Jaipur Jewellery Show: More Than Just a ‘Fashion Statement’

Mr. Mahavir Sharma | Director | JAIPUR JEWELLERY SHOW[Jaipur Jewellery Show: More Than Just a ‘Fashion Statement’]
Mr. Mahavir Sharma | Director | JAIPUR JEWELLERY SHOW

The new-age business exhibitions are unboxing countless business opportunities alongside being the catalyst to economic growth. With skyrocketing customer demands joining the foray and technology playing its part, these exhibitions are now embracing AI, ML, data analytics to assess its market appeal and be future-ready. Led by a pool of event management professionals, for professional execution; and Industry and trade stalwarts, to ensure trust amongst exhibitors; these shows have become a comprehensive podium for domestic & international trade.

Having professional event management leads to significant inroads offering maximum comforts to the exhibitors and buyers. It successfully offers a magnified presence and embellished aesthetics that leave an indelible impact in the minds of the visitors; unwavering commitment of timely delivery, execution & completion of work within the set time frames.

Jaipur Jewellery Show (JJS) also known as the ‘December Show’ is one such mega expo which will make the masses go ‘Gaga’ with the launch of its 16th edition. Since the first show in 2003 which showcased 100 booths, it now stands tall to be the largest B2C Jewellery show in India with around 800+ booths that houses 500 exhibitors from all over the country and abroad. Being the most sought-after show, it also focuses on the B2B business segment in its exclusive daily business hours.

An ever-increasing footfall of over 40,000 visitors at the previous show was the witness to an exquisite presentation of Gems & Jewellery of the Indian as well as international origin. Continuing this legacy, JJS consistently strives to embrace novel methodologies for engaging more visitors. From loose coloured & synthetic stones, loose diamonds, gold & silver jewellery to artificial jewellery, machinery & allied sections and publications, the expo is nothing less than a scenic marvel. Another highlight of the show is its special design section called the ‘Jaipur Jewellery Design Festival’ full of eye-pleasing jewellery of all times.

The Absolute Jewels of JJS

Late Mr. Rashmi Kant Durlabhji – the Founder Convener of JJS along with the other directors always had the vision to roll out the best exhibition to the industry, brought forward by the industry leaders. The team was well-equipped by experts from diversified fields of jewellery having expertise in marketing, branding and event management, who crafted out an exhibition at par international standards. The inspiration was the various intuitive exhibitions happening worldwide and the vision to bring the Pink City – Jaipur at the forefront of the world Jewellery and exhibition road map.

The other cornerstones of JJS who surpassed every challenge and handled each task with exceptional leadership qualities are Mr. Vimal SuranaChairman and Mr. Rajiv JainSecretary. From exhibitor relations, booth allotment process, sponsorship, PR, to designing, production, management, F&B, etc. they have been the pillars on which the exhibition has magnified its reach.

At the helm of production and management division is Mr. Mahavir SharmaDirector. The support from the board of directors and his team is what motivates him to execute an exhibition of international standards alongside embracing technology to the core. His exposure and exemplary experience aid in presenting a show that successfully enables safety, security, and ease of movement.


The Core Competencies

From a few thousand visitors to now targeting 50k plus visitors, from engaging only Jaipur-based exhibitors to now international exhibitors – it was not an easy task for the core team to attain a framework that satisfies all. The ‘year-on-year retention of exhibitors’ and a ‘waitlist of exhibitors wanting to exhibit’ is evident to the efforts they have put into and effectively connected the dots between the exhibitor and buyer. This success is the result of:

Leadership – JJS has reached the epitome with the support of like-minded industry professionals who lead the show with their immaculate execution skill-sets. It’s their leadership quality that motivates the team to tread the extra mile and be more productive each day.

Professionalism Team JJS believes that the key to think like a jeweller & exhibitor, and execute like a professional is the key to the success of this exhibition. It’s not just about creating themes & creatives, the exhibition also focuses on operations related to calendars, quarterly updates and other promotional memorabilia focusing on the themes & creatives. Being privileged to such prospects backed by experts encourages the participants to send in their designs for promotional purposes in large numbers.

Focus Implementing a distinctive approach to promote trade that leads to market sensitization and    edifying the clientele is at the forefront of JJS’s ethos and values. It strives with the same consistency and is committed to never shifting its focus by which it has earned a definite space in the market.

Employee Motivation “We understand that role of our employees is also very important and since they are the ones who are in direct and constant touch with the customer, their views and feedbacks are taken into consideration while taking decisions and setting policies in regard to the event,” says the core team. JJS consistently motivates its employees by valuing their professional obligation &  contribution in terms of hard work, sincerity, and commitment. It mentions these contributions across various platforms and also offer appropriate compensation through regular financial increments and other required benefits.

Services On-board

JJS is a first-of-its-kind show put forth by industry stakeholders from jewellery sector, who ventured together with their marketing, branding and event management skills to create an exhibition that was truly for the industry. Some of the key services that have been rendered over the years include:

  • Set-up of research and training facilities through Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery (IIGJ)
  • Inviting key Jewellery trade buyers to the show with ground hospitality
  • GBOD Meeting of All India Gems & Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC) during the show
  • Lunch arrangements for all exhibitors for all 4 days
  • Theme-based Promotion in every edition
  • Provide a free-of-cost platform to the budding designers
  • Organize Jaipur Jewellery Design Festival (JJDF) which has installation, seminars & talk shows
  • Manufactures, sellers, and tradesmen specializing in specific gemstones or jewellery get a platform to explore a bigger market

Guiding the Novices

JJS advices the young guns to trigger the right pathway and identify their core strengths to be the master of their kingdom. It believes that compromising on the quality of the products/services should never be an option as it magnifies the brand identity. Industry 4.0 is flooded with numerous untapped opportunities, and working with determination can surely transform present aspirations into successful outcomes in the future.

Striving for Better 

With each passing day, JJS is endeavouring to become one of the most admired and professionally managed Gems & Jewellery show not only in India but also across the world. With a major focus on  exhibitor as well as buyer satisfaction in the first place, the exhibition is all set to explore new avenues and encourage the jewel artistry to the core. It is taking successive footsteps to embrace technology & innovation in its pre/during/post-show experience.

The stage is set and JJS is ready to rock the floor from 20-23 Dec 2019 with the launch of its 16th edition.

Explore more on www.jaipurjewelleryshow.org

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