Infinity Architects & Interior Designers: A Name Synonymous to Futuristic Designs!

Ajinkya Dhumal | Founder | Infinity Architects and Interior Designers

While visiting or viewing a place, the first thing that the human eye notices are its design and details. Nature, being the best designer of all has created a world that is full of designs worth replicating. For the man-made spaces, it is the job of the architects and interior designers to design an appealing space. Some of the greatest buildings and monuments of the world are architectural marvels that are not just structures but stories in themselves. What marks them different from each other is their unique design that that incorporates the times, requirements, inspirations, emotions and more.

When it comes to personal or individual spaces in modern times, what people want might be different from what they need and what they communicate that they need. It is thus the job of the designer to understand the fine lines between what is being asked by the consumer and what is actually required by them as explained by the great artist and teacher, Hans Hoffmann, “Design is the intermediary between information and understanding.” For such people, who appreciate the finer things in life and have an eye for design and details,  Infinity Architects and Interior Designers has been catering with phenomenal success.

The Holy Trinity for Creating Unique Designs

Infinity Architects and Interior caters to Luxury Interior Design market and is the most recognized brand in the market and well known for its exclusivity and finesse. Ideate, Integrate and Implement is the holy trinity that the company believes is responsible for its phenomenal success. Infinity believes this market requires artists that create and provide authentic service to clients. Understanding the difference between the client’s need and want is an overlooked part of the process without which one cannot remain true to the project. The mantra of Infinity is to be aware of what the client needs while the client himself is drawn by his wants and overwhelmed by endless possibilities. It requires research, authenticity and appreciation – things that Infinity does best. Every single design and material used is original and unique for every project with no repetitions, making it completely personalized for the client.

All-encompassing Services

Infinity is amongst the global companies which gives all services under one roof like Architecture, Interior Design, Project Management Consultancy, MEP Services(Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing), 3D Visualization and Annual Management Contracts. This prevents the customer from running around to try and find the best solution regarding various requirements. Also, Infinity gives services for Material Procurement which is beneficial for the customer for cost savings.

Infinity takes a lot of pride for its impeccable execution process and detailing in Design. It probably is the only Design firm in the region where every given site has a dedicated Site engineer and individual Designer other than the principal Designer. Infinity is capable of blending different elements to create an ambience which makes it feel good, lively and perfectly complements the client’s character and taste.

In-house services like Project Management Consultancy, MEP consultancy and AMC (Annual Management Contracts) help the clients for their one-stop solutions even after the project is handed over. Furthermore, at Infinity, the material procurement team comes in handy for the clients ease to help them with the material purchase, this further helps control the project budget on a longer run.

The Design Maven

Infinity’s Founding Director – Ajinkya Dhumal has been creating true masterpieces of luxury for Residential & Commercial Interior Designing for more than a decade. Like his designs,  his success story is rich in elements which range from simple background and initial failures to passionate persistence. His interest in sketching fueled his curiosity about the Design world which he explored to the fullest. Today, with his brilliant taste and touch of luxury his company is the most recognized brand in the market and well known for its exclusivity.

Dedication, Discipline, imbibing holistic approach towards projects, his keen understanding of the extraordinary the unerring taste and always considering customer is king, are his qualities which have contributed towards the upliftment of the company. His leadership is draped in inspiration as he and his team go about creating new ideas, utilizing new materials, visiting new exhibitions and creating a unique lifestyle of people living in the spaces.

Reinventing Design – Team Infinity

Infinity’s employees are essentially the key stakeholders. Built on 17 years of vast experience and expertise, Infinity has accumulated an impressive track record founded on trust and credibility. With quality service that speaks, its interior design concepts have been known to focus on translating clients’ specifications into discerning ideas. It is only through the employees’ creative and technical eye that Infinity’s projects are unique and exceptionally remarkable.

The four pillars of its team “Designers, Execution, Purchase, and Admin” have eventually carved out an Elite niche name for Infinity. They play the most important role in the company by working cohesively as a team; the team with vision, passion, creativity, hard work and thirst for the continuous growth of the company.

A Dynamic/Lively Sector

With the growing penetration of technology, Ajinkya feels that the world looks at Interior Design as made do of Pinterest and Google images. The current generation’s imagination is fueled as well as limited by what it sees on the search engine which is the bitter reality of Interior Design landscape. Mass production design houses have cultured the market with affordable and economic Designs. While this certainly serves the purpose of the clients of a livable space but the essence of a unique approach for design is lost in transition.

Ajinkya adds, “With the fast-growing tech enable advancement, creativity is challenged. It has become a world of copy-paste. It’s the most disturbing scene in the Interior industry. However, technology has helped in achieving speed, availability, affordability. The business has become faster than ever.”

Distinct Impact

Infinity, deferring from the path too commonly traversed,  believes in value for money and creating a unique approach which makes the spaces more sustainable, user-friendly and remarkable impact. It believes in creating bespoke designs for its clients and adding a unique language and design ideas to every project. With services like in-house annual management contracts, the clients hardly need to worry about the post-service issues faced at projects.

For Infinity, a Client is a Client-Partner. This way it becomes easy to step into the client’s shoes. When it gets a requirement to furnish, it never comes up with solutions to only these requirements, but looks at it from a 360-degree perspective and beyond. Every avenue of client’s aspirations, desires and needs get its appropriate attention through Infinity’s accommodating yet disciplined approach.

Starving Distractions, Feeding Focus

Being in a creative market, the challenges are aplenty for Infinity, ranging from stiff competition, budget- constraints to lack of skilled labour and more. But it believes in Problem solving attitude and focuses on being part of the solution as the main key to overcome any of the challenges.“Do not linger around the problems, be a part of the solution team” is the Mantra at Infinity to overcome any sort of challenges it has ever come across.

Since it’s inception, Infinity has successfully designed over a thousand projects. All of them Designed and executed with a holistic approach. A powerhouse of creative talent, a skilled workforce and dedicated team along with a reliable source of vendors, is Infinity’s key to accomplishing challenges of any magnitude. So is absorbing diverse insights from all the departments and applying towards various hurdles constructively.

Words of Wisdom

For the young and budding designers and entrepreneurs, Ajinkya has the following words to share:

“There is no perfect advice as the design is a matter of preference and individual liking. However, there are a few popular design styles which are widely accepted by the general clients as timeless and comfortable. I think anyone thinking of starting their company should have work experience of six to eight years at least in the same industry. The Key to success has no shortcuts. As we know, to reach somewhere, we need to start from somewhere. This philosophy only works when we have a properly defined process. Take charge  of your personality and harness it with empirical encounters.”

Possibilities – Infinite

Infinity has clients majorly in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad. Its enduring relationships with clients are testaments to its hard work. Infinity’s portfolio has grown extensively to include prestigious residential and commercial works. Achieving sustainability while strategically positioning and living up to its motto, Infinity aims to build a significant presence PAN India, implementing BIM, Product Design and to have International Collaboration. Ajinkya adds, “We are striving to sculpt an entity where the lifestyle which everyone covets gets manifested in reality.”

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