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The Indian Home Automation Industry is embracing modern technological innovations each passing day with the incorporation of cutting-edge upgradations. It is creating huge opportunities not only for Indian companies, but also for international players as well. It is expected that the home automation market may cross INR 30,000 crore by 2022. This industry aims at employing innovative technologies with the objective of providing the ultimate comfort and a lasting experience to the users.

One such company spearheading the home automation industry in India is Synchronos Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The company aims at providing tailor-made home automation services to the clients including audio-visual systems, security, energy saving, and so on. Clients can avail various services provided by the company like for home automation, hotel automation, board room automation, clinic automation, and operation theatre automation; room acoustics; home theatres; professional AV setup; energy savings; security systems; and remote monitoring.
The company has successfully completed around 500 projects across the Indian subcontinent and many Middle Eastern Countries. They provide a variety of simple and cost-friendly solutions with upgradeable technology. Also, the company’s qualified and seasoned team of engineers provide excellent design, installations, and after sales service. By collaborating with many top brands, Synchronos provides complete integrated, comprehensive, and turnkey solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. They aim at providing unique solutions to fulfill specific customer demands and to ensure their safety and convenience.

Percipient Leadership
The person leading Synchronos from the front is Mohammed Umair, the Founder and Managing Director of the company. While pursuing his graduation Umair started his first business of mobile phone dealership in the year 2000. He introduced mobile phones when mobile phone networks were at a nascent stage. Umair’s motive behind starting Synchronos was to assist the clients in transforming their houses and offices into smart homes and smart offices.
He aims to constantly grow and evolve along with providing value added services and simplifying the lives of people. By utilizing automation technologies he aims to introduce innovative products and excellent services to the home automation and security vertical.

A Client-Focused Company
The company believes that regular investment is necessary for any organization to excel. It asserts that technology businesses depend not only on financial investments, but also on knowledge and continuous upgradation and execution.

For Synchronos, their biggest strength is the qualified and highly trained team of home automation experts. They believe that the success of a good building automation project depends not only on the knowledge of electronics and electrical equipment, but people should also be aware of data systems, telephone, and audio-video systems. Synchronos’ prestige and expertise is enhanced by their expert team which has thorough curriculum knowledge and on-site practical experience. With such a dedicated and seasoned team, the company delivers excellent objectives that they want to offer to the customers.

Providing Competitive Advantages
Synchronos is an IoT company that incepted in 2008. It upgrades consumer durables like lights, TV, fans, CCTV, burglar alarms, and so on into integrated systems which can be controlled by smart phones, smart switches, a single remote, or even voice commands. The company engineers in customized services to provide not just IoT, but the IoE (Internet of Everything) enhanced experience.

While the rest of the world speaks of IoT experience, Synchronos delivers IoE experience. They incorporate future technology into designing each building and implementing systems in such a way that even after 10 or 15 years advanced technology can be applied on the building.  The company provides total protection against technical breaches by employing wired or wireless automation systems providing and ensures absolute privacy and data security. Their technology provides exclusive access to clients to login to the system by following an authorization procedure that is reprogrammed every three months for apex reliability.
Synchronos’s services are not only confined to automation of lighting, motorized blinds, gates, and sensors. It also provides complete home theatre solutions including planning and execution of acoustics and calibration of systems. Additionally, it provides services related to surveillance systems, burglar alarm systems, and multi-zone audio and video solution.

It is a known fact that smooth functioning of multiple electronic devices depends on various remotes and switches which may create nuisance for the users. Synchronos simplifies this process and eases user’s efforts through remote switches, connected smart phones or tabs which can be operated remotely from any part of the world without any manual instructions.
Umair adds that home automation technologies assist in performing multiple tasks simultaneously.  The company provides a security oriented approach so that the users can focus on their work and in turn, improve their quality of life.

Views about the Industry
Synchronos is of the opinion that home automation in India is creating numerous opportunities for both Indian and international companies. Currently, the residential customers are dominating the market, whereas in product category, the security market is the clear winner.
In India, more than 50 percent of the home automation market is covered by Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Bangalore. In order to be a part of this fast growing industry and to make a positive mark, a company has to be consistent and should provide continuous efforts towards accomplishing their objective of a customer centric approach.

  • Companies offering their services to all the segments like lighting, security, audio/video, and HVAC.
  • Companies solely catering to lighting.
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) product based companies offered by dealers.
  • DIY product based companies that are present only across the online market.

The above mentioned segments make it very difficult for customers to select a specific service provider as there is significant price variation in the service provided. Synchronos team not only sells products to their clients, but also informs them about the available options and offers a solution.

Going Toe-to-Toe with the Competition
The company states that around 85 percent of home owners make daily use of security systems like CCTV and burglar alarms. But it often happens that after installation these systems are seldom used. This results in their inefficient performance. Moreover, in addition to negligence of maintenance by users, the system providers also fail to deliver efficient services due to negligence and relaxed attitude.
Mohammad Umair asserts that Synchronos gives utmost importance to customer satisfaction and security. Accordingly, the company employs intelligent systems to study client’s usage patterns and study their preferences. They provide advanced security technologies, for example, if someone goes out, the burglar system gets activated automatically. Also, the home owner’s lighting and other devices are regulated in their absence so as to discourage thefts much before its attempt. This technology also informs the home owners about any suspicious activity near the house. The company delivers integrated user experience by combining customer security and the convenience of automation at just a button’s click.

Delivering Simplified Home Solutions
The company feels that home automation can provide a variety of facilities to the customers ranging from security, convenience, and ease of use. Many users are trying to rid their homes of excess wires, switches, and remotes and are utilizing home automation technologies like lighting control via a mobile phone and so on. Synchronos aims at providing streamlined customer services; it has come up with a state-of-the-art experience centre to feel magical experiences for the customer. The company aims not only to add value to home automation, but to add value to customer’s lives as well.

Towards the Future
Sychronos aims to provide homeowners automated premises and enhance their buying experience. They intend to introduce a seamless design, quotation, and purchase experience on their website. This will help the customer to enter the required details of the building and design the automation system themselves, complete the sale and the products will be delivered accordingly with Installation Instructions and company provides remote support to the Consumers. The company is working towards a simplified cloud based infrastructure to provide their services to clients across the Indian Subcontinent and Middle Eastern Countries.

Word of Advice for Emerging Entrepreneurs
The company states that budding entrepreneurs should follow their heart. They should be passionate about their work. A responsible entrepreneur should build a responsible team that works towards achieving the company’s objectives along with accomplishing societal and environmental goals. The company advises entrepreneurs to evolve with the industry and update themselves with constant research and learning.
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