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Developing sustainable technology to improve healthcare and providing consistent high quality products that are easy to handle and capable of delivering the highest service standards to customers

CURA Healthcare: Delivering World-Class Healthcare Solutions in the Most Affordable Way

The prevalence of chronic diseases pertaining to respiratory, brain, and cardiovascular conditions is increasing. The increasing geriatric population along with the sedentary lifestyle is further facilitating the incidence of these chronic diseases. With the rising number of cases, the demand for diagnostic imaging systems is expected to grow as these systems help in early detection of the diseases. Cognizant of this fact, CURA Healthcare delivers affordable, reliable and confident end-to-end solutions for diagnostic imaging, cardiac….
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GESCO Healthcare: Transforming Lives with Innovative Healthcare Solutions

With the rise in revenue and employment, healthcare has become one of India’s largest sectors comprising hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance …..
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The 10 Most Advanced Medical Device Companies

GC India Dental | Insights Success

GC India Dental: A Pioneer behind the Art & Science of Creating Healthy &...

New technology and innovations are making the human life much easier than before. In today’s fast-paced evolving world, particularly the medical & healthcare industries are continually compelled to develop new and creative ways for...
Arun Agarwal | Insights Success

Jainitri Innovations: Developing sustainable technology for saving lives at birth

The state of maternal and child care in low and middle income countries is very bad. Every year about 1.02 million intrapartum stillbirths, 904 000 intrapartum-related neonatal deaths, and around 42% of the 535,900...
Suresh Rathi | Insights Success

Vinod Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd.: Emphasizing on Customer Satisfaction through Quality Products

The healthcare industry in India has made rapid progress in the last decade, but significantly lags behind other nations in availability and quality of equitable citizens. This in turn presents an enormous opportunity with...


Biomedical Devices | Insights Success

Applications of Biomedical Devices for Controlled Drug Delivery

Biomedical microdevices are fabricated on the order of one to hundred µm. These devices are fabricated with critical features and range in complexity from microchannels to microtranslucers and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). Biomedical microdevices offers...

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cleaning sevices of medical device | Insights Success

Cleaning and Disinfecting Services of Medical Devices

The process of cleaning and disinfecting the medical devices can be carried out by decontamination. This process is used so that these devices can be reused or can be tested by the engineers. The...