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Interactive Bees

Being a brand communication agency, Interactive Bees strives to provide 360 degree solutions to their client and builds technology agnostic solutions that are viable across channels. They do not look at technology as a convergence tool, but a way to simplify complexities that businesses face. Interactive Bees believes that users are screen-agnostic, and hence IBees works around delivering solutions that are creative, responsive and interactive and can stand the test of time.
About the Director
With a management degree from a reputed management institute, Monica Gupta donned the role of a sales and marketing professional in the course of her career and has taken up leadership positions in various organizations. With more than 16 years of experience, she is a self made professional who worked her way to the top of the corporate ladder to lead regional and corporate divisions, and was hit by an entrepreneurial bug 7 years back to establish “Interactive Bees”. She has always been creatively inclined and had a technology savvy mindset, this was thus the natural career progression and a dream she harbored to fulfill.
Digital Interactive Solutions
Interactive Bees manages the complete evolution chain for brands from giving it a moniker to managing its identity across every single channel. Their complete stack of solutions include online and offline brand communication services. Online brand communication services include Web Design and Development, E-commerce solutions, Web Analytics, Digital Media Management, Domain Registration, etc. While offline brand communication services combines – Corporate Branding Solutions, BTL creatives: Print Designing, PowerPoint Presentations, Video Production: Corporate AVs, TVCs, Viral Videos, Product Shoots, Application Development.
Interactive Bees works on an integrated approach for seamless communication that creates a unique identifier for brands across channels. For Interactive Bees, human resource is their biggest asset. They have built a culture of creativity that allows for risk taking, a must-have environment for giving creative people space to experiment and come up with new ideas and have an integrated project management tool to streamline project workflows.
Integrating Technology with Creativity
Monica says, “Bees by nature are hard and smart working creatures. They know what to accomplish, where to look for the nectar and how to create the purest honey! Bees live in hives with integrity and there is a great team spirit. They are single-minded in their pursuit and persistent in the work and make sure to tackle any challenges confidently. These are the values that IBEES follows in its way of working no matter what the challenges are”.
Interactive Bees intends to create disruptive solutions that integrate technology with creativity in a unique way. Monica added, “We are moving into a dynamic world of advertising. Effective marketing relies on effective targeting, so today the brands should utilize the latest analytics and targeting technology. From mass advertising on traditional channels to granular advertising in the digital space, we are looking at each customer distinctively and reaching them on a personal level. This calls for throwing away the marketing cookbook and tweaking the marketing strategy. These are exciting times and Interactive Bees is all geared and well positioned to take a pole position in the changing context”.
IBEES has many big brands as its satisfied and happy clients including Nasscom, Canon, Benett University, DIL, COSTA, FORTIS group, Huawei just to name a few etc. “We do not believe in ‘one size fits all’ solution. We provide holistic solutions for brands irrespective of the technologies and mediums.” affirms Monica.
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