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The advent of a blockchain started a movement. In our country currently it is getting discussed in the context of crypto-currency, it’s usage in government to bring in more transparency in operations. Transition to anti-corruptible and anti-censorship is going to bring changes which are catastrophic. It has become a word, which is getting used to my fear, as a solution to every problem.
The blockchain evangelists also referred to it as Web3.0.
I am sure that this technology is going to facilitate the decentralization of the World Wide Wed. It is going to create an opportunity to equalize control and ownership from the grasp of the profit-hungry organization.
By now, it’s ecosystem consists of over 3000 crypto coins and over 900 decentralized apps or Dapps. Even though the technology is at its a nascent stage, the market valuation has already exceeded beyond 800 billion.
It has started a revolution which is aptly described by Matteo Zago (Chairman @ The Internet of Blockchain Foundation, Founder@Essentia.one) in one of his blogs. According to him, this technology goes to prove that a more liberated, egalitarian, and fraternal internet. It’s going to bring “torrent of disruption” to the established tech giants.
In this article, I share new startups which have a potential to turn into big. I have taken blockchain technology as a  base.  To improving understanding, I am comparing them to current centralized technology companies and their application. I am referring theses companies as, Web 2.0.

File storage

Web 3.0 is pushing to reduce cost and improve securities. The idea is to trade unused storage capacity across desktops, servers and storage devices.

Social Networks

Today, the content published on the social can compromise by the app company.


With Web 3.0,  content remains in the hands of the user.

Video streaming

A common issue raised by content generators about videos are inconsistently and unjustly demonetized. Web 3.0 hopes to resolve it.

Music streaming

One Web 2.0, the current middleman fees cut deep into artist’s pocket.  The Web 3.0 will make to remove intermediaries and enable advertisers, viewers, and content creators to engage directly with each other.

More and Summary

Decentralisation is making inroads. I tried to cover some verticles. I hope it gives you some idea of new startups which are operating in a blockchain environment.
About the Author
Atul Gunjal is the CEO of IWORKTECH which is a well-known provider of IT solutions and specializes in delivering custom cloud, mobile, and enterprise applications tailored to perfection. Atul works with a determination to establish the entity as one of the most respected outsource product Development Company. He manages the overall vision and business strategy, including expansion into new markets, high-level technology direction, and operations.

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