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Mansi Desai | Founder | MANSI Designs For Living

Interior Designing in today’s time has become far more creative and diverse. With new developments in the industry there is always an alternative for an expensive original material which enables to design luxury interiors as well as budget friendly interiors. The tech enabled advancements have been a boon to designers. With 3D view of the design, the client gets a real look of the place before it is completed. The exposure to various design trends has been made possible and beneficial to all. If there are pros there will be cons as well. With the wide exposure, the original design can be easily imitated. Sometimes the designers fail to get the credit of their design copied by others from online. With modular designing becoming the trend today, too many people are opting for ready made solutions rather than appointing a dedicated designer for the task.
Yet, one woman and her team with passion for designing and breaking the stereotype while making her name known across the interior designing stratosphere is Mansi Desai – Founder of MANSI DESAI – Designs For Living. Mansi spearheads her interior designing firm located in Mumbai. She is an Alumni of ‘94 Batch of Diploma in Interior Design’ from the prestigious Nirmala Niketan Institute in Mumbai. She also holds a Postgraduate Degree in Interior Design from the Rhodec International Institute, London – United Kingdom. During her prolific career, she has collaborated closely with some of the established architects in the industry. She is the winner of best design award from Houzz for two years continuously in 2018 and 2019.
Designs For Living 
Our multi disciplinary services; Architecture, Interior Design, and Turnkey Solutions based on pro-efficient skills, knowledge and experience are here to cater to your needs and to give you a single point of contact with a strong business relationship you can count on,” says Mansi. MANSI DESAI – Designs For Living is a full service design firm that provides Architectural and Interior Design services to clients across an expansive range of markets and localities. The firm is committed to provide the clients services from pre-design through completion ensuring dedication, continuity and satisfaction. “The open work environment in our office allows the opportunity for design collaboration and constructive problem solving,” she proclaims. The licensed staff of the company consists of architects, engineers, interior designers, consultants, draughtsman and contractors who provide exemplary services. Their expertise, professionalism and innovative approaches have been fundamental to the successful execution of design solutions.
All our projects are contemporary and chic, with a distinctly different approach from one another,” tells Mansi. The company is not just an architectural firm, but it is a way of practice. The name’s prologue itself resonates its philosophy. ‘Designs for Living’ echoes quality and practicality towards form and function. It holds a standard of consistently delivering high-quality, client-oriented design, shaped by sound environmental solutions; places that are beneficial to the user as well as the environment. The clarity in the approach has proved to be the anchor in all the projects setting Mansi Desai apart from its competitors. “We have always strived to deliver what has been state of the art for every project,” adds Mansi.
Highlighted Services 


When it comes to residential design we take it very personally, we make sure to convert the house into a home,” states Mansi’s team. While doing the interior spaces of a house the team ensures that it reflects the client’s personality and style, after all it is the home that comes to the rescue and one can dwell in it in peace and serenity after a long day at work. The team loves to experiment with eclectic, minimalistic and other styles of design, but at the same time it continues to focus on functionality and maximise the use of space.


Work spaces tend to become very stressful and over a period of time the ambience does get monotonous. Therefore, the team designs commercial spaces with the focus to maximise a refreshing and positive environment across the space. “We tend to keep these spaces simple yet attractive based on the kind of work involved in the area,” claims Mansi. Forecasting interior trends and designs helps it to keep the space unique in such a way, that even after a long period of time the space continues to look chic and up to date.


Considering the current scenario where every other day there’s a new restaurant, pub or a hotel coming up. It’s mandatory for interior designers to be at their toes when it comes to updating spaces with new materials, experimenting with unique looking artefacts and colours. “In this sector having a theme helps the client and us to move along the project without losing track,” explains Mansi. Hence, she helps the clients in picking up a theme and proceeds cautiously to avoid having the project get out of style.
Aesthetically Exquisite Voyage 
Mansi Desai’s team follows passion for designing an interior space not just for the sake of it but, for the sole purpose to reflect the dwellers personality living within. “From residential to commercial and hospitality we do it all,” claims Mansi. The firm does not possess any patent design style as it does not believe in one particular era or aesthetics to be tamed for in designing. The company consistently keeps up with the updates, latest trends, materials and design forecasts which enables the clients with best beneficiary services in designs. It is not just functionally adept but aesthetically exquisite too. “The clients are amazed and in awe of the final outcome as we transform their dream home into a reality!” exclaims Mansi.
The Team at Mansi Desai – Designs for Living is diverse and dynamic. The team has the right balance of experienced personnel who deliver only the best solutions. Both Mansi & team are passionate about designs and driven by this passion and they ensure that every project undertaken meets the highest form of creativity and aesthetics.
Designing Insights
 Mansi’s approach to design is avant-garde and involves the use of physical models and one-to-one scale mock-ups to help test and develop the proposed design concepts.
The team believes that the design process is not linear and it requires designers to think and draw on different scales at the same time, considering each finished detail in the development of the overall design.
Talking about the future of the firm Mansi says, “I look forward to exploring with more eco friendly materials with a wish to contribute to the betterment of the deteriorating environment.” For the aspiring designers and artists, Mansi suggests, “From my years of experience as a designer my advice to budding startups is to be crazy and free with their ideas and keep thinking out of the box. Success takes its time and one needs to be patient with their work. Patience, determination and optimism combined with smart hard work is the mantra for success.”

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