digital platforms are effective and cheap.

Today, it is a time where we have evolved to ideas that make business sense.  But, there is a long way to go before tapping the true potential of digital marketing. In this continuously evolving era, Kinnect provides a great opportunity that every business can take advantage of, by aligning various modern digital channels into their marketing strategy.

The Foundation

Established in the year 2011, as a brand, Kinnect represents a digital agency that challenges the status quo and is always dynamically evolving to harness the full potential of digital marketing by bringing the best of Creative and Media under one roof. It is this unique business model that makes Kinnect one of India’s foremost independent digital marketing agencies.

The company’s initial days naturally came with a set of challenges. More time was spent on client education than actually doing work for the clients. Kinnect started out of a really small office, with only one full-time employee. The rest of the work was managed by interns. It’s been quite a journey of Kinnect from then to now.

It is wisely said that ‘Change is the best managed when you avoid analysis paralysis.’ After all, it’s better to take more decisions and have some not work out, than to make few decisions and be stuck in the same place. This attitude helps Kinnect withstand cut-throat competition.

Over eight years, the company has adapted to change and built several vertical capabilities that respond quickly to evolving market needs and understand what clients’ business requirements are. 

The Foundation Pillars

The CEO, Rohan Mehta started Kinnect from  scratch and grew it to one of India’s largest independent digital agencies in eight short years. Born and brought up in Mumbai, he is a production engineer who dove deep into the marketing world. He was amassing the experience to get enough confidence to start something himself. Digital marketing was a field that wasn’t huge in 2011, but had high potential for growth, plus, barriers  of financial necessities were low.

Around the same time, Rohan connected with Chandni Shah, the COO, who was right in the center of the advertising world – at JWT India, and previously at Percept. They combined their capabilities, took a bet on the future and started Kinnect.

Predominantly, Rohan’s role in the company is focused on building new capabilities, business and geographies. He also manages the HR and Finance functions of the company. Winner of the award “One of the 50 Most Influential Digital Marketing Leaders by the World Marketing Congress in 2018,” Rohan upholds the #KinnectCode when it comes to business, which consists of the following strongly researched principles:

  • Aim long term, act short term
  • Always provide more than what you can do
  • Focus on all-round training, development and growth
  • Find the rough, unpolished stones and turn them into ‘rock’ stars!
  • Create multiple servicing points for client, so that you become their go-to agency when they have a problem
  • Create ‘intrapreneurs’ within your organization.

To this end, the company has adopted several initiatives such as #KinnectEDGE, #KinnectorsGiveBack, and #GetALife in order to truly help every #Kinnector reach his or her full potential, both at work and outside.

Always Customize, Never Template

Kinnect is a 360-degree digital marketing agency that offers the following services:

  • Creative Strategy and Social Media
  • Media Kinnect – Kinnect’s in-house Media Buying arm
  • Kinnect Outreach – Kinnect’s in-house Influencer Marketing services
  • Kinnect Productions – Kinnect’s in-house Production Studio
  • Websites and Applications
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Search Engine Optimization

However, ‘Content Factory’ is a unique service offered at Kinnect. Having worked with several leading brands across several sectors to create premium video content, their expertise and experience in video production and content creation has given them a deep understanding of the kind of content that strikes a chord with different audiences. Hence, it has launched Content Factory, a vertical that helps create relevant, resonant, bite-size, and real content in a minimal turn-around time. 

One Step towards Betterment

On the community front, Kinnect has introduced an initiative called #KinnectorsGiveBack. Through this program, Kinnectors are empowered to make their contribution to society, with respect to the health and education needs of the underprivileged. Essentially, any Kinnector can nominate a person in need of financial aid, which will be provided by Kinnect. This helps inculcate a sense of responsibility and serves as a platform to make a difference in society.

Accomplishments and Acknowledgments

Kinnect is India’s foremost digital marketing agency, has won over 75 awards and accolades for campaigns, as well as for the company and its culture.

One of its biggest accomplishments for Kinnect has been of winning the “South Asia’s Independent Agency of The Year” title, and also winning gold for “Indian Agency Award”. Recently, Kinnect’s Business Development team was named as “The best BD team of the year”.

Creating an Indispensable Future

Through the course of time, the objectives and vision of Kinnect have incessantly evolved and today, it aspires to be a larger agency handling bigger brands. As an agency, Kinnect envisions to become a company which the client can come to with their business objectives, and be assured that the agency has the digital solution to match it.

“The focus has always been to consistently keep raising the bar on the work we are delivering. To become better, more and more relevant – every single day. This will not change in the future,” says Rohan. Further he added, “It doesn’t matter what you are paid, once you take up a client, go all out and do good work for them. Because ultimately, your work is what the outside world sees – not your bottom line. So, we will continue to create award winning brand campaigns and cutting edge data or tech enabled solutions, with the singular aim to drive business results for clients”.

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