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Milan Sharma, CEO, Nishant Mishra, CTO, Devendra Chandani (Head Business), Himani Shah Modi (CFO) | Agriculture Solution providers | business magazine

Today, in our country, there is a new wave of budding entrepreneurs and emerging startups that are shaping and leading the way to transform Indian Agriculture. They are deploying technology in the agricultural sector and reforming it for good. Established in the year 2016, Intello Labs is one of those Agri-Tech startups, winner of many prestigious awards, based in Gurugram, Haryana. 
Intello Labs uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools including computer vision and deep learning, to build a platform for grading and quality monitoring of agricultural commodities. It provides an image-based solution, delivered through a smartphone app/application, which ultimately helps in bringing transparency and standardization to quality assessment, reducing value risk and wastage in the agriculture supply chains.
The Profound Personage
IntelloLabs was started in June 2016 by Milan Sharma, the CEO and Nishant Mishra, the CTO Himani Shah Modi, the CFO and  Devendra Chandani Head Business.The company’s key management team of professionals with credible experience in domestic and multinational companies. They have a cumulative work experience of 140 years.
Here’s the brief profile of the team. The IIT, Bombay pass-out Milan is having ten years of work experience at SnapDeal, Dunnhumby. Nishant is also from  IIT, Bombay and carries a decade of experience working at Amazon, Yahoo and Canon. Himani is the CFO of the company. She is from the IIT, Bombay having decade of experience working at Deutsche Bank and People Strong. Devendra is the Head of Sales and Business of the company. He is from MDI Gurgaon with a decade of experience working at KPMC and SAP.
Flagship Products and Services
The agriculture sector is strong in India, transactions are often not transparent, and neither is testing for quality. The four co-founders’ idea to bring transparency to the supply chain has worked successfully. The application developed by the company, tests, grades, and analyses the visual quality parameters or agricultural products. This basically deals with the assessment of food and Agri commodities. They are presently offering services for testing and grading of wheat, tomato, potato, onions, and cardamom.
The services which are provided through the application named as ‘Intello Labs’ can also be customized for each individual client based on the requirement thus deepening the knowledge of that commodity. Following are the key features of the technology/app:

  • Quality testing time reduction from 15 minutes to 2 minutes
  • Real-time data sharing across multiple locations and screens
  • high accuracy rate about 95%
  • Standardization of quality assessment across platforms and removal of subjectivity

Success Stories 
The sole Indian Start-Up, Intello Labs was selected as one of the 10 finalists, from the Food & Beverages category at the Plug & Play Event, USA. It is recognized as ‘Leaders in Deep Tech’, and One of the 100 Hot Start-Ups by KPMG and Core. It has also won various numerous awards by CII, FICCI, and NASSCOM. Over the years, the company has worked very hard and achieved lots of awards and accolades. Some prestigious awards are mentioned here:

  • Won AI for Good Award by NASSCOM in 2019
  • Won Most Innovative company in agriculture by CII FACE 2019
  • Won Regional Final for Start-Up World Cup and will represent India at the Start-Up World Cup 2018
  • Won President’s award at World Food India 2017
  • Won the Start-Up Runners Up Award at the World Food India 2017 by the President of India.
  • Won the Innovation Award at the National Agripreneur Summit in 2017.

Focus and Win 
“For any AI-based algorithm to give accurate results, a significantly large dataset needs to be created. To create this data-set, varied and huge data needs to be collected, processed and defined within the AI ecosystem. The challenge is to get the needed data. The focus for any early-stage AI-based startup should be on data gathering and ensuring that they partner with the right set of clients to get the whole gamut of varied data.” -the advisory from the Management Team.
The Upcoming Future
Initially started with a few projects in Education and Healthcare; now, the company has decided to focus more on Agri-Technology. Within a short period of one year, IntelloLabs has become the World’s Most Awarded Agri-Tech firm and promises to continue to remain the same.
In the near future, the company is aiming to become the de-facto quality platform across agribusiness value chains for trading, procurement, grading, pricing, marketing, and traceability. The company wants to ensure that the farmers get the right premium for quality and the customers get tasty, healthy, safe and fresh food.

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