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Established in 2015, Matrubharti Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer vernacular content community startup aiming to transform the internet landscape with its creativity par excellence. Headquartered at Ahmedabad, Gujarat the company has rolled out an exquisite online platform for bringing together the Indian language and literature lovers and share love and passion accordingly. It is a unique way of discovering one-self!
With more than Five million downloads of stories, the company is a prominent podium to read, write and share ideas and content with thousands of fellow readers and writers. Matrubharti is the right place for various regional artists to showcase their talent and earn a distinguished repute. Since inception, the company is striving as a springboard for several aspiring artists and enthusiasts, helping them explore the greater success orbit. Matrubharti has empowered the journey and changed the lives of many. From being a novice to getting associated with media publications and publishing books, the company has helped individuals in achieving their dreams.
Matrubharti is an open platform where language enthusiasts visit to engage with tomorrow’s famous authors and theater artists. Offering the right directions and encouraging the language lovers and budding artists is the company’s forte.
Meet the Foremost Personas
A Software Engineer by profession and a poet by passion, Mahendra Sharma is the Co-founder and CEO of Matrubharti. With an aim to dissolve the challenges he and his fellow aspiring writers came across while publishing their content on a digital platform, he placed the cornerstones of the company. Acknowledging that ease of use, technological prowess, and reaching the masses are the key parameters to be successful; Mahendra had been stirring every operation at Matrubharti to make it a globally recognized company.
With three decades of experience in IT landscape, Nilesh Shah is another Co-founder of the company. After working for twelve years in USA, his love for his motherland brought him back to India. Being an industry veteran, Nilesh adroitly connects with people with his charming personality and inspiring words. At Matrubharti, he plays a pivotal role in attaining and retaining industry partnerships. He is passionate about writing and also publishes his content on the web portal of the company. Apart from all this, Nilesh is an athlete who has earned close to 45 medals and awards in swimming, running and cycling in India and USA.
The Initial Struggle 
One of the major challenges which the company faced during its establishment was the unavailability of the regional keyboards. But with concrete efforts, Matrubharti developed regional keyboards that could be accessible to all the users and help them writing in their native languages on the mobile app/browser.
Another significant obstacle which came across was converting the word documents or pdf into an ‘e-pub’ which can be appropriately displayed and downloaded on the mobile platform. To overcome this obstacle, Matrubharti used its proprietary technology for the e-pub conversion and proper encryption so that the content published on its web portal could be viewed on its app and quench its copyright and privacy purposes.
More about Matrubharti
Vernacular Content | Literature | Indian Languages
“We focus on what our customers are using our platform as,” says the founder.
Keeping its niche and USP onboard, the company consistently strives to refine its services and make them better and easily accessible to the masses. Embracing potentially disruptive new-age technologies like ML and AI helps Matrubharti to stand tall amongst its peers and offer an unmatchable user experience. Making a difference in a digital world where the pathway to success is flooded with challenges, the company has stepped in as a disruptor taking swift moves to dismantle the conventions. It brings the vision of every employee to the table and inspires them to uphold the company heritage and culture.
High-quality content of different formats on a single platform and a medium to interact with other language enthusiasts and aspiring artists is what best describes Matrubharti. It focuses on user engagement and efficiently carries out operations related to it for achieving greater milestones in the longer run.
The company has been recognized as a leader in the vernacular content space by Forbes India, Financial Express and other renowned newspapers and media publications. Over the years, the company has collected various jewels in its pocket including:
– Selected as Tech30 2018 from YourStory Media
– Hot100 Startup 2017 by CIO Media
– Selected as Best 50 Startups of Gujarat in Vibrant Gujarat 2017
– Young Turks CNBC18 and TieTheKnot Finalist 2016
– mBillionth Award for Best Cultural App Asia 2016
A Note to Remember
Matrubharti advices the young minds to follow their passion and don’t be disappointed and discouraged by intermediate failures. “If you believe in yourself and your path, nothing can stop you from the success and you’ll always end up getting the required help at the right time, so don’t lose courage,” added Mahendra.
Gaining More Strength
The future is super promising as the ecosystem of accelerators, VCs and others is getting more robust and agile in the tier-2 cities. More and more people are opting for entrepreneurship over employment at an early age, which is a very good sign for future discoveries. On the other hand, the success stories of many internet startups are also fueling this number like never before. This is a way towards gaining more strength and creating a better future for the next generation.

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