Ross Lifescience Private Limited: An Innovator of Indian Agro Industry

Agriculture has been the mainstay of the Indian economy for years and with the advent of technology, the agricultural eco-system has transformed rapidly over the last few years. The recent initiatives taken from the Government alongside increased participation of private players to support and uplift the agricultural sector are revamping this industry to the core!
Ross Lifescience Private Limited is one such matured player who has successfully grabbed the eyeballs of the industry fraternity by its virtue of delivering innovative solutions over the last decade. Ross is a Contract Research Organization that is engaged in product development and analytical services (chemistry, Bioefficacy, and Ecotoxicity) including registration data generation related to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which involves crop protection, Public health & household insecticides and veterinary ecto-parasiticides. Having an expert pool of professionals coupled with a state of the art infrastructure laboratory for conducting product development and analytical studies, Ross has cemented its name in the elite list of industry players.
The Pillars of Success
As the Founding members of Ross Lifescience, the core team of four proficient experts has been instrumental in shaping up the company by aligning to the core values of the business. Today, the company stands on the foundation that is a joint splendid effort by these individuals. Let’s get introduced with these professionals who are the mainstays of Ross Lifescience.
Dr. Kedar DeobhankarCEO
Dr. Swati VitondeDirectorFinance & HR
Mr. Nitin GhatpandeDirectorBusiness Development
Dr. Deepak PhalDirectorTechnical Services
The Inception Saga
The inception story of Ross Lifescience is nothing short of a journey filled with challenges and the grit to covert those into opportunities. The four founders were working as Directors in an MNC and shared a common vision that fuelled them to commence an entrepreneurial voyage. Riding high on conviction, confidence, and passion, the founders left aside the comforts of the corporate life and were on a mission to craft their own destiny. As a tribute to Nobel laureate Sir Ronald Ross, the founders named the entity as Ross Lifescience and by the assistance and guidance of a senior colleague the team formed the company at Pune, India.
By the 2nd year, Ross Lifescience had learned the tricks of the trade and successfully surpassed the challenges by ensuring healthy growth and profit. Concentrating on their area of expertizes – Pest management business and in order to build trust amongst its clientele, it got an ISO certification (9001-2008) for its laboratory. Flexibility in doing what they love to do is one key element that plays a pivotal role in driving the business towards the pinnacle of success.
Embracing Technology for Optimizing Output
Ross is a GLP certified and ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. Adhering to the industry standards and implementing the best practices, the company has a designated state-of-the-art facility for Entomology with peet grady chambers, room chambers with air exchange facility. It also has in-house developed automatic spraying system to adjust the time of spray delivery with a range of 0.1 sec to 1 min and knockdown monitoring systems. The entity has the required instruments like GC-MS, Tandem MS, Headspace GC-MS, HPLC, LC-MS and latest machinery that matches the contemporary technological needs of the projects it’s currently working on. It has a competent Quality Assurance Unit that helps to execute the robust audit programs at regular intervals.
Services that Keeps Them Ahead
Evolving as a matured player in the field of data generation and new product development related to Agrochemicals, Vector control and Household insecticides, it offers the below services to its esteemed clients:

  • Chemistry (Physical and Chemical properties) including 5 batch analysis
  • Stability studies (accelerated and real-life study in different agroclimatic conditions)
  • Residue and Persistency studies in soil, water, and plant
  • Ecotoxicity studies as per OECD guidelines
  • Entomological studies (Lab and field trials)
  • Field trials for studying the impact of formulations on aquatic flora and fauna
  • Product and Packaging Development
  • Conducting pre-registration and post-registration clinical trials for insecticide products
  • Field trials for evaluating product performance against target pests for Agrochemicals, Vector control, and Household insecticides.

Giving Back to the Society
Ross Lifescience is actively involved in imparting technical knowledge to the students of nearby colleges and regularly conduct summer training programs in analytical chemistry and entomology to college students. It also conducts training and awareness programs regarding the safe use and handling of insecticides and professional courses for ‘Pest Control Operators’. The company is an actively participates in various CSR programs and conducts activities about the mosquito-borne diseases and the benefits of a safe and clean environment.
The Road to Future
Since inception in 2008, Ross Lifescience has managed a progressive growth of around 30% Y-O-Y. With a determined vision to be a leading contract research organization for creating, innovative, customer focussed solution that offers cutting edge technology in the field of Integrated Pest Management, it’s moving at the right direction. Over the coming years, the company aims to acquire new innovative techniques especially related to cell assays that would help accurate and quicker toxicological assessment of product without using experimental animals. At the moment, it’s focussing to add e-fate studies to complement existing activities and enhancing infrastructure to accommodate state of the art analytical equipment.

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