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Prashik Chitkesiwar, Founder and CEO, INNOSTUD | Insights Success | Business Magazine

Established in 2019, INNOSTUD is a first-of-its-kind mobile application platform helping schools and coaching institutes to automate their administrative work efficiently. Abbreviated from Innovative Studies, the company is on a mission to engage parents and students by sending live updates and notifications about their children on a daily basis. Headquartered in Chandrapur, Maharashtra the company is also focusing on improving the teaching and learning experience for teachers and students in the schools across India. With its School Automation System, Institute Automation System, ATAL Tinkering Labs, and Innovation Labs for Experiential learning for Class 6th -10th Grade, it is changing the face of the Indian education.
Since inception, the company is striving to fill the loopholes between computing marks automatically to required grading system as per any State Boards, CBSE and ICSE without any errors and notifying parents about it through mobile app as students sometimes hide it from parents and then blames the school about not notifying them. INNOSTUD’S mobile application effectively notifies parents about their child’s performance with the visual analytics comparing it with their last performance. Tracking their child who is travelling by school bus in real-time just like Uber or OLA ensures the child safety and corrective actions can be taken if required in an emergency situation. Best part is about Online fees payment, just like Paytm or Google Pay to eliminate the efforts of going to the school for payments. It is placing its best foot forward by collecting benchmarking insights from the parents in order to improve the future scenario. The company also rolls out customized services to quench the needs of the clientele to the core.
Meet the Founder 
Prashik Chitkesiwar is the Founder and CEO of Innostud. He is a Mechanical Engineer and has also completed his Masters in Management from University College Dublin, Ireland recently. There, he came across a platform that made class presentations, notifications, connecting with professors, and submitting the assignments and projects easily. This inspired Prashik to develop a similar sort of platform for schools and later for coaching institutes as well.
Entering into the business world with an aim to become an entrepreneur without any experience was not an easy task for him. It was tough to convince the clients even though the product was great as there were lot of stakeholders who were involved in the decision-making and implementation of such innovative systems into the schools. Thanks, to his ‘not giving up’ attitude and the angel investors who believed in his idea. Prashik saw numerous opportunities in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities where the educational market is transforming for better, with each passing day. So, after completing his Masters in 2018, he came back to India and built an IT team to develop an automation system. For him, understanding the technology and establishing a framework for such a system was filled with several challenges. But, slowly and steadily the product was tested and operated successfully. As such, Prashik along with his team started marketing it out in cities in Central Maharashtra.
Currently, Innostud is winning the hearts of around 3000 parents & students and is all set to target 20,000+ students by 2019. This business model is like a subscription model where the company charge schools on per student per annum basis. The pricing of subscription varies depending on the number of students a school has, whereas, school can also choose from various features accordingly, as per its priorities and functional requirements.
Some More Insights
As parents are getting engaged virtually with the schools, they believe that they are being valued and a strong trust is built due to such initiatives. Even digitizing the schools and making the school automation system completely white labeled helps to create a brand value for the school. This is where Innostud stands tall in helping schools and coaching institutes to achieve its goals.
The company is partnered with SRJNA (Ed-Tech Company) which deals with STEM education in India by setting up Atal Tinkering Labs and SRJNA Innovation Labs. In this e-learning era, it is making concrete efforts to bring experiential learning back to the school, again.
A Long Way to Go
Soon, Innostud will be entering the coaching market for 8th – 10th grade, where students will take a deeper dive into concepts of science backed by experiments and 3-D models for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. They can also opt for a one month as well as a short & long duration program to avail experiential learning to its best.
Further, the company is planning to bring in some activity-based learning by providing students with ‘take home’ kits to properly understand the concepts they have in their science curriculum. It is also moving forward to open robotics labs for school going students in Tier 3 cities to help students experience the STEM education.
The Bottom Line
Prashik mainly follows the ideology of “It’s not the hope, it’s the determination which sets you apart” by Prasad Vedpathak (YouTuber) which inspires him allot. Acknowledging the current scenario of the business world, Prashik carries an opinion in order to empower the neophytes, “I would say young entrepreneurs should take the risk of trying it once, if they are passionate and determined to achieve what they want to do and should never lose hope until you succeed.”

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